Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today in fabulousness

Once upon a time, on this very day, Alana decided to grace the world with her presence.

The whole universe rejoiced, and all was fabulous (or so I would imagine.  I was still gestating somewhere in Oklahoma and missing all the excitement, as usual.  But I bet there was cake involved)!

Because Alana is truly fabulous.

This is not a word I throw around loosely.

When you think of fabulous women, a few other traits usually come to mind.
  • Like class.  Um, Alana wears heels and pearls.  And party dresses.
  • Like poise.  I just said she wears heels.
  • Oh, and graciousness!  She plans and hosts parties, and almost never tells people when they're being ridiculous.
  • And good humor.  Or at least she laughs at my jokes.

Alana is fabulous because she's a sweet daughter and a super-supportive big sister and probably the ideal wife.  On top of all of that, she's a lovely friend and I'm glad she's among mine.

I get very excited about seeing her.  To the point of distorting my face.  But she looks fabulous.
We like Martha Stewart, and Real Simple magazine, and good food, and super husbands.  We also like to think that because we agree on so many important things, we must certainly be right about them.  I have to give Alana the credit for that idea.  Because, you know, it was her idea first.  

Did I mention that she has great ideas and I usually agree with them?  Yes, there's that too.

Oh, and one time, our friends were talking about who in our circle of friends they would trade places with if they could and Alana said she would switch with me!  Why?  Well, she said I was always talking about Cody's cooking and how awesome he was and she'd like to see what that was like.

I was strangely okay with that.  You know why?  Because another one of her fabulous traits is that she is a woman who gets it.

I really do like Alana for less-superficial reasons, but all of the reasons are equally awesome reasons.  She's smart and funny and....you know, fabulous.

So ma'am: I hope you are having a truly fabulous birthday!  I love you tons and hope you're enjoying yourself!

Thanksgiving weekend pictures, Or: Adventures in Bad Light!

The little girl and me, on Wednesday afternoon.  I took a break from cleaning up outside to take this picture.

The spice rack is good for auto-timed pictures.  Then I cleaned the house like crazy.

Thanksgiving morning with Cody's family: We took pictures!  This is his grandma with her kids.

This is them with the flash.  We had lighting issues.

This is Cody's cousin, Clint, with everyone's favorite baby, Egan.  Granted, Egan's a pretty big boy now.

Our little family photo, minus Casey because he had to work.  Cody would not put down his coffee cup.  Spencer would not sit in their mom's lap.  You can't have it all.

See?  Egan is everyone's favorite.  This family is missing Lucas, who was sick.

After about 5 tries, I got this one.  Yay!

Cody's uncle and his grandsons and his sons, minus two daughters.

This is what the rest of us did during other families' picture-taking.  We sat around and critiqued their posture and posing.

Kyle and Anna are just taking it easy.

Again with the lighting issues.  At one point we turned them off and Egan yelled "Oh no!"  When they came back on, he cheered "Yay!" and we had to clap.

Julie, Lainey, and fiancee Nathan.

This might have been the best picture I took all day.

Oh, what do you know?  It's more people hanging out with Egan.

Dessert table!  People got crazy. 

Non-dessert foods!  See that jar in the center?  My husband made cranberry sauce.  With a bread maker!

Brothers.  Apparently Cody doesn't like it when you lean on the back of the chair.

No matter.  He fell asleep about 5 minutes later while his mom and grandma stood over him and talked about how he'd worn himself out at work that week.  Adorable.

Egan and his favorite Memaw toys: magnets, playing cards, and a jar.

Oh, and the jar's lid.  Fascinating stuff.

Did you know these could bloom?  I just thought they died.

Thanksgiving supper with my people.

Mom and Dallas made a lovely fall centerpiece.

I made fruit salad.

A picture of Sara and her hermit husband Chad.  I actually like this.

He does this in every picture I take.

Then we didn't take many pictures because we were eating and talking and people always gripe at me, but then Mom wished we had more pictures so we ran around and took some right before Cody and I left.  And most of these are from the bad side, hair-wise.
Just hanging out with Mo.

Company kind of wears him out.

We're friends, I think.

He's my buddy.

Okay, mostly.  We weren't actually wrestling, but his paw did come up and hit me in the belly button a few times.  Not cool.

Look at his vicious eyes!  They always look like that when he's on his side.

Levi, being nonchalant again.

My cute parents, talking to the dog.

Grandmother, acting like she's looking at my parents or Levi.  She's really just looking away from me.

Gail and Mo.

They're cute together.

They're actually friends.

I would just like to say that I really appreciate how these new energy-efficient capture all the crappiness of florescent lights and still provide inadequate lighting for picture-taking.  Amazing!

Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, I'm in your face, Dad.  Can I take a picture?  Can I stand really close?  Whatcha doing?  Whatcha thinking about?  Are you going to help me carry my stuff to the car?  (Yes.)

Not pictured: Friday.  It was nice!  I couldn't sleep in, but I puttered around the house and ate leftovers.  I saw friends, did some Christmas shopping, saw more friends and had Starbucks, saw Mom and Laine at the bookstore, had even more Starbucks, crashed a little from all the caffeine, then went out and saw some friends for some borderline Christmas-like activities.

