Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Of bad days and happy endings and excellent grammar

So. Don't be mad....

I didn't develop pictures yesterday.

I went home sick.

And then went home to my parents.

Dad bought me Wendy's.

Mom let me borrow a really pretty, yet practical, book about chickens.

Dallas drew a picture and I colored it.

We weighed ourselves and went to the creek and talked about rocks and plants.

We read books about sharks.

I ate pizza with Sara and Chad.

I loved on the dogs.

I picked up Dallas (before I knew what he weighed).

Cody eventually came out to get me. Nice man.

I realized we were out of milk and battled Dave Matthews Band fans to get some milk and Mt. Dew ...... while wearing pajamas.

And now I'm at work, sifting through friends' pictures instead of my own. They're lovely pictures, although I'm wearing a bathing suit in far too many of them. I'm not that insecure, but it's weird to see so much of myself.

Also weird: the mood at work.




I don't know. I did the things I planned to do and wrote a memo to boot.

The crazy foul mood I was in yesterday that made me want to yell at the world to kiss my grits, and made me use inappropriate language in front of my dad (it doesn't matter how quickly or quietly you say it. He will catch you. And you will be in trouble.) has left.

Now I feel sane and calm and constrained by petty little things like sensibility and manners.

I honestly enjoy my bad moods. They give me the freedom to say all the mean things I'm thinking.

Yes, it's much meaner in my head.

Really mean--I think I dismissed about 40 different people as "stupid" yesterday. The world was a teeming mass of stupidity and I viewed all those idiots with searing contempt.

I had to stop myself from shouting "You are all petty and stupid and meaningless!" at everyone in the break room yesterday. I'm glad I did. I don't really feel that way about everyone I work with.

And even if I did, doing something like that while we celebrated the September birthdays with cake and cards would have just been wrong.

You know what else is wrong?

Probably the way you're using it's/its.

In the past week, I've talked to Cody, Dallas, Eden, Brad, Spencer, and Mom about this matter.

Yes, Dallas. I corrected some of his science homework yesterday.

He didn't seem offended.



The proper usage of "it's" or "its" is a really hot debate right now. I don't know if you've participated in this debate yet or not, but when you do, you will need to know this:

When you refer to something that belongs to 'it,' you write "its."


That picture looks right purty in its frame.

The picture belongs (sort of) to the frame.

And when you use a contraction of "it is" or "it has," you write "it's."


Lookit that picture! It's falling out of the frame.

The picture is falling out of the frame. It is falling out of the frame.

Now, I googled extensively and couldn't find out why the possessive form of "it" doesn't need an apostrophe. But it just doesn't.

The easiest way to remember which one to use is to stop and break it down.

Does the picture look right purty in it is frame?

No. That sentence is incoherent. Scrap it.

So the word to use here is "its."

Think of it this way:

Lookit that thurrr pitcher! It's falling out of its frame!

Better tape the back.

I hope this helped.

One other thing: if I turn up dead, Spencer probably snapped and did it.

Or Dad caught me using the foul language again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back

I left for Destin on Friday and came home last night.

My debit card was canceled the night before, I had some kind of crushing health breakdown, had to borrow cash from my parents, stumbled into things in a medicated stupor, and missed my husband.

I saw the ocean for the first time in over a decade, went swimming, went shopping, spent time with dear friends, played in the sand, stumbled into things in a medicated stupor (it can be fun if you're not working or driving!), and slept in a bed without my husband for 3 glorious nights.

I must say it: I like sleeping alone sometimes.

All in all, it was a beautiful trip with delightful people. I'll try to develop my film tonight.

If I remember the context for some of the pictures I took, I'll tell you stories about them.

I chickened out of bringing my camera on the trip at the last minute and took some disposable cameras to be exposed to my forgetfulness, and sand, and the risk of water instead.

I still brought 2 rolls of film on the trip anyways. The whole adventure was kind of like that.

By the way, this is me staggering into the water on our first day. And Jeff. He's fully clothed.

We ♥ beach.

I'm just as pale now as I am in the picture. Why don't you just look at the ocean instead?

But it is nice to be back home, safe and sound.

We even came home early enough for Cody to bring me home and we got to talk and see each other and I showed him things I bought.

And we made it through places like Mississippi and Alabama unscathed.

I ♥ home.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Except for the part where he met me

Cody is one of the unluckiest people I've ever met.

