Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Glorious announcement

Attention y'all!

I am wearing pants that have a zipper.

And the zipper actually zips.

Hooray for wearing something other than that one pair of maternity jeans!!!!!

You may now resume your boring daily activities.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Typo Tuesday: Typos Make Me Want to Murder All the Apostrophe's

Yesterday, Cody and I went to the little temporary H&R Block in our area to file taxes.  It's apparently pretty slow, much like everything else in this area.  How slow?  Well, when we showed up in the middle of the afternoon, there were people there.  So we waited in the little waiting area and Cody browsed through a brochure extolling the fabulous businesses and sites in the Argenta district.  I peeked over his shoulder and saw this:

Check the last sentence.

I'm sorry to say that I snatched the brochure right out of Cody's hand without asking and took a picture.  Yes, I already had a camera on me.  I wanted to document our daughter's first tax-filing experience.

I don't want to be mean*, but this pharmacy smells like expired aspirin.  We've been in there a few times and I feel like showering the dust and despair off of me afterward.  Seriously, they are trying to sell "vintage" pantyhose even though they really haven't been able to move those pairs of pantyhose since 1983.

And now this.  I mean, sure, I shouldn't be surprised by something like this.  But holy smokes.


For the millionth time, slapping an apostrophe and an 'S' against the end of a word indicates possession.  The plural of "pharmacy" is "pharmacies" if you're curious.  Goodness knows no one in publishing is.  This is what happens when people in Arkansas try to do something important. 

* Yes, I do.

Evelyn is two weeks old!

Evelyn is two weeks old!

I'm a little freaked out.  This is going just a bit too fast for me.  Sure, she has no teeth and she's hanging onto her gross belly button and sometimes she only sleeps in two-and-a-half-hour spurts like the newborn she is, but dadgummit.  She's so big!  Her hair is so (much) long(er)!  

She can lift her head more.

We're convinced she can really smile because of her timing.

She loves eating and sleeping and being held.

This morning she squirmed her way down to the end of her basket so that she had to sleep with her legs scrunched up against her belly and it was the most precious thing I'd ever seen.

She may as well be magic.  She's healthy and pretty and alert.  We couldn't ask for more.

She's had a big week!

Last Tuesday, she turned one week old!  I celebrated by sending Cody a text of what she was doing at exactly 3:20.  (Sleeping.)

On Thursday, I was exhausted so I stayed inside all day and wore pajamas and waited until Evelyn was passed out to cut her fingernails.  We both made it through just fine.

Saturday was cold and rainy, so we stayed inside.  The three of us took turns taking naps.  Evelyn was pretty fitful, and stayed up until 4 on Sunday morning.

No surprise, she slept through most of Sunday.  Cody and I slept in, and didn't do much.  Since we were awake at 5 after midnight, I'd already had him open his birthday presents from me.  Later in the evening, Evelyn went to her grandma Dicy's for the first time to celebrate her dad and uncle's birthday by sleeping through visiting, dinner, singing, cake, presents, and more visiting.  Pretty much everyone held her and I even saw Cody go up to my mom and tell her he needed a turn.  She woke up once to nurse, and then we took her home.

She slept eerily through the night and only woke up twice to be changed and fed.  We were creeped out, but thankful for the rest.

On Monday, the weather was nice!  She spent a pleasant afternoon in her wagon!  Finally!  Cody was giddy.  Evelyn was sleepy.  I found her hairbows.  She looked good when we rolled that wagon to our nearest H&R Block to do our taxes, and then when we ran some errands.

Fact: The Argenta Market will let you roll your baby through the store in a wagon.  Thank goodness.  Because we did.

Evelyn and Cody are completely ready for a traveling adventure.
Cody picked out her outfit.  It has a rollerskating giraffe on it and a tag that reads "Cutie on the go."  No kidding.

This is Evelyn waiting on us to finish our taxes.  It was pretty bright in there, so we kept her covered.

Later that evening, we went to Dicy's house to drop off laundry and steal food while she held Evelyn.  Evelyn made weird little noises the entire time she slept.  Then we headed to the mall so I could pick up another nursing top because this is apparently what I do now.

Now it's Tuesday all over again and she's two weeks old!

She was up a lot in the night so she's sleeping hard now.  I think later we'll celebrate her birthday by cutting her nails again and staying indoors in our pajamas.  Yes, she already needs to have her fingernails cut again.

She's a swiftly growing girl.

Monday, March 28, 2011

27 on the 27th

Cody's birthday was yesterday!

He turned 27 on the 27th.  I think that's cool.

I think a lot of things about Cody are cool.

Here are a few of them.

