Friday, July 30, 2010


Today is Cheesecake Day!!!

You know what to do.

Kierre's will be serving some for dessert.

I know what to do.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny list

I know it's been forever since I did a funny post and I'm sorry. But on the plus side, I've been compiling this for a while. Enjoy.

Pie is absolutely fascinating, okay?

Jen: She took, like, 30 pictures of him sitting there eating cake.
Jeff: It'll be different when you have kids.
Mrs. Dicy: She already took a picture of pie tonight!

Someone explain to me how this works
Cody: It's supposed to be tasteful auto-tune.

He means business
Jen: Hey, watch it. There's no need to take it out on the spice rack.
Jarrett: Oh, I will take it out on the spice rack! Listen to what I am saying!

Travis is too cool to hang out with you
Alana: Travis decided today would be a good day to clean out the gutters.
Jen: Oh, is that why he's not here?
Alana: No, he just didn't feel like coming.

Friday night plans
Jarrett: Come on, we could go to the Chill Zone.....pound some rounds, knit some baby hats.

When Friday night plans must be salvaged
Jessi: Is anyone going to have fun?
Jen: We're going to have fun!
Jessi: Where do we want to eat?
Jen: I'm not sure.
Jessi: [mid sentence]
Jen: HEY! HEY! HEY! Senor Tequila is fun.
Jessi: Okay! What will Jeff and Faith eat since they already had dinner?
Jen: Jeff!
Jeff: Soapapilla!
Jen: Jeff will eat a soapapilla.
Jessi: But what about Faith?
Jen: FAITH! What will you do if we go to Senor Tequila?
Faith: Uh, I can do something...
Jen: Faith says she'll do whatever we want! We're going to have fun!
Jessi: Yayyyy!

It probably was Reta
Jen: Reta, did you put a religious tract in the bathroom?
Reta: No...
Jen: I've been in two different bathrooms in the last month and there were tracts in there!
Reta: Maybe someone's trying to tell you something.

We all think Cody is a good husband
Jen: He works so hard and then he made carrot cake cupcakes and I have to say, it was sexy.
Jeff: He needs to come be sexy over here for me. I want some cupcakes.

Happy Mother's Day
Levi: Way to ruin everything with Mom's present, Jen.
Dad: Yeah, thanks.
Jen: I'm sorry! Fine. Mom, next year you just get a pack of gum.
Mom: You can give your dad a pack of gum!
Jen: What?
Mom: I don't know.

It was Cody.
Jen: Thanks for tidying up the house this morning.
Cody: What?
Jen: The dishes were put away and the bed was made.....I assume that was you.
Dicy: Oh, that was me. You're welcome.
Jen: I'll need the spare key back, thanks.

Jeff is a horrible person
Jeff: Do you ever wish you had a sister?
Brad: Yeah, sometimes. It could have been neat.
Jeff: Jen, do ever wish you had a brother?

They grow up so fast
Jen: I can't believe Spencer's nearly 19. Wasn't he 12 when I met him?
Cody: Something like that, yeah.
Jen: I've known him for a third of his life!
Cody: Yeah.
Jen: He's so young! It hasn't been a third of my life! I am so much older than he is! He's 19.
Cody: Calm down. Your brother's 19.
Jen: Levi's 21.
Cody: What!? When did this happen?
Jen: On his birthday. He's 21. Only 6 years younger than I am.
Cody: It does not seem like he could be that old.
Jen: He is.
Cody: It seems like he should be younger.

Happy Father's Day
Jen: My nose was running so bad I couldn't bow my head during the prayer! I had my head leaned back like I was all charismatic...
Dad: It's okay as long as you don't have your hands up.
Jen: Clearly you kept your eyes closed during the prayer.
Dad: Good answer.

She was still on pain pills and apparently thought God had a Facebook
Sara: EVERYONE can see that! Even God...

Laundromat adventures
Redneck 1: That comforter's too big for that washer. I don't think she's never gonna get that clean.
Redneck 2: Lookit! I can't even tell if it's getting wet.
Redneck 1: Oh! The spin cycle's started! Git Mawmaw!
Redneck 2: [tittering manically] Mawmaw! The spin cycle!