I could set up what I'm about to say with a million or so examples, but I'll be brief.

He is home sick on his first day of work.

He has flu-like symptoms, but no fever (important) and seemed a little too sprightly for a flu person.

He didn't feel all that amazing yesterday, and last night he went to bed early.

I did not go to bed early.

I had things to do. Dishes to wash. Floors to sweep. Things to get together so that I could stumble through the house like a zombie and be out the door by 6:30 a.m.

Yes: a.m.

Morning time.

But it was not to be.

I went to bed a little late, and then stayed up even later rereading a Madeline L'Engle book. I was awakened a few times by Cody tossing and turning, and coughing, and his weird breathing.

And then I was awakened by the 5:30 alarm.

Oh gracious.

As soon as Cody started talking to me I knew this was all over.

He sounds like a goose going through puberty.

Does that make sense? No? Then let's just say he doesn't sound like himself.

Normally he sounds like a nice, soft-spoken man who is whispering.

Today he sounded very sick.

In spite of his lack of fever, his mom told him to stay home. I can only imagine how startling that phone call must have been. He mentioned feeling sick yesterday when they were talking, but that voice. Unsettling.

But since we were up, we stayed up. We took our decongestants (I don't feel awesome, but I'm very, very tired and very, very allergic to every substance around me), and I chopped up some fruit for breakfast and we drank coffee and watched the news and Cody read a magazine and enjoyed some coughing fits while I took my time getting ready for work.

He is probably drinking tea and settling in on the couch for a nap as I type this. At least I hope so.

This isn't that bad as far as some mishaps go--I don't think his mom will fire him, he's not feverish so we're going to say it's not the flu, and he'll be at the house for when the landlord and the bug guy come through (why does the landlord have to come with 'his' bug guy? We're assuming to poke around the house. Take that, snooper! Swine flu! Okay, not really.) and I can rest in the assurance that the landlord won't be trying to check out our home.

Seriously, that guy creeps me out.

And now Cody can creep him out.

With that terrible voice and that terrible cough.

Bless his unlucky heart.

But he's going to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids and I've got him all stocked up on inhalers and tissues and cough drops and medication.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't call this a case of the Mondays

Happy Monday.

Yes, I used a period instead of an exclamation point on purpose.

Last week wasn't so great, the weekend was filled with happy moments that popped up between disasters like the ant infestation in my kitchen, and today doesn't look so awesome.

Today is not quite as unpleasant as I had feared, but that's not saying too very much. I stayed in bed for a solid 40 minutes after the alarm went off because my intense desire to not work weighed me down like crazy. I didn't want to move. I actually woke up sad.

Now I'm at work, and the work is not awesome, but not disastrous. So I guess that's good.

But I just got off the phone with Cody, who has a sore throat. He was going to return some really ugly and cheap sheets that he picked out on Friday that I immediately rejected (look, I'm not trying to be some kind of thread-count princess, but I could almost see the fabric forming those dreaded pill things as I looked at it), but he was on the phone with me when he walked into K-Mart and meandered since he didn't want to hang up on me before going to the service desk.

So he calls me back to tell me that he went to the returns department or service desk or whatever with his sheets and his receipt dated from Friday and because they saw him coming over from the bedding department.......wait for it.......they accused him of stealing sheets and trying to get $15 out of the deal.

So they wouldn't let him return the sheets.

I asked if he asked to speak to the manager.

He said, "That was the manager."

But they did let him keep the sheets.

He can keep the sheets he supposedly stole.

The sheets we don't want.

Wait, what?

K-Mart, I don't care if you do have the Martha Stewart Collection (even though the one on Rodney Parham--that's right, I'm calling you jerks out!--doesn't seem to), our friendship is over.

I may eventually get over this stupidity (but not the one on Rodney Parham! They don't have Martha Stewart sheets and they're jerks), but you are dead to me for now.

To add another element to the stupidity, I tried to call Cody on my lunch.

But first I called Casey.

And then I didn't even know until I got his voice mail and I didn't pick up on the mistake until he said, "Hi. You have reached the voice mail of Casey....". Geez Louise. I just thought Cody had set up his voice mail.

I couldn't recognize that it wasn't my husband's voice, and that it was his twin's.

Stop laughing!

I know you're laughing at me, and that's why I'm not going to tell you about how I nearly faceplanted in the laundromat parking lot last week.

