Friday, February 26, 2010

Bert and Ernie are brothers

This is me:

I was 2 or 3. I've always liked to read until I fall asleep. Please notice that I'm reading about Bert and Ernie.

Laine and I had a lot of Bert and Ernie stuff growing up. We always thought they were brothers. We told Robert this once and he said, "They don't look anything alike and they're completely different people! Why would you think they're brothers?"

We looked at him.

The look was a lot like this:

How could such opposites be anything but brothers?!

Our lives are practically parallel with theirs:
  • we had to live together against our will
  • one is cheerful and one is grumpy
  • one is darker
  • one is orderly and the other seems a little out of control
  • one sticks to cool tones and the other can wear warm tones
  • one likes loud music and having friends over and parties and the other likes fowl
I don't think I have to really spell it out for you who is who, but here's a fun comparison:

And, please notice the presence of Ernie in the crib. We had two sets of Bert and Ernie dolls. Laine pulled the felt eyes off of all of them. It was very sad, and I remain very cranky about it. When I bring this up, she laughs at me.

They're definitely brothers.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look at this

I know it's a little hard to see in the first one, but compare the pictures:

October 2009

January 2010

The boy has grown at least 2 inches in about 3 months.

No spend, week 3

We have completed Week 3 of the no-spend adventure and here's how things are looking:

Last Wednesday: $0

Thursday: $0

Friday: $7.39

I went to Subway with Ateca and paid $4.39 for a sandwich and then gave her 50¢ for the parking meter since she'd been kind enough to show me where the Duggars live.

That night, I went to the restaurant, showed people the pictures of the Duggars' home on my camera and ate a bacon cheeseburger and left a $3 tip.

Saturday: $30 (or thereabouts)
Cody bought a frozen pizza and a gallon of milk for $5 or $6.

We went to the grocery store that night and spent $24.05 on ground beef, another frozen pizza, peanut butter, lunch meat, pears, oranges, and a big tub of yogurt.

Sunday: $0

Monday: $20

Sigh. Things were going so well. We'd bought an ample amount of groceries for the week and Cody was going to make some casserole for dinner so I could have enough leftovers for my lunch for the rest of the workweek.

But then I was leaving work and Cody called and said that Jeff asked us if we wanted to eat. Since things had been going so well I thought it couldn't hurt to use the debit card for this and have a nice evening.

But by the end of the evening, I learned that Cody texted Jeff, then asked if he wanted to eat, and then lied about a couple of other things.

So. I went ahead and removed $20 from the coffee cup and replaced Cody's wallpaper on his phone with a picture of me frowning and holding a sign that reads "LIARS BURN IN HELL" with some flames on it.

Why am I dragging our tiff into the no-spend post? Because I'm so stinking honest and honesty is important to me.

Blegh. Anyway....

Tuesday: $4.99

I spent $3.23 on decongestants and Cody spent $1.32 on stamps.

So there you are: a complete Week 3!

The total for the week is $62.43 (dang it) and the total for the month is $157.65.

I'm not mad at Cody any more (mostly), but I am irritated that I'm spending money on another Subway sandwich today because we don't have any leftovers and I didn't have time to make myself a peanut butter sandwich this morning.

Actions have consequences (beyond my crazy amounts of rage).

Full disclosure part of the post:

Cody used the debit card to get a haircut last weekend because it's not a normal expense (he gets one every 2 months, maybe), and I've been going to the laundromat with 'outside' money.

Also, I have 2 social things this weekend that I've been planning on doing for months. The first one is a girl event with girl friends and arts and crafts and eating out. The second is the Flower and Garden Show and admission is $8. I'll be using the debit card for both.

These are expenses we anticipated and they're special cases, so I don't feel too bad about bending the no-spend.

On Monday, I'll give you the final post!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well. There you go.

I really have nothing to say to you.

I know that sounds hostile, but it isn't meant to be. I've just run out of things to say and pictures to show you.

I considered tossing something out about seeing you next week and leaving it at that, but didn't.

So you get links.

Here is a link with pretty pictures of pretty quilts.

Here is a link to a project I will most likely never try, but it made me smile nonetheless.

Here is a link to a post about postcards with pretty yarn.

I was going to give you a link to a clip of Mary Jo on Designing Women telling Charlene how to put on underwear while pregnant because it's stinking hilarious and then I was going to tell you I once re-enacted it at a friend's baby shower.

I was counting on the fact that she'd seen the clip before.

But she hadn't.

I guess I had at least one story for you.

