Friday, October 26, 2007

Sister Hair

Here are some pictures of our hair. Because we don't have scanner-crazy parents, a lot of pictures of our early (bangs/mullet/curling iron [respectively]) years haven't made it to any computers. God is merciful. But here it is! Sorry this is going to take so long to load, Mom.

Jen and Laine. This is the only known photo on the Internet of Jen with bangs.Jen and the standard messy ponytail/bun.
Braids. Yes, braids.
Jen: not known for having particularly great hair, she opts to cover it up.
Standard ponytail. Keeps hair out of the way when protecting books.
College hair.
Present day: longish, flat, and pulled partially back.
"Formal" ponytail for Laine's wedding.
Jen's wedding hair.
Jen's wedding hair from the side. Again, if you don't like your hair, a veil makes for a nice cover/distraction.
Head tie.
Head tie 2.
Recovering from a traumatically short haircut in winter 2004. Everyone said the hateful haircut looked great, but since Jen thought it didn't look like her, she hated it even more. Her dear friend Spidey always cheered her up, though.
Laine: curly, brownish-blond and short. Jen: curly, blond, longish, and flat by comparison.
Dark, with sidebangs, and apparently plagued by humidity.
The dreadlocks experiment.
Dark, longish, and curly.
Laine's wedding hair.
Laine's wedding hair from the side. Approximately 268 bobby pins were sacrificed so that she would look fabulous on her special day. We won't even talk about the hairspray.
Straightened, layered, nearly black on the bottom, and newly-engaged in this photo.
Whoa! Flashback with frizzy pigtails!!! Bet you didn't see that one coming, did ya? Wow.
Laine, scaring Leah with her pompadoriedness.
Laine with the aforementioned short, brownish, and curly. Sara with the superbleached look she gets at the end of the summer.
This is the longest her hair's been in a while. Yes, this is her natural color.
Laine and Sara with short, straightened, and pinned back hair for Jen's wedding. Levi the Brother looks quite sharp, also.
Sara, with dark streaks underneath. She made the crown and the headband work for her on her birthday.
2004? Some time between the spikey hair and the fluffy/spikey hair.
Rocking the two tones, a headband, and some backcombing for Laine's wedding.
Side view.
A good shot of the two tones. This also highlights those odd pieces of hair in front of her ears that she insists on keeping.
Not the best picture of the spikiness, but it's pretty good.
Her standard Pebbles ponytail.
All 3 girls, lightest to darkest.
Looking really different.
Our standard looks.
Jen, still recovering from the haircut. Laine with blackish parts underneath (it doesn't show up too well here). And Sara, with some reddish tones.
Looking really different, but equally odd and terrible. This picture stayed on top of the piano for far too long.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jen and Laine: Compare and Contrast

We share siblings...
and parents....
and field trip destinations, along with a love of books that borders on obsessive and dorky...
we also share Square Book t-shirts like the ones being modeled here.
But we have different tastes in jewelry....
and flower girls (Laine's is above. Jen's is below.)

We posed the same, but the end result was pretty different.
I may not have picked the best pictures to highlight this fact, but we are married to very different men.
Robert, husband of Laine, with a rice steamer. Cody, husband of Jen, with a sandwich maker.

Next time, I think I should just do a montage of how great Cody and Robert look with beards. And how all the girls in our family have pretty different hair styles (I really wish I had access to some older pictures.)