But I will tell you this: want to know what stopped my face from actually touching the filthy, dirty asphalt that strangers walk and drive all over every day?

A laundry cart. With clean clothes in it.

And also my car.

I'll let you visualize that while you try to comment on this note on facebook and instead receive error messages.

Because facebook is busted, and my ability to comment, post, or just plain lurk on the people I love (or stalk. Whatever) is severely diminished.

And google's homepage is just weird. I get what you're trying to do, but

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gum, work, weekend, lists

If I could say anything nice about today it would be this:

  1. I had a Snickers bar for breakfast.
  2. Cody is picking me up from work early.
  3. Today was his last day at his current job. Next week, he'll go back to the family restaurant and get back to feeding people. And we all know how much he likes his family and feeding people.
So I thought I'd end the meagerly happy list with that very happy news I've been holding onto for a little while.



A better boss (his mom*).

Better pay.

Better people.


Oh, and this:


It made me think of Mom. She doesn't have trouble with her hair, but we used to, and she said Laine and I went through a phase when we would settle arguments by sticking a wad of gum in each other's hair.

Then we would apparently run to her yelling, "There's gum in my hair!" gesturing wildly at our heads as if she couldn't see the unnaturally pink blob stuck to our scalps.

Since I don't quite remember this, her retelling of it seemed hilarious. Almost like we were laughing at 2 other kids and their weirdness. Not like us at all.

This cartoon is funny and all, but the more I look at it, the more I think I'll stick with Altoids for a while.

*When we were weighing the pros and cons and trying to figure out the logistics, I pointed out that his mom was already his boss. Then I laughed. He was not amused and I don't know why.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I blame the rain

So. I know last time I said I would talk about the cheese-making class. BUT: I've decided to hold off until I develop my pictures and have some instructions so that I can talk about it in a coherent and sequential, illustrated manner.

But I will say this: the process of making cheese doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would. It really doesn't smell too bad, period.

Also, yesterday I was extremely flustered and thrown off.

We were running late, it was raining everywhere (oh, it's doing that where you are, too? Lovely.), and Cody dropped me off and there was a man standing in front of my building holding a clipboard.

The power was off and if I wrote my name and number on his piece of paper, he would call me to let me know when the power was restored.

I wrote my name and number on the paper, but first I had to flag down Cody so that he didn't drive off and leave me in the rain.


I should probably also mention that we were celebrating a Very Special Duggar Day since it would be our last one with Ateca and I had poofed up my hair on the top and made a cake.

Okay fine, Cody made a cake and I stacked it, iced it, and decorated it.

But I juggled that mess, scrawled my information on the page, and scuttled back to the car. We took Cody to work and I did what anyone in my situation would do: I went to Home Depot. I wanted one of those little aprons they sell for 77¢. They seem handy.

I hadn't even gotten to the hardware section when my supervisor called to let me know that we could wait in a designated area, because we would have to use our vacation time if we went home. Seriously.

So I drove back to work, smooshed down my hair (I wish I'd thought of that before going to Home Depot), and waited around with some co-workers.

But I was bored and went home.

Once I got there, I was really hoping the power wouldn't come home and I could run errands, develop a roll of film, do some laundry and just enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something.

I had sorted the laundry into piles, picked up the house, filled up a sink with soapy water and dirty dishes, and was ready to start sweeping when the phone rang just before 11:

The power was back on. I took my destroyed tv dinner to work and turned on the fan (Ateca had already opened the window in my office) and enjoyed a day of dampness.

I at least got to hear the rundown of last night's episode....and what other people did while they waited to go to work....and everyone enjoyed the cake.

It's a three-layer white cake with pink icing and lots of sprinkles.

Sprinkles make everything happier.

There was talk of putting in a candle for every Duggar, but that would have killed the cake.

And some people were concerned about fire hazards.

And there you have it. I was quite thrown off my routine with the silly power outage.

We'd planned to make peach preserves last night and didn't, that's how flustered I was when my routine was interrupted.

Okay fine, we skipped making peach preserves because we're lazy and wanted to enjoy the rainy evening with frozen pizza and television and back rubs.

But there will be a post about cheese, with pictures, later.

Waiting will make you appreciate it more.

Just humor me.

The post will be post, the peach preserves will be canned, and all shall be well.

But tonight: laundry.

