Monday, November 1, 2010

October book list

These are the books I finished reading in October.  I loved them all!

Brown, Larissa Golden and Martin John Brown, Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together.
Oh my heart, the pictures.  So pretty!  I love doing crafts with other people, and just glancing at this book on the coffee table made me want to sit with 5 or 6 people and drink coffee and do crafty things even if I can't follow a single pattern in this book.  It had pretty pictures and a message I liked hearing.  All I need.

Browne, Jill Connor.  The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love
The last time Jarrett was at my house, I somehow discovered he didn't know what Sweet Potato Queens were--even though we'd just sampled the cheese dip from the central Arkansas branch, Hogs and Kisses, at the cheese dip championship.  So I pulled out my books and we as a group of friends banded together to impart this important knowledge of fabulous Southern ladies to this poor half-Canadian.  Then I wound up reading the book.  These ladies know a lot about love.  They seem to think it's important.  I'd have to agree.

Farrell, Chris. The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better.
Some of this I already knew, some of this I didn't need to know (investments are confusing), and some of this I didn't want to hear (what do you mean I need to stay away from Target and Old Navy?!).  But a lot of it was incredibly valuable--especially the parts about paying off debts early, and the difference a little extra money each month can make when you contribute toward your retirement.  You should read this.

Smith, Alexander McCall.  In the Company of Cheerful Ladies.
I love when detectives solve crimes.  And I love when the tone of a detective novel is light-hearted and charming and fun to read while I'm falling asleep.

Woolf, Virginia.  Orlando.
Swoon.  This is her most fun novel that I've read.  She's not just wry here--she gets flat-out mischievously funny.  But it's still so good and full of standard Virginia Woolf-like complicated and deep thoughts about the sense of self and gender implications and travel and heritage and time and what it means to be an artist.  Sigh.  I love her.


Alana said...

I LOVE the new heading!!!

Erin said...

Ooo...yay for book lists. Since we cancelled TV we are reading much more in our household and I love it. Love getting new ideas for books too, since I am trying my hardest to expand my reading beyond just inspirational fiction novels, though I do like those.

I need to look into the Sweet Potato Queen...sounds like something I'd like!

Jen said...

Alana, thanks!
And Erin, yes. Just yes. EVERYONE should love the SPQs!