Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last post for 2010

I will be away from computers tomorrow (yay!) and so I thought I'd tell you now that I hope you have a happy and safe New Year's.

I'll try to do a year in review post next week, once I've completely and fully experienced every last day of 2010.

Yup, that's the real reason I haven't done one yet.  I was waiting until the year was completely wrapped up or something.

Bye!  Have fun!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Christmas present: an update!

Hi!  Remember this post?

I do.

I'm sure you've been holding your breath in suspense ever since I posted it.  You were probably wondering who got what, what got left, and whether or not Cody got to keep the green scarf he so helpfully modeled for me.

I'm here to clear that up.

Whoa Nelly.

I'm realizing that there are a lot of scarves in this.

Still available.

Still available.

Still available.
Still available.

This became Alana's birthday present!  She's wearing it in her Christmas card photo!

I gave this to my supervisor as a going away present.  She offered to pay me.  I should have let her.

This was Laine's Christmas present!

This was Jessica's Christmas present!

This was Leah's Christmas present!

I'm so sorry, Leah.

This was Jessi's scarf!

This was Dicy's scarf!

This was Sara's scarf!  And her ear warmer, that she specifically asked I make for her.  Mamaw used to make a lot of these for us when we were little and no one enjoyed them more than Sara.  Um, I do what I can.

This was Mom's Christmas present!  Robert helped Laine pick out the yarn for me.
Gray wristwarmer: available.  Blue: Jessi's! Brown: Laine's!  Orange: Oh, hey...those are mine.
Yeah, alllll mine.

Not pictured: Alana's Christmas present scarf, Faith's scarf, and Brook's scarf (because she doesn't even have it yet!).

I stinking love making things with yarn.  I'm glad you like receiving things made of yarn.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas pictures

Family stockings.

The baby's Christmas stuff.
Ornaments on the front porch.  I glittered most of them myself.

Not even the mailbox was safe.

And my wreath again, because I love it so much.

Psh, mantels.  We don't need mantles!

Tree and presents.  It all looked so pretty in the sunlight.

My birthday cards!  Thanks!

My Paula Deen banner from Alana, Part I.

My banner, Part II.

Potted plants.

Christmas banner!  I love cards.

I attempted to take some pictures of myself but it was already too dark.

I still like this one, though.

And this is my favorite.  I had a nice Thursday off.

Christmas Eve: I made ornaments to go on family members' presents.

A lot of them wound up in Cody's car.  Whoops.  I just want you to know that this is Martha Stewart paper.

I made another coffee cup sleeve.

And wrapped up the scarf for Cody's mom.....

and went to eat Christmas Eve dinner and decorate cookies with Cody's family!

It's the second year for the tradition, and some people take it seriously.  Dicy pulled out paintbrushes this time.

Julie was pretty focused.

Spencer takes it pretty seriously.

Regan....maybe not so much.  PS: This is Regan!

Cody's aunt, Becky, works on her icing amounts while Spencer is distraught in the background.

Part II.

Cody did this, and then went to watch basketball on the couch with Casey and their uncle, Randy.  Then he fell asleep.

I did this one!

My mother-in-law is talented.

I think Becky did all of these.

Ta da!

Cookie decorating is fun.  Also, we ate a lot of them.

My mother-in-law's tree.  She went with a green theme this year.  I think last year was silver.

Then we opened presents and she gave all of us those dumb paddle balls that no one can work right, but everyone tries.  I waited until later to test mine out alone, but Casey is trying his out right now.  What you're seeing is Spencer getting excited about socks and underwear while Casey almost puts out his mom's eye with his paddle ball.

Then Spencer had to try his.

Then Dicy thought she could show Casey how to do it right.

Regan was probably really sad she didn't get one.

Cody couldn't be left out of the fun, either.  They all tried valiantly.

Aw, little Christmas scene.

Dicy decorated the fridge with pictures of Christmases past.  She went way back for some.

The boys' stockings.

My scarf was popular.  Both Dicy and Spencer were wearing it at different parts of the night.

We got some lovely gift baskets.  This is Cody's.  We each got gift cards and gum and candy and the coffee drinkers got travel mugs.  And, of course, those ball paddle things. 

One of the best pictures of Cody and Casey ever.

Those green ornaments.

She tried to send us home with these. Oh boy.

Christmas Day: Can you tell Cody wrapped my present himself?  I liked it.

Cody opening the ship in a bottle kit I found as a fun surprise.

My shirt and socks and dress.

Baby's first Christmas, somewhat.

Later in the morning, we had brunch with Cody's family.  Most of us played Christmas pictionary.  These losers just sat in the back and occasionally shouted out answers anyway.  The nerve of some people.


Add caption

Somehow, Cody and Casey and Spencer all wound up on a team together.  They used their psychic powers to guess things, because their drawing skills were not getting the point across.

All of the aunts were on the same team as well.  My team never stood a chance.

LOOK!  It's a picture of Cody drawing!!!!

And apparently the emcee thinks he's doing a bad job.  (He was.  Not even Casey could guess it.)

Egan was somewhat interested in our game.

Or at least interested enough that sometimes he would run up, scribble on the board while we shouted out guesses, and then his grandma would tell him he was done, and we'd all cheer.

Later in the day, we went out to Romance.  I got to play with the baby's doll.

But then Laine wanted to play and then Mom wanted to check her out.

Sara says she didn't know I was taking pictures.  I was.


Laine is making her thinking face.  Chad is making his creeper face.

Dad is very into Skip-Bo.

It was really very irresponsible of us to let her play with this.

Ta da!  Kids in front of the Christmas tree.

Laine said she wanted a picture of me in my natural habitat (with the big camera).


2. (Dad's favorite)


Matching sisters.

With the flash.

And without.

Look!  Cody and me together.  Um, matching.

Robert and me.  He smiled for the picture even though the Cowboys had just lost.

Sara modeling her new coat and scarf and ear warmer.

Sunday morning: we wore Christmas colors to church!

Laine got to see her honorary nephew, Travis.

Believe it or not, he did agree to go home with her.

Laine and her friends....and Chad.  Not pictured: the baby girl in Joanna's tummy.

I wanted pictures of Levi since it was close to his birthday and he was wearing a suit.

They found this hilarious.

Close-ups are dramatic.

See how serious Dad is?

See how much Cody dislikes you?  At least he's wearing the shirts I gave him for Christmas.


Shut down.

Mom thinks that's funny.

We worked on invitations for the baby shower Laine and Sara are giving me.

Chad really wasn't that much help, I have to say.

Do I look high on super glue?  I'm high on superglue in this picture.  All for a good arts and crafts cause.

 Well!  (Dusts off hands.)  Those are most of my pictures from the past few days.  I hope you liked them in all their poorly lit, red-eyed glory (online editing is prejudiced against blue-eyed people.  My family is in deep trouble.) because they're lovely little reminders of a great few days.