Monday, August 31, 2009

New toy

So: is supercool.

Here's a lovely picture of Cody.

Here's a lovely picture of Cody that's a bit much.

Here's a lovely picture of Cody superlight.

And you have the Polaroid option for every filter.
Because the site's by Polaroid.

Simply beautiful....

....and lots of fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy list

It's Friday, the weekend is very nearly here, and I'm thinking about all kinds of things that make me smile.

Here are some of those things:

1. I'm pretty much dressed like a man. And I look great.

2. My allergies were nasty yesterday, so I camped out on my couch for the entire day. I slept, I read, I watched a movie, and I looked like trash. I was thoroughly unproductive, and then Cody brought me some Starbucks. It was a lovely sick day, and now I feel tons better.

3. Kristin McMurry's etsy store. I don't even know this person! But Laine knows a relative of hers, or they worked together once, or something. It's not important. What's important is that her stuff is supercool and candy is predominately featured in her work.

4. Candy.

5. Cake.
Cakes I've helped make.

Cakes others have made.
(No matter how creepy this may seem, I love this picture!
And yes, the birthday girl did get an Elmo eyeball. How special!)

Cakes you buy.

And ice cream cake and cupcakes!

6. The menu for this website:

Is that not the happiest thing ever?! It has birds, it has color, and it's pretty. Instant happiness!

7. The way peach slices and blueberries look together. So pretty. I'm eating them now. Also, I wanted the list to seem good and biblical, so I just had to have a seventh item.

I hope you have a lovely, superhappy weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In case you need to know what I'm thinking about right now

This is a picture I took one lovely Saturday afternoon of Cody's mom's pear tree.

Last week, I was walking from the dining room to the hallway that leads to the bedroom when Cody jumped out from nowhere (okay, the kitchen) blocked the entryway with his massive body and said, in the most ominous and urgent monotone possible,

"Did you know blueberries can help you see in the dark."

Just like that. No question mark at the end or anything.

I burst out laughing. And then snorted for a few minutes after that.

Cody was offended.

"You know, I found that out today and I thought it was interesting and I thought you might want to know that. I'm sorry my wanting to share this knowledge with you seems so funny. Glad you find that hilarious."

I didn't start snorting while laughing until I went to college. It's like I hit a new environment and my allergies changed and something inside my head shifted and nothing's been quite right since. It was quite handy, really.

If you want to be considered really cool, plop yourself into an environment where you know almost no one and be the kid who snorts when she laughs.

Boys will line up around the block to date you after that.

My snack for today is peaches and blueberries.

I'm currently reading The Luddites: Machine-Breaking in Regency England by Malcolm Thomas. I love it.

Last night, Cody smashed lots of grapes while I prepared our snacks for today and swept all the floors and rearranged some furniture. We froze the juice and will use it to make two batches of grape jelly at our convenience. Cody is excited and mentioned something last night about being able to eat PB&J sandwiches for weeks on end.

Cody seems concerned with having enough food to last for a certain event these days. He did a little volunteering at the farmer's market this past weekend and got to help himself to some extras that were leftover. That's where the grapes came from. He also brought home some potatoes.

That afternoon, we talked about the extra produce and I swear to you this is pretty much how it happened.

"We've got enough potatoes to last a lifetime. We could survive a famine. Our own potato famine."*

And then I think he fell asleep.

He says he has no memory of this.

However, he also has no memory of when we purchased our car.

The year was 2006, if you're curious.

I think that's all I have to say. I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

*No, it's not really that much. Maybe 2 lbs.

Update: I am also crocheting a scarf for myself and I feel really awesome about it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just one more thing

One year ago today:

  • I woke up to this
  • And was still freaking out about this
It's still on my list of One of the Best Things Ever. Seriously.

Last weekend

I realized a while ago that I don't tell you about my weekends anymore. I'm not sure why I stopped, but I did.

Our weekends consist of usually doing the same thing over and over: see one or both of the families, maybe see some friends, buy some groceries, do some housecleaning, maybe take a nap.

Blah blah blah.

But last weekend was nice. It wasn't particularly eventful or productive, but it was a lovely weekend after a strange and stressful week.

Here are the only things that really stuck in my mind:
  • I wore dresses and felt pretty.
  • We went to the family restaurant and saw about half of Cody's family.
  • We had Sunday dinner with Cody's family
  • We both go to hold baby Egan, who tried to eat Cody's glasses
  • We slept in and took naps
  • On Saturday evening, I woke Cody up and we walked down to this bridge that goes over the train tracks and took some pictures

And then I apparently had some difficulty with the end of this roll of film.
Here's Cody, being handsome and looking over the railing at some trains.
You know, just being bearded and husky and thoughtful....

....and there's our newly repaired kitchen sink drain on the left.
Just pretend it's artistic.

I still feel happy just thinking about.
It was the perfect summery weekend.