Scenes from Kelly's wedding

On the groom
Jen: Is he Republican?
Kelly: Yes, are you excited?

On the preparations
Katy: Mom bought us off-brand Bump-Its at Dollar General for the wedding.

Flower girls are adorable
Laurel: I have a gag reflex.
Kelly: Thank you for telling me that. I feel much closer to you now.

Kelly: What if no one comes? I bought breakfast food for before the service! We have cupcakes and accoutrements!

We will treasure these snapshots forever
Jessi: Jen, lean in next to Cody so I can take a picture of you guys.
Cody: Do you want me to feed you in the picture?

Cody thinks about food a lot, actually
Cody: I'm always thinking, "What can I make to help Jen be healthier?" because I'm always concerned for your welfare.
Jen: You just want more vegetables.
Cody: Listen, I think everyone needs more vegetables.

Jen does not understand card games
Casey: When you lose at spades, you get yelled at.
Jen: But you'd think people would be happy to beat you.
Casey: No, you play with a partner and if you lose, he yells at you.
Jen: And then what? You cry?
Casey: No, you don't cry. If you cry, they... No, you don't cry.

Cody said it enough times that someone believed it
Jen: He's all gray-headed. He even has gray in his beard.
Levi: Jen, it's distinguished.

Check your privacy settings
Spencer: Regan creeps on you.
Jen: Aw, I creep on her!
Spencer: I know. I told her.
Jen: You know your friends have no privacy settings, right? None of them.
Spencer: I know. It's horrible.
Jen: Don't they know they're not safe?! Don't they know they're not safe from me?
Spencer: I guess not.

Satellite radio
Jen: There's nothing like listening to late 90s rock that makes me miss nu metal.
Cody: I know! I was really hoping we would hear some Limp Bizkit.

Wow...word choice
Jen: Hey, you're the one who hooked up with an emotionally unstable redneck English major.
Cody: Really? Who?
Jen: [points to self]
Cody: You're a redneck?

He should not have sat between us
Cody: It's getting dark. Is it supposed to storm?
Jen: It's supposed to be almost 8 o'clock. This happens in the evenings.
Casey: Yeah, dude. It gets dark at nighttime.
Cody: Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.
Casey: Did you get that we're making fun of you?
Cody: Yeah, I got it. Thanks.
Jen: Because you didn't know it got dark at night time.
Cody: I don't need this.

We have variations of this conversation every time we get together
Laine: And no one loved me because I was brown.
Mom: Please stop saying that.
Jen: No one loved you because of your hair...
Mom: Her hair was fine! Y'all were all very pretty--
Laine: IT WASN'T A MULLET!!! Oh brother.

Happy marriage
Jen: Why do you hate arts and crafts?!
Cody: Because I hate beauty and joy and glitter.
Jen: Are you jealous because my arts and crafts are so pretty?
Cody: [silence]
Jen [freaking out]: Hey! You don't think my arts and crafts projects are pretty?!?!!?
Cody: What?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nice Wednesday

I got a text this afternoon that said Laine was out of surgery and that she didn't have a torn meniscus. Her physical therapist had been really worried that was the problem.

So: hooray!

The doctor removed a floating piece of cartilage (gross), and she will spend the evening with loved ones and Dolly Parton's autobiography, which I gave her as a get-well present.

I have some arts and crafts projects lined up for my evening.

I don't know what you have lined up for your evening.

Probably nothing that cool.

Have a good night anyway.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Request, again

Laine is having a little knee surgery tomorrow.

I wish you would pray for her.

And the doctors.

And Robert.

And for my parents (and Levi! PS: Levi is here.),
who will be traveling a little back and forth to see her.

But mostly for Laine, and her quick recovery.

And yes, I realize this post is suspiciously similar to the one I wrote about Sara.

This is just what my sisters do.

They have awful joints and sustain injuries and get surgeries and make us worry!

Happily, Laine's surgery isn't very invasive
and she's only planning on taking off the rest of the week.

I don't think she'll go back to wearing those shoes again very soon,
but she should be fine in no time.

I'd appreciate prayers and happy thoughts anyway.

She probably would, too.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Important weekend date matters

So. Remember that last post?