  • He's been baking cookies to sell at the restaurant and people buy them like crazy.
  • He's started buzzing his hair and it looks good on him.
  • He always tells me I'm hot.  Even 3 days after Evelyn was born.
  • My dad bought Evelyn a wagon and from the way Cody's acting, you'd think it was for him.  He can't wait to put her in there and go somewhere.
  • He is absolutely precious with Evelyn.  I'm excited about raising a family with him.
  • His laugh.
  • He rubbed my legs nearly every night for the last few weeks of my pregnancy.
  • I can make him happy.  It's not that difficult, but I love knowing I can make him smile.
  • His love of RC Cola in glass bottles, butter cookies, National Geographic, Mother Earth News, and other older person things.
  • His love of libraries.
  • Last week he abruptly looked up from the book he was reading and said, "I'm really glad you're breastfeeding."  I thought he was indifferent and just going with this because I wanted to.  It was nice to have the encouragement.
  • How much he loves his life.  He's a grateful man who's convinced he's living a dream come true.
  • One time, I bought him a packet of heirloom beet seeds and he recognized it for the grand romantic gesture I intended it to be.
  • Obviously we have an understanding.
  • He's really smart.
  • Yesterday he washed dishes and swept the kitchen.
  • He's burping Evelyn right now and talking to her. 
I wanted to do 27 things, but it's taken me a day to get out just this much.  He's a wonderful man and I'm glad he was born.

Birthday boys and a baby last night.

Also: Yesterday was Casey's birthday too!  I'm glad he was born too because he's Cody's best friend and a nice human being.  It's funny to watch him be such a big fan of Evelyn.  He's been helping me out some when Cody's at work.  And as far as twins go, he's not so bad.

So happy birthday to them both!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday of firsts

Another week with Evelyn is winding down and we've had a lot of fun.  It's been our first full week with her!  Cody has had his first full week of working and baby-raising (he got to take off a whopping 2.5 days last week), and I've had my first full week of staying at home with a dependent infant.  Which is scary when I type it out.  We generally don't think about it that much.  We're loving this adventure.

Evelyn seems generally okay with us.  And that's fine.

Yesterday in particular was HUGE.

We started off the day by waking her up, changing her diaper and clothes, and throwing her in the car without feeding her.  She was not pleased.  But we had to go to the Honda dealership to pick up Cody's car before he went into work early.  Have you heard about the Fit recall?  Scary stuff.  Fortunately for us, I haven't been driving.  So Cody's been driving my car until we could take his car in.  And then yesterday we went to pick it up (and PS: it did need to have parts replaced....yes, this is the same vehicle that drove me to the hospital and then drove us back home with an infant daughter in the backseat) which meant:

Evelyn rode in the car with me driving for the first time!

She wasn't especially impressed with my driving skills, which I must say have improved now that I can fully move my legs again without them being pressed down by a belly, because of the breakfast thing but she was somewhat happier once we hit another milestone.

Evelyn listened to her first album!  

After some careful thought, I went with My Morning Jacket's Z.  Because it's my favorite, it seems to have the most infant ear-friendly sounds, and Cody gave it to me.  This wasn't her first time to listen to My Morning Jacket (for the record, their first song I played for her was "The Bear"), but it was her first full-length album.

The fact that we listened to about half of it while she nursed in a Target parking lot may have made the experience a little better for her as well.  And yes, that brings me to yet another Big Deal for our day.

Evelyn went to Target for the first time!

It's a special moment in a young woman's life.  I think she mostly liked staring at the florescent lights.  The trip itself was fairly productive and uneventful.  I loaded her back into her car seat (we're getting better at working those buckles and straps!) and got on the highway ...... and realized I hadn't gotten half of the necessities I'd intended to buy.  So I headed down the road, "Dondante" playing along, to another Target.  That's right:

Evelyn went to Target a second time!

I know, it doesn't look that exciting even with an exclamation point.  But still.

This time, I was the one with the firsts.  First time to use a public stall while holding a baby, first time to use a restroom changing table (I used my changing mat), first time to nurse while shopping and walking through a store.

Yes, really.  She's a snacker.  Levi bought me a backpack for our laptop and I decided to use it as the day's diaper bag.  I am so, so, so glad I did.  It kept my hands free for important things like holding a shopping basket and a baby. 

She fell asleep after about 10 minutes because, hello, this was not her first Target trip and she's a worldly and cosmopolitan lady.  She's kind of above all that. 

And then!

I got to defend my parenting choices to a stranger while simultaneously keeping her from touching my baby!

Tell me, is this large font/exclamation point usage making this look exciting at all?

Yes, a cashier (not my cashier--she was nice) was appalled that I would take my baby out into the wind without a blanket because that could give her 'the colic' even after I explained that I was covering her face and ears with my sweater because this girl is a burrower.  Then she tried to touch my baby as she asked how old she was.  I calmly yelled "No! No!  She's a week and a half old!" while clutching her to me and backing away and the woman looked at me like I was crazy for fearing her germs and not the colic-causing wind.