I hope you remember the episode.

Edit: I couldn't talk about Designing Women without giving you some kind of link. So here's this one. I love it. It's everyone favorite for a reason, and as I rewatched it I laughed.

And then cried.

And then laughed some more.

And recommitted myself to my nearly lifelong dream of being Julia Sugarbaker when I grow up.

The End.

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is what I looked like just 10 minutes ago.

I finally found a way to get cheese off a grater! Lemon.

Run tons of hot water over the cheesy grater until it's soft. Then get a lemon slice and start scrubbing. Ta da!

Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada should sponsor us.

Cody and I walked to the library on Saturday and I took these pictures from the bridge.

Then we took the pedestrian bridge back and I took this picture.

Laine emailed me this morning to say that she and Robert were quitting the no-spend.

Cody and I are still faring pretty well.

I miss Starbucks!

The scrounging is still yielding some fun results, though. We ate cabbage for dinner on Saturday night, just to get rid of the cabbage we had in the fridge, and enjoyed it. Cody also found some hot cereal somewhere in the back of the cabinet, and he's been enjoying that for a few days.

We have a lot more tea than I thought we did.

I'm eating Hamburger Helper right now.

In 6 days, I'll probably get some Starbucks and Cody will get some comics.

Psh. Comics.

Which reminds me of this:
Which brings me to two points:
1. Cody has trimmed down since this was taken (Feb. 2008). The man's looking fit!
2. One time, we were watching The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was wearing this shirt.

I can summon no words after a point like that. So.

I hope you had a nice weekend.

The End.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy list of one happy thing

Happy Friday! I'm about to tell you a really happy story.

On Tuesday night, Ateca called me. Ateca is a friend, and a former co-worker, and we love all things Duggar and skirts. She emails me updates about the show since I don't have cable and we wear dresses and skirts on Wednesdays in honor of what she has termed Duggar Wednesday Skirt Day.

If you are not observing DWSD, I would like to take this moment and demand that you do so. It's a great way to brighten up your week. We've had some incredibly fun times with it.

So Ateca called me on Tuesday night at 8:10 (I checked the time), and I was concerned because she's only called me at home one other time, and I knew she was watching 19 Kids and Counting. I tensely answered the phone.

"I know where the Duggars live!!!" she yelled.

Oh man.

In case you haven't been paying as close attention as some of us, the Duggars have temporarily moved to Little Rock to be near their newest baby, who is in the NICU at UAMS. This past Tuesday's episode featured the Duggars' move into a home they were renting for their time here.

This house just so happens to be across the street from where Ateca works. She's been parking her car 20 feet from their front yard.

Stop reading now if you're creeped out by our love of the Duggars or adventures.

Okay, Ateca knew that once she knew how close she was to living, breathing Duggars, she would have to show me their lair.

Guess what we did on my lunch break.


And now, the pictures:

Ateca is so excited!
Don't worry, we're stopped at a red light.

The Duggar house!
It's probably a really good thing that it's gated.

My face, after witnessing Duggar greatness.
I am not creepy at all.

This is the other side!

This is me taking a picture of Ateca taking a picture!

We are on the street right next to their house,
and this is Ateca's work building!

This is Ateca's car, in its normal parking spot,
with the Duggars (possibly dozens of them!) in the background!

The weird thing is that she's never seen any kids out in the yard, although now that she knows to look for them she spotted a tricycle in the driveway yesterday, and another one of her coworkers said she only saw them the first week they moved in.

But the important thing is that Ateca is really, superclose to the Duggars. They're practically neighbors! Creepy, overly excited neighbors.

I want you to know we stayed in the car the whole time, until we got out of the car and I took that picture up there, and then Ateca showed me her new office.

Then we grabbed lunch and went back to my office and she visited with everyone and I made them look at the pictures on my camera.

Sidenote: Having a digital camera is awesome.

I know you're really happy I have one right about now.

And in case you're disappointed that this story is a little less hardcore than what you were expecting, let me apologize for not jumping the fence and asking them to adopt me.

And let me offer up this picture with a side of not-quite-joking creepiness:

This is a house next door to the Duggars. It is for sale. It's really big and probably several hundred thousand dollars out of my price range. Go in with me on this house. Let's all be Duggar neighbors.

It's funny to me anyway

Okay, I know I said last time that I would post a happy list, but I'm holding off so that I can (I hope) put 'saw the Duggars' house' on there after lunch. In the meantime, enjoy a funny post.