I'm really going to miss Duggar Days (and Ateca). They break up the week and make it fun and it's a nice reason to celebrate an otherwise drab day. And they're really starting to leave a mark on me: Yesterday, I actually uttered the phrase "Tell me this isn't the cutest jumper you've ever seen!"

Yes. "Cute" and "jumper."

Like homeschooling, Duggar Days can certainly leave an impression.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy list on a gloomy day

Here are some happy facts about this day, which has been filled with storms and everyone and their cousin falling ill:

1. Monsters of Folk has their album up on myspace and you can listen to the whole thing. I already did and I mostly like it. Because I mostly like Jim James. But still. Check it out.

2. Speaking of Jim James, he has some George Harrison covers up. Oh goodness. "My Sweet Lord" is lovely. You should check that out, too.

3. Jim James and his voice.

4. Jim James and his beard.

5. Covers.

6. My shoes have dried out from this morning's rain.

7. I learned that I am grammatically intimidating. People have been telling me that my hypercritical tendencies are why they hesitate to text/email/write me, but I just thought they were avoiding me. But this came from Spencer, brother to my husband, and I see him on a pretty regular basis. I thought he was just jittery or on drugs. But no. I'm "grammatically intimidating." I think I'm just amused by his word choice.

8. After a weekend with my sisters and Dallas, and an email from my mom, and visits with parts of Cody's family, I had a nice little conversation with Levi on the phone last night. Conversations with Levi are always nice.

9. Another great thing about this weekend: a church a few blocks away from us cleaned out a Sunday school room and left several somewhat useable chairs and shelves and a prop manger out by the curb. Cody and I are now the proud owners of 4 chairs and the manger. The manger will be a planter for onions. The chairs have been washed, and we have wood glue and nails for our upcoming adventures. I especially love the 2 smaller, all-wood (probably oak) ones. Perfect.

10. Cody and I are taking a cheese-making class tonight! Don't worry. I'm taking pictures. I'll even tell you all about it tomorrow if you want.

I'm pretty sure that's what you want.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday post for and about Dallas.

Hey there! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Because I did.

It was chock-full of lovely adventures, but for the moment we're going to focus on one superimportant aspect:

Dallas's birthday.

That's right. Today is Dallas's 8th birthday. So we're going to talk about how attending his birthday party on Saturday was the highlight of an extremely great weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, the sisters convened at Sara and Chad's house so that we could assemble our gift. We'd all bought him tools, because he's becoming quite the handyman, and put them in the gift bag.

I should mention that the Tools From All of Us idea was Levi's.

Then, we all piled into Chad's truck to go to the big party.

Chad took an extremely bumpy route.

Laine documented much of the truck adventures (all pictures in this post are from Laine. Thanks Laine!).

Here we are, very happy to be going to the party.

Here's Laine with Dallas, just before we left.

Laine actually didn't document much of the party. We were busy eating and visiting and watching Dallas unwrap presents. You know, partying.

But don't worry, I took pictures of his breathtaking cake. It was Ben 10-themed and impressive. We visited with people and ate hamburgers and hot dogs while children chased one another with water guns.

Cody even talked to people. I was proud of him.

Oh yes, here I am with Dallas.
I'm stooping down a little bit.
But only a little.
I think we know how his tenth birthday party picture is going to look.......

Back in the truck!
Laine and Sara took this while waiting for me to get in.
I was caught up in talking to Dallas's Gran Gran.
The topic?
How quickly babies turn into great big grown people.

Laine told Cody to smile for her picture.
She came to regret that.

Chad also enjoyed the party, and our visit, but I think the 3 of us had been talking for nearly 4 hours straight when Laine took this picture.
I think he was a little tired.

He was ...... something.

Back at the house, we decided the world needed more pictures of us.
At least I look like a little bit less of a goober. Also, check out Sara's fabulous TSOS shirt I picked up for her. She put it on and wore it to the party even after I told her the guy who pulled it out for me looked like a young version of Duncan MacLeod.

On the other hand, I can see why that wouldn't faze her.

When you live with this face:
you just become immune to certain kinds of creepiness.

Chad decided to smile for Laine in that picture. How kind.

I've noticed Dallas's less-than-enthused picture smiles look very familiar to some of ours.

However enthused he may or may not have been about taking more pictures, I like this one.