Me neither.

I promptly went home on Friday and immediately forgot that I'd ever had plans.

Cody discovered that there were no home games this weekend, so baseball was out.

And I didn't feel like going to the library, so I didn't.

But we did eat a lot of ice cream!

We had a very lovely time.

On Saturday night, we even had a date!

After a lot of lounging around, I decided I needed a trip to Jason's Deli.

So we went.

I think my allergies are beating me up a little, because I felt a little tired and feverish. Which means I might have acted a little loopy.

So Cody had a great time.

We sat in a booth and ate our wraps and fruit and I told dirty jokes and Cody simply beamed at me the entire time.

We sat there forever, just talking and laughing. It was a blast.


All fabulous things must end, and our frolicking good time wound down at the grocery store.

It started out pleasantly and typically enough: we were talking about ice cream and I was still telling inappropriate jokes. Cody was suggesting new foods to try and I was telling him to stop trying to kill me. We were watching several families dancing with their kids and carts (seriously, it was Singing and Dancing Time at Kroger on Saturday). It was great.


Cody hasn't cooked very much for the past couple of weeks, so he was taking requests when he thinking about the week's menu planning.

I haven't had broccoli and cheese in years, so I asked for that.

I love broccoli and cheese. More specifically, I love Mom's broccoli and cheese.

And sometimes, Cody makes food that Mom makes better and then I feel very, very sad.

So, while we were in the grocery store, and Cody was asking me about the cheese sauce and I was naturally telling him I didn't know anything about cheese sauce other than that it should contain Velveeta......

things went sour.

Cody: Here. I'm just going to call your mother and ask her how she makes broccoli and cheese.
Jen: Nooooooo!
Cody: Why not?
Jen: Here? In the store?! It's almost 9--are you pulling out the phone? No.
Cody: Hey. How is your evening going? Well, Jen wants broccoli and cheese and I wanted to make sure I made it 'right.'

Then he would steal glances at me, look at the ground, and then laugh.

I could practically see Mom rolling her eyes and hear her laughing at me from across the cereal aisle.


One of Mom and Cody's great bonding points is that they think I'm hilariously unreasonable about my eating habits.

This went on for an agonizing 2-3 minutes while I shouted things like "You guys suck so much!" and "Stop laughing at me!" and Cody would pause as my mother (who taught me at a very young age to chop up celery for vegetable soup in very large chunks so that she could pick it out) would no doubt say something amusingly derisive about me. And then he would look at me. And then he would laugh.


And on it went while I glared at Cody and sweated and would wring my hands.

Cody was still chuckling when he hung up the phone.

Ah, your mom's funny tonight. She wished me good luck in making you happy.

I grimaced a great deal for the rest of the trip.

But the date night story still has a happy ending.

It turns out that Cody makes cheese sauce the way my mom does.

And really, isn't that what's most important of all?

I think so.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot weekend plans

Things I want to do this weekend:
  • go through some clothes I don't wear any more (not really a want, but it could happen)
  • put pictures in albums (I don't know that I want to do that either)
  • watch a ridiculous amount of TV on DVD with Cody
  • bake banana nut bread
  • read more Alexander McCall Smith books
  • eat donuts
  • avoid the heat
  • work on arts and crafts projects for my sisters
  • wear really lightweight dresses
  • buy some popsicles
  • maybe go to a baseball game (if only to enjoy some frozen lemonade)

I think the list can be summed up with just two things:

  1. Be not hot
  2. Eat cold things

I hope your weekend can be equally enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary post for Laine and Robert.

Laine and Robert have been married 3 years today!

They've had a busy year.

What did they do?

Oh, let's see.......

They went to the zoo.

They went to some weddings.

They bought a house!

Then Laine ran a half marathon.

Then they painted the house.

Then they hosted our family's Christmas a week before Christmas.

Then Robert got a lawn mower for Christmas!

Then they painted even more of the house!

They had lots of friends and family over to the house.

Laine ran another race.

They hung out with a lot of babies.

Laine and I took an adventure trip.

(Llama from the adventure trip.)

They most likely fantasized about painting more rooms in the house. Just kidding! (No, I'm not.)