Maybe He Could Just Walk with a Cane

Levi: Do you think I'd look more distinguished if I smoked a pipe?
Mom: Baby, you used to be asthmatic. Remember?
Jen: What would you put in it--bubbles?!
Levi: Maybe.

Cody Does Not Get It, Part I
Jen: Shirley sent me this sweet thank-you card with a kitten on it!
Cody: Did it say "Hang in there?"
Jen: No. It wasn't that kitten. This one was cute and looking down. Like maybe it was thinking of Jesus and gratitude. I need to write her a thank-you note back.
Cody: Wait....
Jen: This is how we do things in this family! Hush.
Cody: You're going to write a thank-you note, thanking her for the note she sent you, thanking you for writing notes.
Jen: Yes.

Cody Does Not Get It, Part II (30 seconds of laughter later)
Jen: Stop laughing at me!
Cody: Fine.
Jen: I am not crazy!
Cody: I didn't say that. [smiles]
Jen: You're thinking it, aren't you?!
Cody: I'm going to take a shower.

Hi, Why Don't You Have a Seat Over There?
Jeff: I miss chatrooms.

Merry Christmas!
Clint: So you guys are pretty hardcore now, right?
Spencer: I guess so.
Jen: They kill babies. You know.
Spencer: Yeah, we do do that sometimes.
Jen: He keeps the jacket on to cover his tattoos. He's also a white supremacist.
Spencer: It happens.

Laine: I think we'll have to skip class because I don't think we can all get ready in time.
Jen: Yay!
Laine: Jen doesn't like Sunday school. She hates church.
Jen: No! Just Sunday school.
Laine: People are going to want to meet y'all.
Robert: I'll be like, "I don't know the little girl with the bad attitude."

On the Drive Home from Worship Services Only
Laine: I keep seeing firefly stuff everywhere and it looks so trashy! I even see tattoos of it and it just looks so trashy. Like cherries.
Jen: Do you mean dragonflies?
Laine: Yes.
Jen: So, if I got a tattoo of Evinrude from The Rescuers, would you hate that? Because I think it would be cute.
Laine: I guess if you got the detailing right...
Jen: With the turtleneck and the mustache and everything...
Laine: That would be cute then. [Makes tire squealing noises as she takes a corner]
Cody: You should slow down.

Levi: Jen, frying is magic.

This is Funnier if You Can Hear His Accent
Sara: Well, I was going to get this purse but then I saw this other one that I thought I'd want. But Chad helped me pick out this one.
Chad: Yup, I did!
Sara: The other one was blue and it had lighter blue on it...
Chad: And I said, "Sara, just get the black one. Black goes with everything. Trust me." And that's what she did.

Where Are Our Flying Cars?!
Jen: I don't know if I could fight with my glasses off.
Jessi: You could take them off.
Jen: I know. It's like the nerd version of taking off earrings, but then I can't see.
Jessi: Someday, Jen, technology will come up with a way that you can fight and battle and hit people without your glasses and still be able to see.
Jen: You mean like contacts?
Jessi: No. Not contacts. Something different.

Not that Kind
Anna: Is anyone going to see Avatar?
People: No.
Anna: But I thought you guys were nerds!

Terms of Endearment
Jen: Hey, Cody, change your gloves.
Cody: Maybe.
Jeff: Wait, did he just call you 'baby'?!
Jessi: [chokes on drink]

Religious Dialogue
Lainey: When you wrote "He told me he was mature for his age. I told him he was Catholic" that was the funniest thing ever.
Jen: What, he is Catholic!?
Mrs. Dicy: That's a good thing!
Jen: You're right. He could've been Baptist.
Mrs. Dicy: Hey, Rick was Baptist when we got married!
Jen: But then you made him be Catholic.
Mrs. Dicy: He wised up.

Please Don't
Jason: I've always wanted to fall asleep behind the wheel, but I'm too afraid of what might come next.

They Were Too Big Anyway
Laine: So I saw this article for these gloves you can wear when you're running and they cut the thumb and the pointer finger so you can work your iPod when you run. But I didn't want to pay for them so I found this pair of ugly fleece gloves and did it.
Jen: That's cool.
Laine: Yeah, they were these Liz Clairborne fleece gloves. I don't even know where they came from! Who would wear that?
Jen: Those were mine!
Laine: [laughs hysterically]
Jen: They were a Christmas gift from Mom one year.
Laine: Do you want them back?