Happy 8th birthday, Dallas! Thank you for having us at your great birthday party, and I hope you're having a wonderful birthday today! Love you, buddy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

One other thing

I forgot that I copied this from my wedding album* a while ago and didn't put it in my anniversary post:

Behold, on the right, the Justice League comic cover groom's cake!

It's Batman and Wonder Woman reaching for each other's hands.

Her wrist bands sparkled.

His black icing turned people's teeth funny colors.

Because nothing says true love everlasting like a comic in which they imagine an alternate universe where Batman and Wonder Woman fall in love and then die in some kind of horrific destruction (the details escape me).

My beloved immediately thought of this issue when I jokingly told him he could have some kind of comic-themed cake.

It was a big hit.

Casey stole what little was left of it after the reception and took it away to Missouri. Cody was sad, but still declared himself victorious and said his cake would beat whatever groom's cake Casey may ever have at any point in time. Or something to that effect. Apparently twins talk about weddings like this.

But I'm inclined to agree.

*PS: I forgot to mention it in the anniversary post, but my pictures were taken (and the wedding album designed) by a family friend who just so happens to be a professional photographer. Here's her website.

Hi there.

So. My wedding anniversary was great! Third time's the charm. I received tons of well wishes from lovely people, Cody had Starbucks waiting for me when he picked me up, and when I came to work Thursday, I had even more sweet comments from friends and family.

So, if you said anything nice, or just hit the Like option on facebook: thank you. I like it when people get as excited about my marriage as I do.

And I know you're just checking in on this thing to hear stories about Cody.

He's quite enigmatic. And fascinating. And bearded.

Anyway, here's a picture that shows how my ring stacks up against Mom's and the girls'.

Left to right: Mom, Jen, Laine, and Sara

This was taken last Christmas, so now Sara has a wedding band to go with her engagement ring. I didn't have a 'real' engagement ring (I'm a bigger fan of wedding bands), Laine opted to just have her engagement ring serve as the wedding band, and Mom's engagement ring and wedding band have long been soldered.

Yay for our rings! I love them.

And that's really all I've got to say. I had a nice time and now I'm sick. You know that allergy/head and chest congestion that you, your neighbor, and everyone else you know has? Yeah, I have that too.

But I have lovely weekend plans, and I'm going to use this slow day to rearrange and update some stuff on my blog. I'll just be cleaning up some links.

And it's time for a new header, but I don't have a worthy replacement.

Soon, though. Soon.

And one last glorious announcement:

One of my zinnias will have bloomed by the time I get home from work.

I know I just made your day.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


3 years ago

I stood before family and friends and listened to Dr. Daily tell the story of how Cody and I met and began to care for each other. It was the tidy version our friends had told him the night before. I am still grateful for that favor.

We exchanged vows and rings and were married.

I saw Granny for the last time.

We served cupcakes for wedding cake and the groom's cake was based on a cover of a Justice League comic.

I took this awesome picture with our brothers (copied straight from my wedding album).

We got in the Saturn after the reception and Cody said, "Okay, here's your wedding present: You get these three presets on the radio and you can listen to any radio station you want when we're riding together." I felt so married!

We were living in Conway.

Cody later told me I looked really hot in my wedding gown.

2 years ago

Cody and I were getting to spend our anniversary together even though he had been scheduled to work at his new job. He had failed a drug test and was waiting on the results of his third or fourth test. (He eventually 'passed' one and we learned a valuable lesson: Cody is prone to false positives.)

We went to Dallas's 6th birthday party. My family gave us cards.

He had grown a beard. I told him he looked really hot with a beard.

I had a job with insurance benefits.

We were living in Little Rock.

I was reaping the benefits of giving Cody The Joy of Cooking as a Christmas present.

1 year ago

I discovered fleas in our apartment and it kind of ruined the day (I didn't mention it much because there were about 5 different ways they could have made it into our apartment and I didn't want to point fingers. And I didn't want you to think I was dirty). We had a nice dinner with Cody's family, though.

We didn't know it, but his diploma would arrive in the mail 2 days later and definitely boost our moods. We celebrated that by going to see The Science of Sleep play in Conway, and then going to Dallas's 7th birthday party the next day.

We had started canning things.

I had scaled back on allergy shots and maintenance allergy medications.

In the past year

I have discovered many uses for borax, and how you can use it to get rid of fleas.

We have gotten new glasses.

We said goodbye to the Saturn (after Cody wrecked it) and are now a one-car family.

