Sunday, March 30, 2014


I made sure to check on our pot of mint.  I thought it had died, but the other pots on top of these shoots protected them through the winter.  We moved it to beside our front door so it could start getting more sun.

Cody and Evelyn have some beautiful birthday cards on our banner.  They've had a lot of fun celebrating birthdays together for the past couple of weeks.

Evelyn has a cold (and now so do we.  That's what we get for cuddling.  Worth it.), so I've been trying to get her to drink warm tea with lots of lemon and honey.  Medicine can only do so much, and I thought getting to drink tea like Dad might at least boost her morale.  The princess dress was a little more exciting for her, though.

Last night, she was interested in how well some of our herbs were growing.  And then she started eating parsley.  And then she ate some more.  Cody checked online to see if it was okay, and discovered that parsley has tons of Vitamin C.  So at least there's that.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's the first day of spring

We have some sunflower seeds in the windowsill.

I'm starting to outright fantasize about shopping at the farmers market again.

I already have sandals and sundresses for Evelyn. 

I started pulling out my warmer-weather clothes tonight and found this:

What?  WHAT?!

I have no idea how or why that got into my things, but I'm so incredibly relieved that I found it.  Evelyn's asked about it off and on all through the winter and I felt terrible every time I had to tell her I couldn't find it.  And goodness knows we've all looked. 

She was happy to see it, and it's in bed with her right now.  Oh how wonderful.

I started making blankets about a month ago.  I came home from a funeral for a baby we all wanted to meet, and started knitting squares.  I think I made 15 just that weekend.  For a week, I obsessively knitted while I read to Evelyn and answered her questions and just watched her play.  I've been steadily working on them since, and now I'm nearly finished.  The seaming will take a while and, like I said before, I'll probably work on this at knight night because this is going to be a LOT of stitching together.

Then I cast on the Square Shawl pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann and made a crazy yellow blanket that Jessi is going to give to a pregnant co-worker. 

I messed up in at least 3 different places (for starters, it's not supposed to spiral), but I still like how it looks.  And Jessi was pleased with it, so I'm calling it a success.

And this past weekend, once I was able to crochet without having a crazy coughing fit, I started making little squares for a blanket that might be for a supervisor's baby shower. 

Or I might make the Square Shawl pattern again because all I really want to do right now is make a bunch of Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns. 

I really like yellow projects and gray projects.  Maybe not necessarily together.  Oh well.  I'm happy Evelyn's got her quilt back, I'm looking forward to finishing up her little knitted blanket, and once I finish this post I'm going to work on a tote bag.  I'm not crazy about the construction, but it's using up scraps pretty well and I'm going to get another post out of it. 

Plus, it's going to come in handy when we go to the farmers market.  Yes, it all comes back to the farmers market.  I just care about blankets and produce, or keeping people warm and fed.  Either way you want to see it, I'm looking forward to more making and more eating.  Happy spring!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Around here

Evelyn still tries to dance when I'm taking her picture, even though she knows that's not what I'm going to capture.

I obviously did not finish this blanket for her birthday.  But I did finish the final two squares, and figure out how everything's going to be arranged.  Now it's just time to seam everything together!  I may save this for a knit night.

Speaking of which, we stopped by my knit night last weekend to drop off some things to one of the members.  I was too sick to stick around, so Cody ordered some food and we took it home for Evelyn's birthday dinner.  She loved the bears that my friend Mei makes for charity, so Mei gave her one!  She was very excited to tell everyone that she was three years old and that she would blow out the candles at her party.

We gave her a flashlight for her birthday.  Awesome parenting right here!  That's not sarcasm.  This takes AA batteries, and the button is easy to press on and off.  It's lightweight, but fairly sturdy. 

Plus, it's a bumblebee flashlight.  She loves it just as much as I'd hoped she would.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Evelyn had a birthday party!

Her Gram put up a banner and found a crown.

Sara and Laine and Ellis did an awful lot of driving.

Dad fried catfish and iced cupcakes.

Levi gave her trains. 

Sara and Chad gave her puzzles and colors and sticker sheets.

Laine and Ellis were presents enough, but will also be mailing a gift.  Mail!

Brook and Chris gave her lots of coloring things, a ball that lights up, some hair clips she already tried to eat, a ball, and a glass with a narwhale on it.  An actual glass.  I've already had to wash it so she could drink from it and feel big.

Granddad restored a doll crib and Gil finished a quilt intended for Sara because of course.  A little Madeline doll is sleeping under it right next to Evelyn's bed as I type this.

Gram gave her clothes (so pink! so much pink!) and books.

Mom coughed too much and took too few pictures.

And the birthday girl? 


She'd been talking about a birthday party for weeks--cupcakes and presents and family and blowing out the candles. 


And we'd been talking to her about manners and guests and being careful around flaming candles for weeks.   There was a slight meltdown about dinner because we never thought to mention dinner.  But she ate something other than frosting eventually. 

And oh man, she was happy with her cupcakes.  Gram had 6 candles in a package, and so Evelyn requested all 6 of them on her cupcake.  She beamed while we sang to her. 

She said "thank you" for at least half of her presents, and was a little upset about having to go to bed (late!) and not play with them.  Tomorrow's going to be a full day.

 She saw nearly every one of her aunts and uncles, and held her cousin.  She loved on all her grandparents.  She was a wonderful birthday girl!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

She's 3

She draws and colors. 

She really knows how to enjoy her stickers. 

She still loves her pacifier and Boris.

She loves the alphabet but refuses to sing it.

She likes to have pretty nails and wear jewelry.

She has a fabulous vocabulary and mostly okay grammar and pronunciation.

She's stubborn.

She's silly.

She likes to spin around until she falls down.

She builds puzzles and plays with magnets and is more in favor of lining things up than stacking them.

Braids > pigtails.

She asks too many questions and seems to never stop talking.

She's 3.  We still love her more with every passing day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book list for February 2014

Last Bus to Woodstock: An Inspector Morse Mystery. Colin Dexter.

Casey gave me a couple of Inspector Morse books for Christmas and I just finished the first one.  I love middle-aged, alcoholic loners with unorthodox investigative practices.

(See: 2012's book list. I read every English translation of the Kurt Wallander novels, and a collection of short stories.)

Currently reading:
The Mystery of the Third Mile. Colin Dexter.
The Scarlet Thread. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
A Cold Dish. Craig Johnson.

So that's another Inspector Morse story, a Sherlock Holmes story, and a Walt Longmire story, respectively.  Cody and I got sucked into Longmire after I won the first season of the TV show on DVD in my family's dirty Santa exchange.  Levi figured at least one of us would enjoy it, and he was very right.

I don't know if I'm going through a mystery phase, or if this is just what I've enjoyed most of my life and I took a break for college and then trying to read everything I should have read in college.  I love mysteries.  Or maybe I just love detectives.  Either way, I'm happy with my reading selections this month.