Tired and hungry, I went for another adventure.

Evelyn went to Kierre's Kountry Kitchen for the first time!

I had told Cody that morning that I'd like to take her in a week or so, but I changed my mind and decided to surprise him.  He misses her when he goes to work and he didn't get to see much of her the night before or that morning. 

And I was hungry.

He was happy to see her.  As was everyone else.

I thought I'd missed the lunch rush, but there were still plenty of family and regulars to be amazed by her little nose and long hair.  She was held by one aunt and two grandmas while I ate a bucket-load of food.  Everyone else just held her little hands through her sleeper (yay for those mitten sleeves!) or patted her on the head.  Dicy paraded her around 4 or 5 tables and announced that this was her first grandbaby.  People were very impressed and Dicy was very proud. 

Naturally, Evelyn slept through the whole thing.  This made everyone say she had Kierre traits because those people do love their naps.  If you've every had Cody in your house, you know exactly what I mean.

And I got to take this little picture of 4 generations.

Photo taken with my cell phone and then texted to Laine, who then emailed this to me so I could save it to my computer and upload it to blogger.  This is what happens to people who leave their cameras at home on important adventure days.

We even went to Kierre's again that night!  Mom, Dad, and Levi came into town to deliver a little red wagon to Evelyn (pictures to follow at some other time because my camera's batteries and I are in a fight right now.  I don't want to talk about it.) and then:

Evelyn rode in a truck for the first time!


My parents got to see her little music quirk!

We interrupted her evening feeding--the girl could not catch a break yesterday!--and so she fussed in the truck.  I asked Dad to turn on some music and BOOM.  She was immediately silent.

Mom assures me this is weird in such a young baby.  As is her ability to sneeze 4 times in a row.  The girl loves country music.  And sneezing.

Anyway, her great-grandma and her dad.....and her uncles......and her great-uncle......and more waitresses were all very happy to see her and I was happy to eat while someone (several someones, really) held her.

Then we went home and put her in her carrier and tested out the wagon in the house, but you'll have to wait for those pictures.  Obviously they're adorable.  Mom and I--fine, mostly Mom--gave her another bath where we took crazy measures to keep her belly button dry and washed the smell of catfish out of her little baby hair.  She didn't even fuss this time.  It was her third bath, after all.

And I think she may have been just a little worn out.

It was a pretty big day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dallas Day!

Dallas came to play yesterday!  We had an absolute blast.  He and his mom intended to come see us at the hospital, but she was sick and they graciously kept their germs to themselves.  But yesterday, he and Gil packed up some of his school and came over to party with Evelyn and me for the afternoon.

Dallas worked on school, Mom helped me give Evelyn a bath (when her hair's wet it touches her shoulders!), and Dallas, Evelyn, and I walked to the corner store to buy cokes and drop off some bottles for recycling.

Dallas wore yellow because it's my favorite color, dressed Evelyn in a yellow sleeper, and brought a photo album that's ready to be filled with baby pictures.

It was a lovely day.  Here are some pictures from our adventure.

He immediately had to hold her.

We also tried out the bouncy seat for the first time.  Evelyn liked it, but I didn't realize I'd have to take the cover off to install batteries, so Dallas just bounced her by hand.

Gil obviously had to spend some time with Evelyn.  I love them together.

After Evelyn nursed, she slept in her swing and Dallas read 3 books to her: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do You See?, and Sneetches.

Working on spelling words.

He needed to hold her again after we went for a walk.  Evelyn is reacting to dramatically to the mere thought of all the pollen we encountered.

He had to leave before I finished feeding the newly bathed Evelyn, so I stopped and we took some pictures.  She was not happy about this, but Dallas was a trooper at posing for us.

I had the greatest time, buddy!  Stop by again soon!  I think Evelyn enjoyed it, too (except for the last part).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evelyn is one week old!

Evelyn has been here for a week!  It's been a really momentous week.  I wanted to tell you all of the things she did, and what we've already learned about her, but I want a nap.  So instead, here are pictures of her family loving on her.  Grandmother and Dallas haven't met her yet, but Dallas is coming to play tomorrow and I'm really excited.  I don't know when Grandmother will get to see her, but that's going to be a grand party.  And in April, some lucky person is going to drive us to Oklahoma so she can meet Mamaw and EA.  She's been meeting friends and relatives as the week has gone on, and she's going to get to meet tons more for Cody and Casey's birthday, Easter, and just as time goes on.

One last thing: I'm typing this in bed and I'm on my stomach.  What a wonderful day this is.

And now: Evelyn's family!  (With the exception of Cody and me, I putting the pictures in the chronological order of who held her.)


Dicy (she doesn't have a grandparent name yet)

Aunt Laine

Uncle Levi
Aunt Bodie

Uncle Chad

Uncle Casey

Uncle Robert
Uncle Spencer


It's obvious that everyone who's met her completely loves her.  Happy birthday, Evelyn!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Update: After 40 weeks!