We've rearranged some of our plans.

We moved. We're in North Little Rock this time.

We've been to no fewer than 4 used book sales.

We took a road trip to Iowa.

I got a promotion.

We exchanged our gifts this past weekend because I was just too excited to wait. I told him to buy me this bag


and I bought him a coffee press. He always looks at them when we go to Starbucks and comments "One of these would be really great for making sauerkraut." I don't know if he'll use it for making kraut or coffee, but he was happy either way.

This is currently my favorite picture of us (stolen from Alana for the billionth time).

Our current favorite thing to do is eat food at the table in our dining room (because we have crazy things like that now) and go to the library.

And this weekend we'll (probably) see The Science of Sleep play on Friday night and (definitely) go to Dallas's 8th birthday party on Saturday.


We started off this special day of celebration by oversleeping and contemplating skipping work. Ha! I made it to work mostly on time, but Cody had to call ahead. I'm not wearing make up, but I feel lovely. There's some ground beef thawing in the fridge because Cody's got some kind of casserole planned because he's been in a casserole mood for the past few weeks.

Today, I have been married to this man for 3 years.

And I know the tone of this is a little flat and un-romantic.

But I'm a little tired, a little sinus-y, and a little smug.

We made it to 3 years!

And I'm content. I'm relieved. I'm happy.

The things that make our marriage wonderful are more than just how we celebrate our anniversaries. Thank God. (No, really. Thank Him. I have already thanked Him several times today that I have discovered no fleas).

The day-to-day things we do for each other, and with each other, and because of each other, are what make it lovely. We talk. We laugh. We make food. We have adventures. We have fun. Our lives are better because we get to see each other every day. And that's what we celebrate. And that's why I'm happy.

So. That's why I like being married.

And because 09.09.09 is just a really cool day to get to celebrate something.

Happy anniversary.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out-of-context time!

I don't remember why this was funny
Jen: So what are y'all doing?
Dad: Oh, we're just hanging out. Hey Dallas, what's the name of this movie? He says we're watching the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Jen: Oh, that's a good one.
Dad: Yeah, it's getting really good now.
Jen: The fight scenes are pretty great. Well, tell Dallas I said 'hello.'
Dad: Hey, Dallas? Jen said hello. He said 'hello, too' but it sounded weird because he had his hand in his mouth.
Jen: Tell him to take his hand out of his mouth! Germs.
Dad: Jen says keep your hands away from your mouth. Oh. He says he's trying to pull a tooth.

We actually have a lot of discussions about Jesus
Jen: Oh yeah. That guy looks like Jesus.
Cody: No. Jesus doesn't look that bad.
Casey: I look at that guy and he makes me think about Jesus, and then I know that Jesus is better looking than he is.

I should not have been surprised
Cody: I forgot to send Casey a birthday card!

Levi: Every day is Mexican day.

Names have been changed
Girl 1: I love you, but I was going to punch you in the throat if you didn't stop singing that song over and over!
Girl 2: I was Xanaxed out!
Girl 1: Well then, thank you for driving yourself to the party.

Prepare for a tough job market by diversifying
Sarah: What's your major?
Jarrett: Marketing.
Sarah: Aren't you worried about not having a job when you graduate?
Jen: He'll be just fine. He's minoring in English!
Jarrett: Yeah....

Wait, this is sad
Laine: Levi, I'm sad when you have to leave!
Levi: It makes me sad to be gone.
Jen rubs his buzzed head: Do you ever do this to calm yourself?
Levi: No, I used to stroke my goatee. Especially when I wanted to ponder something. Deeply.

We have this conversation frequently
Cody: No animal is cooler than a polar bear.
Jen: I don't know....something's got to be cooler.
Cody: No.
Jen: Maybe a t-rex.
Cody: Psh. All the t-rexes are extinct. And you know why? Because the polar bears ate them. Because polar bears dominate.

And it was a defining moment for him
Jarrett: You know that guy at the party that no one really invited and doesn't actually know anyone there, but he knows someone who knows someone there, and he doesn't talk to anyone else and he's just kind of there? Yeah....that was us.

I think he does
Jen: Isn't [some Christian metal band] going to be there?
Spencer: [grimace] Yeah...
Jen: What's wrong with them?
Spencer: Nothing, I like them. I just don't like their fans. They're just...
Jen: Spencer, do you hate Christians?!?!