Empathy is for Other People
Jen: Yeah, maybe he's just janitoring to pay the bills until he sells some of his art.
Ateca: See, you were good at being encouraging!
Jen: Thank you. I knew a lot of girls in college who were self-deluding and liked encouragement for their romantic interests. Or it was a plot on Girlfriends.
Ateca: Okay, see there? Why do you do that?! Why ya gotta crush my dreams?!
Jen: It's just what I do! I crush everyone's dreams. I'm sorry.
Ateca: I don't even know why I called you.
Jen: I don't either.
Ateca: I'm going to go make Spencer and Casey be my friends now.

A Very Special Three-Part Series

No, Part I.
Lynn: Jen, are you with baby?
Jen: No, Lynn. I am dehydrated and I wear unflattering tops.

No, Part II.
Jen: Your salad looks disgusting. I feel sick. I think I'm going to throw up.
Spencer: [raises an eyebrow suspiciously]
Jen: No.
Spencer: [raises both eyebrows higher]
Jen: No!
Spencer: [shrug]
Jen: No.

No, Part III. The End. Please Drop it.
Reta: [whispers] Are you expecting?
Jen: No, I got stung by a wasp.
Reta: Oh, I was hoping you were coming in late because of morning sickness.
Jen: No. I'm on a lot of Benadryl and was trying to get in to see the doctor. [holds up hand] But he can't see me until this afternoon. I'm leaving in the afternoon, by the way.
Reta: I just thought it would be so neat if you were having a baby.
Jen: No. Just a steroid shot. Thanks.

Four-year-old Dallas
Dallas: I'm going to ask my mom and dad for a grappling hook for my birthday or Christmas.
Jen: You cannot have a grappling hook!
Dallas: [Some character on a show or movie] has one.
Jen: They're fictional. And older.
Dallas: How old do you have to be? Like, 8? Or 10?!

Alana: Glitter always wins. Always.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In which I am overcaffeinated and nonsensical.

Earlier today, my cute and sweet friend Alana wrote this cute and sweet post about how, in a nutshell, her marriage is much cuter and sweeter than mine.

I mean, she didn't say it in so many words.....or any of those words.

But I got the message: she and Travis are an amazing example of mature and loving--yet fun!--couple that can spend nearly every waking moment together and be perfectly okay with it.

Most people need space. Cody and I are those kinds of people.

We miss each other when we don't get to see each other, but we really, really enjoy our time apart. I once went on vacation with our friends while he stayed at home for work.

I once went to a concert in another state while he stayed at home for no real reason at all.

I also go to a lot of parties without him.

And dinners with friends.

And he seems okay with that. Because when we are together in our little house with our mutual activities, we're all over each other.

Not in that way.

We're just usually talking, following each other from one room to the next, and I have a near-compulsive need to touch Cody. Seriously, I cling to that guy like some monkey in those attachment trials. It's probably a little sad.

I slap his stomach a lot. He does not seem to appreciate that.

But I spend all day at work, where I am absolutely not allowed to pat people on the head, and it's nice when Cody comes home and we can tell each other mundane details and I can grab him by the face to make sure he's paying rapt attention to every word I utter.

Sometimes he needs help paying attention.

Like last night: I was telling him a story that someone had told me and I didn't care, and as I was relaying the story to him, he cut me off and muttered, "I don't care. You know what? Don't tell me."

I laughed hysterically. He sounded so disgusted that it was just too funny. At the same time, I was thinking about how horrified some people would be if they heard him say it out of context. (It won't be making my funny out-of-context list any time soon.)

Most of what I put on here is sweetness and light and Cody-is-soooo-cute because the things I want to have digital records of are mostly sweetness and light and humor and events that reflect how fantastically blessed I am. And Cody is soooo cute. See?

But there are times (probably more often than he lets on) when he is patiently waiting for me to be distracted by an arts and crafts project while I chatter on and on and try to imagine what kind of beards our possible-future children would have and he's nodding and smiling, and this is what's really going on:

You may have already guessed.

Yes. Because I am incredibly annoying. And after a week like this one, in which I have felt crazy and sleep-deprived and awkward and completely unlovable, I have been in rare (even for me) annoying form. But throughout this week, with the exception of that story neither of us cared about, Cody has been really nice and I am always impressed by his niceness.

It takes a special man to appreciate all this:

And I love him a lot for it. As in, for our six-year anniversary I (somewhat jokingly) wanted to do a picture slide show of us set to Nickelback's "Never Gonna Be Alone" (really, I am listening to it right now--on repeat--and feeling incredibly moved) except

  1. Cody doesn't really like pictures, picture-taking, when I talk about pictures, decorate with pictures, use money to pay for picture development, or anything to do with pictures
  2. Cody doesn't like Nickelback. The song came on once when we were in the car together and he just drove and snickered while I belted this out and may or may not have made a lot of Celine Dion gestures and emotional facial expressions.