I am no longer pregnant!  Evelyn is out of my belly and in our home and we are so very glad.

It's been a long, long process.

June 20: Pregnant.  But just barely.  I want you to know that this is a size 0 dress....and that it was a little roomy in the bodice.

June 26: 3 weeks and oblivious.
June 27:  Jessi, Kelly, me, and the secret baby.  I cried through her wedding, part of her reception, and then that night when I saw Toy Story 3.  As in, I sobbed hysterically during Toy Story 3 and figured the big day was just messing with my emotions.

July 4, shortly after I set my own finger on fire.  I was one day away from finding out I was pregnant.
Then I had the grouchiest day ever, checked the calendar, freaked out, took a pregnancy test, and demolished the bathroom in the process of trying to find the instructions for taking the pregnancy test after 2 lines didn't seem to look quite right.

I also took pictures of the test itself.  And of Cody and me feeling incredulous, but you're spared from those.  I look like I've had a very long day and a not-fun time at the laundromat, and Cody is all greasy and sweaty from work, and inexplicably shirtless.  We'll just save them for the baby book.

About a week after we found out, Shirley mailed me some pictures and I started to feel really excited about how cute our baby would be.

Mid-July.  I took this picture on accident and decided to save it for something special.
Something special: September's header.

July 15: Full-faced and pregnant, and not telling you.
Late July.  A Sunday trip to Hot Springs turned into burgers and a walking tour of downtown.  I watched friends eat fudge and valiantly did not die.  Cody carried my purse and probably prayed a lot.
Even later in July: I continued to avoid my family by hanging out with friends.  This time there was ice cream involved.  I valiantly did not get sick on Alana.

Sara's birthday party.  I was 9 weeks pregnant.  Cody valiantly did not die when I wouldn't let him tell our families yet.  A month's worth of secret-keeping was really starting to take a toll, and he wanted to steal Sara's thunder on her birthday.

Jessi's birthday.  I was nearly 10 weeks pregnant and this was the day before we told our families.

A month's worth of severe cramping, fatigue, and nausea + the hottest summer on record + barbecue, long walks, and cupcakes = a really bad idea.  I don't remember what happened when we got home from this Memphis day trip, but Cody might have carried me to bed.

10 weeks pregnant!  We'd told our families the day before and that afternoon.  An unexpected cool front had come through, and we ate burritos from a taco truck and then some sno-cones with friends.  We still weren't telling anyone outside the family yet.  Cody was happy because we told our families, and I was happy because I was completely vindicated in my predictions that our families would be mad at us for telling them our news and then not letting them share it.  Also because my chicken burrito was delicious.

12 weeks pregnant!  This was taken 2 days before we told the whole dang world.  Laine waited until Leah left the room so she could take this picture.  I'm wearing Laine's dress.  This was the first of many borrowing events.

14 weeks!  I actually didn't mind eating barbecue by this point and still had nothing to show for it.

15 weeks.  If you're familiar with me, you can tell something is going on.

16 weeks.  It's an actual tummy!  I was super proud.  Cody saw this picture last week and said "I don't remember you being so thin."  Then I had to tell him I was nearly 4 months pregnant in the picture.  He got very used to my pregnant look.

17 weeks in a pumpkin patch.

18 weeks.  She's a girl!

19 weeks!  This was one of the last times I wore that shirt.

20 weeks!  The dress lasted 3 more wearings.

Happy Halloween!  21 weeks and wearing maternity jeans.

22 weeks and feeling good.

23 weeks.  What a difference 9 weeks makes in a dress.

24 weeks and shopping for some maternity pants for work.  I got startled by my own belly and had to take a picture.
24.5 weeks the day before Thanksgiving.

Practically 25 weeks and Aunt Laine wants to feel her move.

26 weeks.  Whoa Nelly.

27 weeks and getting a little cranky and uncomfortable.

28 weeks on my 28th birthday!

29 weeks and enjoying Christmas feasting like never before.

30 weeks.

31 weeks.

32 weeks the night before my first baby shower.

33 weeks.  Let's be honest, you're weren't looking at my face in these pictures anyway.

34 weeks.  The dress fits just a little bit differently than it did at 9 weeks.

35 weeks, enormous, and sickly.

36 weeks.  Wow.  The dress is a Large.  An Old Navy Large.  Yes.
37 weeks with a clean house.

Laine wanted pictures from all angles.

Pulling my dress against my belly like this shocked my siblings and made my parents laugh.
38 whole weeks.
39 weeks and not much else fits.

40 weeks, and one day past my due date!

This morning.


Now I'm really excited to start posting about life with this little girl.  

Thank you for sharing our excitement about this whole adventure!

It's only going to get better.