Twins = classy
Mrs. Dicy: I'm just kind of worried about what will happen while I'm gone.
Jen: You'll probably come back, and Casey will have gotten himself and Spencer addicted to heroin.
Mrs. Dicy: Yeah.
Casey: No. Not heroin, coke.
Cody: Oh, that's so much classier! [genuine]
Casey: I know! Thanks.

We were watching a Michael Jackson tribute
Jen: I just remembered! Spencer, rabies can be sexually transmitted.
Cody: What?
Jen: Yes, rabies can be sexually transmitted. And there's no cure.
Cody: Yes, it can.
Jen: No, those shots in the belly button are preventative for if you think you've contracted rabies. But once you've got full-on rabies, you die.
Cody: No.
Spencer: Oh.
Mrs. Dicy: And what brought this on?
Jen: Sex and drugs. They'll both kill you. Yes, it takes a month. [Motions at a computer] Look it up if you want.
Spencer: No, that's okay. I trust you.
Jen: You die, crazy and scared of water. And it takes a month.
Spencer: That sounds absolutely horrible.
Casey: Wait....

Levi does not take my warnings seriously
Jen: That reminds me, rabies can be sexually transmitted.
Levi: I'll stop hooking up with raccoons then.

He did not realize that she did not expect a response
Sara: Cody, what if you were with a really fat woman?

I am not a good friend
Jessi: I have to wear scrubs.
Jen: You are gonna look so fat!

We do this every summer
Jen: I was attacked by more mosquitoes.
Cody: I'm sorry to hear that.
Jen: But are you surprised to hear that?
Cody: No.

That's the spirit
Levi: I didn't mind that they said I was too young. I was telling Dad, "That's something I can fix!"

Cody's family talks about drug use a lot
Cody: I told him he should use coke because he wasn't skinny enough to be a real drummer.

Levi and Jen just talk about a lot of things
Jen: He actually told his brother he should start using cocaine!
Levi: Oh, so he could be a skinny drummer?

No really, lots of drug talk
Casey: I don't remember that.
Cody: That was probably the best field trip we ever went on! How could you not remember?
Mrs. Dicy: He was probably smoking up in the back of the bus.
Casey: We were, like, eight!
Mrs. Dicy: I know.
Jen: Oh! Burn from your mom! I'm going to go outside. Okay.

He does help out a lot
Cody: You should have just made Dallas house-sit.
Mom: He could do that!
Jen: He can't drive.
Mom: No, but he is on fall break.

Sometimes I miss Agnes
Jen: We were down there and she told me I should stop messing with Cody again or he could lose his temper again.
Dicy: What would happen?
Jen: I think she thinks he'll hit me.
Spencer: Did he tell her he hadn't planned on that?
Cody: [shrug]
Casey: Yeah, she must worry about that. She's mentioned it before.
Jen: You're going to hit me?!
Casey: No, Cody.
Jen: Did you tell her he wouldn't?
Casey: No.
Jen: Well, what did you say?!
Casey: I said, "Yeah. You know, you might be on to something there."

It happens tomorrow
Jen: So, anniversary's coming up.
Cody: Yeah.
Jen: Can you believe it's been 3 years?
Cody: Yes.
Jen: Does it feel like it's been longer than that?
Cody: Yes.
Jen: I thought so, too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Poultry Friday


I was going to post something else. Probably a happy list. But it was not meant to be.

First, I saw that lovely cartoon up there and laughed hysterically.

Then, I was chatting merrily on the phone with Dad and he asked if Mom had sent me any pictures of the laying box Dad and Dallas had built for the chickens.

Um, no! There are pictures?!?!

Mom has some chickens. Dallas helps, especially with checking for eggs.

Dad builds things and is quite handy. Dallas has become very adept at being a handy helper in the last few months. He and Dad burn trash, pick up things, and sometimes build stuff.

Like laying boxes for hens. You know, no big deal.

Also, I need to include this picture.

This is from last Thanksgiving, when Mom cleaned up the house and we all came together and ate and dirtied tons of dishes and settled in for a nice afternoon of visiting and game-playing while the dishwasher leaked water all over the kitchen floor.

Yes, the dishwasher waited until Thanksgiving to release a leak. It was pandemonium.

After some mild rioting and breaker switching, Dad and Chad pulled out the dishwasher into the middle of the floor to intently run it and see from whence the water came.

