Monday, October 28, 2013

Quiet night in the neighborhood

This evening, Evelyn wanted to play with the big kids on the playground near our apartment complex.  She was too little to play football with the two boys talking smack to each other, but a little girl who stares at us and waves at Evelyn sometimes took her by the hand and they threw leaves down the slide and took turns sliding and running up and down steps and ladders.  Evelyn thought she was big because a big kid was playing with her and the little girl thought she was big because she was holding hands and leading around a toddler. 

It was mundane as all get-out and I smiled and watched them and answered the little girl's questions about the herbs we grow by our front door.

That's all.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A lovely fall shower

We had a shower for Laine yesterday.  The theme was fall harvest, but then it turned into Harding Homecoming because people kept feeling the need to talk about it.  Only one of us is a Harding alum--and it's Sara.  Even she thought this shower would be more fun than Harding activities.  And it was!

I didn't photograph the attendees because we were all visiting and most of them don't like to be photographed anyway, but it was a nice drop-in affair. 

 Also, I made this wreath.  There's not much to say about it, but I really like it.

Laine and the baby got all kinds of practical, yet adorable, gifts.  Evelyn played with the toys and read a few of the books to make sure they would be suitable.  They were! 

Later, she even played with Joanna's little girl.  That was exciting since they'd both missed naps and Evelyn's not always very sociable.  

Oh!  And here are Laine and Joanna pregnant at the same time.

Joanna's due in March and Laine is due in December.  Such lucky little babies.

Here's a picture from Mom's phone of the hostesses and our guest of honor.

We got to catch up with people we hadn't seen in a looooong while, and there was plenty of good food.

Such a lovely fall day.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I like to dream big


Not nearly soon enough for my liking, but soon.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Laine's Shower Weekend!

We went to Memphis for Laine's friend shower and church shower.  It was a pretty great time.  Whole chunks of the lovely time went unphotographed, but it was a lovely few days with lovely people.  We got to meet lots of Laine's friends and church family, catch up with old friends, and celebrate Robert's dad's birthday!  Evelyn was a pretty amazing trooper, and I was slightly less stressed than normal.

I like to visit Laine's happy home anytime, and on this visit I got to see the baby's nursery and feel him kicking and rolling around in his happy belly home.  I could always tell when Laine was nearby because I could hear the familiar sound of hands moving across fabric because she rubs her belly all the time.  She's big and round and a world all of her own, and I love it.  This little boy is so very loved, and we're so very excited to meet him.

And now, here are the pictures!

Evelyn and Laine on a Friday night, just reading comics and checking out pictures of cats.  The baby would kick hard enough for my sleepy Sue to bounce and jiggle, but she wanted to keep snuggling her aunt.

This is Evelyn shortly before she said "I want to take a nap."  We left her with her Granddad and to Laine's Saturday shower without her.

And here's Laine's lovely gray and yellow baby shower that her friends hosted for her!

Happy guests.


I made this.

Sara made a friend.

 Here are a bunch of dumb pictures of Laine with her hostesses.  Leah makes a lot of weird faces, so I just took several pictures in the hopes that something would turn out decent.


Here is Laine being a creep with her beautiful new mattress.

Here is Mom being a creep with Leah and trying to convince her to stand up her friends so she could have dinner with us that night.

Here's some party animals on a Sunday afternoon.  Evelyn was good friends with Robert's parents.  It's been a while since she's seen them, but she really enjoyed all the pictures and videos of the other grandbabies on Mrs. Patty's phone.  Also, Mom and Dad bought her Legos on this trip and she and Mr. Guy built a few walls that she called castles.

Other people are upset because they're watching the Cowboys game. Otherwise, this was a pleasant day and Mr. Guy's birthday!

Again, the afghan. I'm proud of it! I finished it around 2:30 on Friday morning and managed to shove it in a gift bag in time for the shower and Laine liked it and it matches the nursery and I've never made a blanket for a nephew before!

Before Laine's church shower, I took some family pictures of everyone looking nice.


Robert's family.

Both sets of grandparents.

Laine's side of the family.


 Sisters.  Evelyn was pretty fussy by this point, so the pacifier stayed in.  She really liked her aunts this trip, and enjoyed calling them by their names.  I wish I'd recorded her saying "I do not know, Sara Bodie!" in response to nearly every question Sara asked her.

Laine's church shower was fall-themed.

Mom bought Sara and Evelyn a princess puzzle to keep them quietly occupied in a corner.

I loved the cheerful decorations.

After Laine opened her presents, we packed up our things and went home (after stopping back by the house to rescue Boris the bear).

There was a lot of this:

Mercifully, Evelyn slept through nearly half of the standstill traffic on I-40 and was pretty cheerful after she woke up.  I promise this is a fairly cheerful face. She enjoyed reading to herself from this book.

And now we're home.  We have a few days to get ready for Laine's shower this weekend and see what other kinds of good things this baby will get!  I'm already excited to see more of my family again.