August 7: Jessi's birthday party

So: a few Fridays ago, a bunch of us got together for Jessi's birthday. We had a superlovely dinner at Carino's and then headed back to the boy house. Sarah and Robert attended the dinner, but not the after-party (it wasn't really an after-party, but I want to call it that) because they had to get back to their baby. When that kid is big enough to eat cake, we're going to party with him like there's no tomorrow.

Anyway, after we made Jessi drive around for a while so that Brook could hang a banner and get the bubble machine going for a grand entrance (Jeff owns two), the after-party (humor me) began.

Jeff is interviewing Jessi with his favorite questions from Inside the Actors' Studio.
I would also like to point out all the original artwork on the mantle.

While Jessi answered personal questions about her dreams and goals and gave our stomachs a chance to settle, I iced and decorated this cake.
Jessi got to pick the color of icing.
And then, of course, we had to take some photos.
The boys just had these party hats laying around.
I don't know if you knew, but Cody hates me.
Or his life.
Or Bert and Ernie.
I hope not. I love Bert and Ernie.
They're my favorite Sesame Street characters.

Even though Jessi received some amazing presents (we got her not one, but two dictionaries! I know you're kicking yourself for not having thought of that. Bummer.), Brad won.
It wasn't a contest, but he won.
Yes, she's wearing a horned Viking helmet.
The Guitar Hero controller just seemed like the thing to do.
Well played, sir.

I don't know what to say about this picture.
It makes me feel funny inside.
So we'll skip it.
(Jarrett shouldn't be a Viking. I don't like it.)

And here's the cake!

I think I forgot to have a piece.
It was a great birthday party.

I love birthday parties!

August 1: Sara's birthday party

This is the Saturday before Sara's birthday.

We went out to Romance and had a nice day with our parents and Chad's parents.

For whatever reason, I have no pictures of all the corn that was shucked, boiled, blanched, and ladled into freezer bags.


Here is Sara's birthday spread.

This is a lovely photo.
Cody and I made cupcakes and Laine bought an ice cream cake.
The paper around the edging was edible.
We all poked it.
That's Sara's finger in the corner.

She really did like the cake.
And it was delicious.

This family loves card games.
They played several round of Skip-Bo.

Well, this didn't turn out.
Chad's mom trounced everyone.

We eventually got dressed up and went to the Rambler.
Three generations of loveliness.

Dad, we need to try again.
If there has ever been a day when I was more not-cute, I need you to not tell me about it.

After dinner, we loitered in the parking lot and took pictures.
Newlywed birthday!

Um, then Robert stepped in a puddle and we all had to look at it.
I think Laine's just reviewing the pictures on her camera.
Or she took a picture.
I think Cody took this.
We look awkward and I don't know why he didn't zoom in closer.
Oh well.
I would like to point out that Sara, like Levi,
does not actually touch the people she hugs in pictures.
Look behind me.

I can't decide if this is cute, or horrific.

Cody always acts like it's no big deal to pick me.

This is a fantastic picture.

They're dancing.
Feud over.

These are the only pictures I took in July

Sad story: I didn't take many pictures in July.

I may have taken more, but I got several pictures of just blurs across black backgrounds.

But I probably didn't take many pictures in July.

As much as I like to complain about disliking our new place, I'm going to try to stay there for as long as possible.

Moving is terrible.

But the bright spot in my month was on July 4, when Cody and I went up to Oklahoma to see the Miami family.

Unfortunately, I apparently used the manual focus.

And I apparently needed to update my glasses.

Lesson learned.



Here we are at Carl and Shirley's for Mamaw's birthday!
Her great-granddaughters made the cake.
German chocolate.
It was delicious.

Here's Carl

and here's Shirley.
I love Carl and Shirley.
You can't help but love descendants of Mamaw and E.A.
We stayed at their house for a good long while and ate ice cream and visited while Mamaw and E.A. took naps back at their house.
After a while, we went over to visit.

And then, out of nowhere, someone knocks on the door and Mamaw goes to answer it and I hear a familiar voice asking, "Do you have some of my babies here?!"
Hi, Mom and Dad!
They were also visiting Miami family.
Dad was letting Mozart stretch his legs in the back yard.
Mamaw and E.A. were enthralled.
Sometimes E.A. uses oxygen.
He's either watching television, or we're still having our conversation about the merits of owning small dogs.
And big ones.

Oh Mamaw, I love you.
I also love your shirts.

I also love your house.
This is the superawesome light in their entryway.

This is the bed in the guest bedroom, where I always slept when I'd visit.
Mamaw made the quilt for Terri.
Sara saw this picture last night, and wanted the quilt.
Me too!
I recognized a lot of the fabric in it.
I spied some doll outfit remnants.

It kills me that this is blurry.
Shirley did those two paintings (sketches?), and this is the wall opposite the bed.
I love waking up and seeing this wall with sunlight all over the place.

Here's how I always remember it:
There's a box fan on, and a train whistle in the distance, and birds singing somewhere in the backyard.
And Mamaw is waking me up so we can go do things like eat at the donut shop or volunteer at the hospital or go to the library or learn how to work her sewing machine.

I love visiting Mamaw.
I need her house in Heaven to be a lot like this.