And they came in for Mother's Day, which was a great party.

You just have to trust me.

And then they came in for Father's Day, and we had a bowling party.

BUT! The fun was almost ruined when Robert forgot to bring socks.

Disaster loomed.

Then Laine ran to her car to dig into her personal reserves and generously found socks for him.

She takes such good care of him.

He bowled in style and we had a lovely time (even if he was on the losing team).

And now it's a month later and they've been married a whopping 3 years!

They're celebrating with working today, but then maybe they'll go on a date later.

What does Year 4 hold for them?

Tons of adventure!

They'll probably do some things to the house!

They're getting a roommate in the fall!

It's Leah.

Laine's going to have a knee thingy done!

Yes. A thingy. Isn't that exciting?

Next week she'll have a scope done on her knee and once the doctors see what's specifically wrong, they'll pick one of two procedures (you know, thingies) to do.

It should be quick and easy and then Laine will have a 'relaxing' recovery weekend.

And then Robert will take care of her.

And then they'll keep having married adventures.

I think this could be the most exciting year yet.

I bet they're excited about that.

Happy Anniversary!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy Monday

Well, here we are at the end of Monday and......

I'm still not on top of things.

I haven't even uploaded pictures yet!

But I had a lovely weekend.

And I must say, this was one of the best library sales ever!

We went with our book-loving friends, Jessi, Jarrett, and Brad, and I cleaned up!

And then I forgot to write down a list of what I got.

That's probably just as well, though, because I found some fantastic gifts for some other people and I don't want to ruin any surprises.

But I bought some great books and even though Cody staged some emergencies by breaking not one but two pairs of flip flops, it was a lovely day.

We saw a lot of people and ate a lot of food.

And I may have found the perfect book for you.

Your excitement over this prospect will have to hold you until tomorrow. I'll have pictures for you then.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Adventures in bookbuying.

We're going to the library sale tomorrow.

I don't remember if I told Cody that or not.

Our haul certainly won't look like this this time:

I dramatically swore off the library sale last time.

I did not have much fun last time.

That basement gets more crowded with every visit. You can't browse, you're always blocked, and everyone smells.

Between people smelling and using strollers and talking loudly about how they're writers or wasn't fun.

So with browsing being a non-option, I'm going to go to the sale with some pretty simple goals: to look for specific authors and specific subjects. I'm not even going to bother with the rest.

Maybe this time it won't take so long.

Maybe this time it will be fun.

Wish us luck!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday to you!

You know where you just have a good day?

This is one of those days.

Yesterday I went home and did not exercise, but whatever. I did walk to the library, which I think should count even though it was the nearby library because it is really, really hot out there.

So it counts.

Then I went home and tidied up the place and attempted some projects and when Cody came home we ate more watermelon.

We even watched some TV, which we almost never do on the nights he works because he comes home and we talk and the whole time I'm trying to hustle him into the shower because he smells and it's late and we need to go to bed so I can get up in the morning. But last night, we had snacks and watched TV on DVD together and I fell asleep on him before we went to bed.

Then I woke up in a good mood this morning.

I had time to make coffee (I skipped it yesterday and that was a horrible idea), fix my hair, put on some makeup, and dig out a dress.

This dress, actually.

See how happy I am to be happy and feel pretty?
(I may not really look that pretty, but I feel it.
And I love my one dimple.)

This was a failed attempt at using the self-timer, but I like how it turned out.

I've got some flowery shoes and I had chicken and dumplings for lunch and this day, while not even remotely remarkable, is just really, really nice.

And it's just so nice to feel cute and alert and happy.

And I wanted to tell you that, and that I hope you feel the same way.

And if you don't, I hope you get some watermelon very soon that changes all that.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well, it's a Wednesday

I don't have a whole lot to say, but I do want you to rest assured that I am wearing a dress in observance of Duggar day.


I need to exercise more.

I need to wash dishes.

My tomato plants have no tomatoes on them right now.

I think we'll get to eat watermelon as a snack every day this week!

Here are some pictures I played with.

Here's Jessi and Brad holding some glorious Garfield double header DVDs.
And Jarrett creeping in the background.