But this is Saturday!  We ate at Kierre's with about half my family, and then I did a little series of beautiful pictures of Laine and Cody outside of a store while Grandmother smoked, and Mom and Dad shopped inside.
I love pictures of Cody with my siblings.  Oh my goodness.

He made her laugh here.

They are confident that these are the best senior photos ever.

Oh, and here's Laine with me.

Ta da.  Sisters.

I made a wreath!  I actually spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening doing Christmas-y things to the house, but this is the only thing I remembered to take a picture of at the end of the day.  Cody was incredibly impressed.  No, really.

Then I came back to work to enjoy this on Monday.  There's a reason I don't talk about work a lot.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Update: 25 weeks

Hello!  I've been pregnant for 25 weeks!


Things are getting pretty real over here--I actually had to break down and get Cody to hang Christmas garland this weekend.  Neither of us were happy about it, but straddling the arms of a rocking recliner for Christmas decorations just didn't seem worth it.

Other things that happened this week:
  • Last Monday afternoon, I had my 24 week check-up and discovered that I was also supposed to be doing my glucose screening test that day.  I distinctly remember the doctor saying we would do that at 28 weeks, but I've been pretty certain and pretty wrong about a lot of things lately.  Score one for that stupid cliche, pregnancy brain.  Fine, I'm distracted right now.  Growing a baby and working and making holiday plans keeps me a little busy.  
  • BUT!  Score another one for the nurse who noticed my absolutely panic-stricken face, and said I could reschedule.  So: I will do the stupid blood sugar test thingy next Monday, after a day or so of little or no sugar.  Then they will draw blood.  Then I will ask Cody to make me cookies so I feel better.
  • Shush.
  • Other than my little freakout and a decade-long wait, the check-up was fine.  I'm still gaining a pound a week on average, my blood pressure is "good" (it's like the nurses think I don't know numbers), and the baby's heartbeat is "somewhere in the 130s."  The nurse-practitioner had a hard enough time listening to the beats because the baby kept changing positions and the doppler thingy would pick up her movements as big sounds.  Plus, at one point she kicked the doppler wand right off my belly.
  • Upon leaving, I was presented with a gold medal for housing the champion of the Baby Movement Olympics in her age and weight division.  
  • Fine, not really.  But everyone was satisfied with her movements and my size, and so we're both awesome.
  • We saw lots of friends, and nearly all of our family for the holidays and they think we're awesome as well.  Practically every member of my family was compelled to tell me how weird I look, and Laine poked, prodded, pushed, and generally harassed my belly in public on 2 separate days in an effort to get the baby to move so she could feel her.
  • The baby did not move much over the holidays!  She's so sneaky.  Jessi may have felt her squirm a little on Friday, but I think I either didn't leave her enough room to wiggle after everything I ate (Mom's theory), or she was hiding from all of the noise (my theory).  Also, babies don't like Laine.  I'd like to pretend this won't be a problem, but I will be having a daughter soon and she will be a baby.  Plus, Laine wants to hang out with her a lot, and it doesn't help matters that every other person in our family gets along just great with babies.  
  • Plus, Laine and I have been talking about the book Duncan and Dolores a lot lately.  And it's got me thinking.  Click here to have some girl read the book to you.  The message is ..... prophetic?
  • Oh brother.
  • Moving on: "Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. Her weight — a pound and a half — isn't much more than an average rutabaga, but she's beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat. As she does, her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and she'll start to look more and more like a newborn. She's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture." (Source.)
  • A baby rutabaga of my very own!?!?!  Thrilling.  I can't wait to see what color her hair is.  A pound and a half is huge!  I used a calculator to guess this, but that means that nearly 13% of the weight I've gained is the baby.  Look at her!  Such a big chunk.
  • Sometimes I wake up and the baby moves a lot and it makes it hard to fall back asleep.  Awesome.
  • And sometimes I need help rolling myself off of the couch, or getting off the floor quickly.  Or maybe I'm just tired because I wake up a lot and fall back asleep less, and because I've been getting a lot of exercise this weekend because of Christmas decorating (squatting is hard, y'all).
  • I'm staying active.  Yay?
  • I stub my toes on everything.  My feet have grown, and my center of gravity has changed, and now I ram my feet into everything.  But I haven't fallen yet, so that's nice.
  • The grandparents-to-be are patiently waiting for Christmas, when the baby will definitely be moving enough for people to feel.
  • Laine wants me to come to her house this weekend, in the hopes that it will happen then.
Okay, here are some pictures!

Just a refresher: this is me at 15 weeks.

And this is me last Wednesday, at 24.5 weeks!  I can't imagine what kind of difference another 2 months will make.

This is me on Thanksgiving with Mo, who was moderately impressed.

And this is me at mostly 25 weeks with Laine, who was really impressed! 

Alternate caption:
Laine: Jen?
Jen: Yes?
Baby: Oh brother.

This baby has some exciting adventures ahead of her.  

I can't wait.