In light of how much Cody dislikes some of my very favorite things, don't you love him even more?! Of course you do. Everyone who reads this loves Cody, even when they've never met him. There are lots of reasons for this:
  1. I vowed to avoid saying negative things about him online. So for you, it's like yesterday's messy kitchen never happened.
  2. I deliberately say lots of nice things about Cody because I think he's great and want you to know how great he is because sometimes people don't get to know him very well and/or seem to think I don't appreciate his awesomeness.
  3. I never call home and this blog is a nice way to keep my family updated on my life. Cody is a big part of my life.
  4. Cody is weird. His life is pretty much a collection of weird stories and interesting mishaps. I do love good stories.
  5. When I write things about Cody, and the notes import to Facebook, people comment on them. I like this. Again with the need for attention.
I've told him all this before and he just rolls his eyes and says, "People have no idea what goes on in our house." Well, of course not!

Do you think I'm going to share the heartfelt message in this Valentine?

I am not. And not just because I seem to have misplaced it. I am keeping this treasure all to myself. It is sweet and moving and exactly what I wanted him to say, and he probably knew that and that's probably why he did it. And those notes are from My Morning Jacket's "I Will Sing You Songs," which we played for our recessional music in our wedding.* Short of proposing, it's probably the most overtly romantic gesture he's ever made.

Cody is not about the overt. He does things like trash the kitchen so I can enjoy home-cooked meals, listen to all of my stories, and suffer through my narration of pictures I get developed even if he was present when I took the actual picture. Oh, and a fun fact about this one:

Every time I wear this sweatshirt, he tells me I look really great in that sweatshirt.


Yes. The man does a lot with his 'small' gestures.

This post doesn't really have a point. I just wanted to link to Alana's blog because she's a lovely girl and I enjoy her extraordinary marriage. I wanted to make sure you get the chance to read at least one post by a non-caffeinated, rational, awesome wife today.

Because you definitely weren't going to get that from me.

Tomorrow: a happy list!

*If you ever get the chance to play something with lots of reverb in a chapel, I strongly encourage you to do so!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No spend, week 2

So. I guess it's time for a no-spend adventure! update.

We've completed Week 2 of attempting to not spend any money, and we really haven't spent that much.

Wednesday: I spent $20 on gas.

Thursday: Cody remembered to take back a rental to Blockbuster. I didn't ask him what it cost. Maybe he some money in his wallet already. I spent $5 at Kierre's.

Friday: Cody had a crazy day at work and went to Starbucks because two women had given him a $6 tip that night. Yes, you can apparently tip your cook. Or I guess you can if your cook is Cody. He will happily take your money. Anyway, he took his $6 to Starbucks and ordered a venti something.

But then he got it for free because they messed up his order somehow! Ta da!

So Friday: $0.

Saturday: Cody spent his $6 on sugar and milk.

Sunday: $0.

We exchanged homemade Valentines (I've bought enough card stock to last the year a few weeks ago for about $8), made baked goods for each other, and mooched pizza off Mrs. Dicy.

Monday: I'm going to round it up to $5. Cody spent less than a dollar on tomatoes, but when I found out what he was making for dinner, I cried. What was he making? Something I'd asked him to make. Be quiet. We had a frozen pizza.

I wondered whether we should run out for frozen pizza when we had plenty of other food in the house, but it was a good decision. Pizza is so excellent. And, this time, on sale.

Tuesday: $0.

We spent roughly $36 in our second week!

I know I've probably done the math completely wrong, but for now I'm really excited with us.

Next week we'll probably have to make a 'real' trip to the grocery store for lunch meat and some canned vegetables, but we only needed milk this week. The sugar was an extra expense for Valentine's Day.

Add this to last week's tally, and we've spent $95.22. That puts us just under the halfway amount for our month's funds!

And there you have it!

