Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"We are not wasting time. We are living slowly."

(And taking silly pictures.)

I saw that phrase somewhere and thought it was a nice thought.

How slowly did I live today?

Pretty slowly when you take into account my nearly 3 hours of napping.

My new schedule has finally been approved and I am now spending a couple of afternoons at home!  Today was my first day and I practically skipped out of the building and all of the way to my car.

I thought I could throw Evelyn in the Moby wrap and walk to the library before her nap because the weather was so nice.

She cried, spit up all over the Moby wrap, and was practically falling out of the wrap trying to lay down on the way home.  I ate lasagna while nursing, and then a piece of pie with my bare hands while she fussed and nursed.  I intended to lay down with her for a little while.


One hour later, she'd woken up and I was still in bed.  We were so comfy there that I nursed her back to sleep and--poof!--2 hours were gone and I was waking up only because she was hungry again.

So.  To recap: my afternoon was perfect.


Mom2Four said...

She looks so happy!!! That was probably the sweetest smile ever, when she realized that you were there after her afternoon nap.

I am thrilled for both of you girls. Yeah for more mother/daughter naps!!!!

leah said...

I enjoy the title of your post....and.... Evelyn is sooooo cute! oh, and you are too!

Laine said...

You can tell she loves you so much in that first picture!

But, the third picture down, of you and her, is absolutely perfect. Totally my new favorite.

Anonymous said...

Darn you and your cute baby for making me want another one. Quick, post something about ear infections/barf/incessant colic STAT!

Jen said...

Mom, you should have seen how happy I was! It was a good lazy day.

Thank you, Leah and Laine! We have our photogenic moments.

Eden, the reason for all the napping is because I've been sleeping from 11 to 5:30, with some interruptions from Ms. Nighttime Fussiness because her gums hurt her. Teething, Eden. TEETHING. (I did what I could.)