Here's Dallas with my parents at a museum.
Black and white museums are very serious.

Here's a non-serious picture of me in a Brownie uniform.
Mandy is clearly laughing at me.

Here's another amazing picture of Cody.

And here's a lovely picture of some stunning gentlemen in a bookstore.

I have some arts and crafts projects I really need to get started on.

The library sale is this weekend.

I think I will exercise tonight.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old family pictures

On Saturday, I got a note from Shirley.

This is Shirley.

Shirley is Mamaw's daughter. This is very apparent, especially when she does things like occasionally write me thank-you notes for writing to Mamaw even though I've been writing her for nearly 20 years.

(When we were little, Mamaw would write us thank-you notes in response to our thank-you notes for her cards and presents.)

Still. It's always nice to hear from Shirley, especially since Mamaw's not able to write as often as we're used to.

So, I got a nice little message from Shirley and a nice little present.

She included pictures!

We love pictures in this family. I'd seen most of these before, but it was great to see them again.

And now here they are for you!

I arranged them in (probably mostly) chronological order and took pictures of them. Hey, I don't have a scanner and going to Walgreens would have cost money.

You'll get the general idea of these pictures' cuteness.

This is Mamaw with me, at some baby age.
I'm younger than a year and quite fat.
I'm glad no one does this to me now.

Mamaw and her classic pink curlers.
Me and my long-lost curls.
Again, please take note of my adorable fatness!
And my big ears.

This is me, looking like my cousin's little boy, with Terri Dawn.
Terri is Mamaw's 'other' (trans: real) granddaughter.

And here we are again!
This is probably in 1984. The back was too faded to read.

This is me with my 'little' sister!
Laine quickly caught up to me.

I'm probably 4.
Mamaw had an orange chair and E.A. had a green chair.
The orange chair was my favorite.
They had complementing lamps.
They would let Laine and me turn them on at night,
and for some reason that was really exciting.

We're making cookies!
I think this was around the time Sara was born.

I love how concerned we are about this process.

Laine still looks like this when she's concentrating.
Look at our little hands!

We're playing on a stuffed animal of Terri's.
I didn't realize Laine was already so much browner at this age.
And how light my hair was. Sara had white hair when she was a little younger.

This is when we lived in Searcy and Terri went to college nearby.
Yay babysitting!
If you squint, you can see Levi in the playpen.

We're jump roping (?) on the trampoline.

And here I am with E.A.

This picture makes me laugh the most, and I laugh more and more every time I look at it. It's been 20 years. I still wear glasses. I still wear the wrong size overalls (actually, I think I still have the overalls!). I still get excited about seeing grandparents.

I still think I've come a long way, though.

Or at least I hope so.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tomato misadventure

I wanted to can tomatoes this weekend.

Cody wanted to can tomatoes this weekend.

We bought tomatoes.

We bought the wrong tomatoes!

I was cutting them up and looking and there were so many white pieces inside! They were very....core-y.

Quite simplified: hard, white pieces in tomatoes = botulism.

But there were bright spots in the day!

1. We were able to unload the tomatoes at the restaurant because they were fine for eating fresh. Sandwiches, salads, cutting up for sauce--whatever. They're just not for canning. They won't go to waste.

2. The farmer recognized us from week after week of buying cucumbers from him, so he gave us a deal on the tomatoes! His wife even wished Cody "happy canning" when he picked up the tomatoes. I don't know what we'll say to them next week when we return their flat to them, but hey....we made friends and learned that sometimes the perks of buying locally that the foodie locavore elitist whoevers keep talking about really do happen!

3. After we rid ourselves of the Wrong Tomatoes, we bought a pizza.

4. I have a ton of watermelon in my refrigerator.

5. I also have some cantaloupe.

6. And I have more cucumbers.

7. It's summertime and I am surrounded by produce!

PS: I took the very few tomatoes I cut up and threw them in a pint jar. They're living in the fridge.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wild weekend partying

I think it would be really fun to can more tomatoes this weekend.

I'm going to see if I can talk Cody into that.

The end of Kelly Week: black and white!

I love black and white film.

I love my camera.

I love Kelly.

I loved celebrating her wedding this week.

That is all.