You know, the usual. Part II

I checked, and it turns out I'm still lazy. Here are some more standard blog post things:
  • Borax (thanks, Brad!)
  • Felt
  • Glue gun
  • Scarves
  • Magazines
  • Pumpkins
  • Picture of the pumpkins

  • Someone said something funny
  • Friends
  • Dallas
  • Mamaw
  • Chickens
  • I was homeschooled
  • Laundry
  • Banners
  • Cody is a twin
  • My sisters have better hair
  • Caffeine!
  • This picture

  • Glasses
  • Growing things
  • Bread
  • Holidays
  • Love
  • Music
  • Library
  • Books
  • Barefoot
  • Granny squares
  • Yup

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You know, the usual

With what's left of my lunch break, I will now give to you the standard post:

  • It's winter
  • I am reading a book
  • Glitter
  • Family is important
  • No-spend
  • Here is a picture of something:

  • Something about food
  • I'm very short
  • My husband is great
  • Obligatory picture of the husband:

  • Arts and crafts
  • The Christmas tree is still up
  • Blog
  • Internet
  • Clean with vinegar!
  • Yarn
  • Martha Stewart
  • Humor
  • Lists (like this one)

The End

Jen walks away, dusting off her hands. "Yup, I cranked out another one!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy post-Valentine's Day!

Fun fact: I can fit a whole cupcake in my mouth. My parents are so proud.

I love Valentine-y food.

On Friday, I went to the boy house and we watched both versions (be impressed) of My Bloody Valentine and ate cupcakes and traded Valentines with friends.

This is my 'decorated' Valentine box.
(Felt hearts taped to a container I use to hold knitting needles.)
I'm just fancy like that, I guess.

My loot!
Not pictured: Brad's mix CD (because it was playing) and Jessi's mix CD (because I don't have it yet). I love songs about love!

Cody's Valentine for me.
I feel like I should explain, but won't.
Trust me, it's great.

Cody's present for me:

The best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

My Valentine for Cody.
(He doesn't like glitter.)

My present for Cody:
Banana nut bread.

It came from a Mayberry cookbook.
Mom let me take it with me when I got married.

Mostly because I killed a few pages with batter.

We went over to his mom's house and ate pizza on Valentine's Day.
Please notice the gold-dipped rose in the right corner of the picture.
Some old guy who comes into the restaurant a lot gave her that for Valentine's Day at least 4 years ago. I remember that Spencer was insanely fascinated by it at the time: "It's a rose dipped in gold! Why is no one else impressed with this?!" I mentioned it was, the same last night and Mrs. Dicy said she'd washed it off just the other day.

Ah, flowers you have to dust. What woman wouldn't be thrilled?

She also baked for us!


Um, and strawberry cupcakes.
Please don't look at my hair.
Just look at my huge nostrils instead.


I wish I'd taken a picture of their fridge--all 3 of my Valentines for Cody's family were up there. Very pretty.

I made one last year using this bird stamp:

only without the heart next to it, and above that I wrote "YOU ARE ALONE" and it lived on the fridge for months.

I have to brag, it's probably the greatest card I've ever made.

I was feeling pretty confident about this one:
I made it for Mom and Dad (get it? 2 big hearts/parents and 4 little hearts/offspring!) and thought it was really cute, but it kind of just looks like a monstrous robot face to me now.

I also made this for Sara and Chad:
only to have Sara ask "Where's the glitter?!"

Based on her reaction to their Christmas card, I thought she didn't like glitter.

"But I found out Chad Allen doesn't like glitter, so I was hoping this would have glitter on it."

I promised her a fantastically glittery Easter card.

I love Easter food.

And Easter decorations.

Only 5 more weeks until I can break out the glitter crafts again.


I'm already thinking about springtime decorations.

Easter eggs and baby chicks and live bunnies hanging from this garland:

Get excited.

I really enjoy holidays.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home tour: Sara and Chad

Feb. 7, 2010: The Sara and Chad residence.

(Sara's amazing t-shirt.
Our parents gave it to her.)

I like going to Sara and Chad's house. It has ample parking, a big porch, Sara and Chad--tons of good stuff.

I photographed some of the lovely things in the home.

This is their amazing pizza cooker.
They also had a Perfect Brownie pan.
I saw it in action.
It was amazing.

This one of their fish.

This is Zoe.

Here are Sara and Chad.
They were excited to see me.
Chad blinks a lot during pictures.
A whole lot.
Actually, he may be faking in this one.

These are some antlers next to Sara's wedding bouquet.
I really like this spot in the house.
At Christmas, Sara had ornaments hanging from the trim and they looked really cool with the antlers.

Sara likes turtles.

This is the skull of a snapping turtle.
It lives on top of the TV.

This is a lovely turtle on the coffee table.
It's so pretty! And you can remove its shell.

Oh look!
Here's this cute guy at Sara and Chad's.

He was too cute to leave there, so I took him home with me.
He was thrilled.


The End