It was just a cracked hose. After laying in the floor uncomfortably for some time, they were terribly elated to watch the water drip out everywhere and Chad yelled, "Winner, winner chicken dinner!"

It was fixed in no time, and everything dried out and normality resumed.

I just wanted to tell the story because it was funny.

I guess it also illustrates how handy Dad and Chad can be.

Anyway, Dad and Dallas took it upon themselves to build a laying box for the chickens. They like to build things. Chickens like to lay their eggs in boxes.

And those chickens have really started laying in the past couple of weeks. I'm not saying it's because of this amazing craftsmanship, but I don't think it could hurt either.

So, I was delighted to see these lovely pictures.

And now, I give you the laying box:

Not what you were expecting? Me neither. I didn't realize it was going to be quite so sturdy! Seriously, that's a lot of lumber. I know you shouldn't just slap some pieces of plywood together and expect it to be okay when multiple chickens are just jumping in and out and moving things around, but wow.

Very impressive.

And it's up on bricks to keep things dry and comfortable. Chickens seem to like to jump up to roost. I don't know why that is.

And the "bricks" were once a border for one of Mom's flowerbeds.

I like it.

Now you can see how big the box is in relation to a chicken. Nice, eh?

And yes, those are shingles on the roof of the box.

Chad helped with the roofing. I think they had some shingles left over from re-doing the roof on the storage building. When I asked Dad if I could blog about this project, he said I could and that I should probably mention that Chad helped with the shingles and with moving the box into the pen.

They had to put that thing on his four-wheeler to move it over to the pen.

And Dad said that afterward, Chad crawled into the box so that when Sara walked over to help with the unloading, Chad reached out of the box and grabbed her to scare her.

Oh Chad.

He finds it hilarious when she's angry.

He stays amused often.

And I saved the best picture for last:

Tell me that doesn't just make your day!

It made mine.

So, quickly, a happy list:
  • This weekend is going to be lovely! I hope you have a safe and happy time!
  • Brown eggs.
  • Dallas and Dad are very handy men.
  • Chad is also very handy and should behave himself.
  • Chickens are great.
  • Chickens that lay eggs are really great.
  • Just one more time

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You know how it can be, II*


Pretends to be calm v. is never calm

Buzzed hair v. big hair

Dr. Pepper v. Diet Coke

Work with hands v. works with spreadsheets

Single life v. hardcore domesticity

No orthodontics v. all of them

Work boots v. the purple heels

Boy v. girl

Car shows v. running in races

Tall v. short

Racer sunglasses v. bug-eyed

They are tan




Dog people




Fixing things

Organizing by pile

Crazy plans


*I picked those two pictures at the top because they're not only flattering, but they were side by side in my folder.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New toy + new project

So. I just decided that this is what I'm going to do this weekend:

I'm going to take a disc of these pictures to some store.

And I'm going to print copies.

I haven't decided if I want 4X6 or 5X7s yet.

Probably 5X7.

I need a picture of Dallas, another of Sara, maybe another one of Levi, and maybe that one of Laine with Mom and Grandmother.

(I also need pictures of our friends and Cody's family. But all in due time.)

Then I'm going to sew these pictures onto ribbons. Probably one or 2 lengths.

I have a lot of wide ribbon to choose from.

I don't know if I want to be cute and hand stitch them with colored embroidery thread, or if I want to use a sewing machine (yes, you can totally sew paper things with a sewing machine--Martha Stewart Living does it all the time).

I'm leaning heavily toward hand stitching with the colored thread.

If only someone could tell me why I have embroidery thread in the first place.

Then I'm going to hang these in the hallway.

And the dining room.

'Twill be lovely.

You are my witness.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New toy, part II

I can't, won't, don't stop.

Although, I did say yesterday that was run by Polaroid. It's not. Sorry!

Yes, I've been playing on it again when I noticed the fine print.

After running various family photos through this, I wondered if something darker would help this photo.
How can you tell? Meh. Kids, it's time for a new family photo.

Here are my parents from a couple of summers ago.

As if the dog needed to look more dramatic.

Cody and Robert are hardcore.

As is Levi.
In a sunny evening in the 1950s sort of way.

If Laine and I are ever taken hostage in the seventies,
we're going to look like this.

Little farmers.

Little Dallas.
I know he's not really little, but when he was a baby he looked a little like an alien.
A cute alien.
This reminds me of that.