Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gray sweater for a great girl

I made this sweater a million years ago.  Seriously, I cast on last summer.  I was thinking about making this for Ellis because I'm a terrible judge of gauge.  I mean, the pattern name is the Puerperium Cardigan (free download on Ravelry.  The puerperium period is the time between birth and 6 weeks).  Here's what it looks like when you use the right yarn.

Which is roughly how old Ellis was in this picture.
Once I realized how large the worsted weight yarn version was going to be, I knit a few more increase rows to make this big enough for Evelyn.  And then she didn't want it!  And I was pretty dadgummed devastated.  So it sat in my not-quite-done pile until a few weeks ago.  She decided she wanted this!  I was confused, but happy. 

I took her to the Yarn Mart to pick out buttons a couple of weeks ago.  I took the sweater with me so we could check the buttonholes.

First, she wanted some buttons that were bigger than half-dollars.  Too big.

Then she wanted some fire truck buttons.  Too big.

Basketball buttons.  Close, but too big.

But then.  These guys!

Honestly, I don't know if this is a porcupine or a hedgehog and neither did anyone else in the store.  But Evelyn liked them and they fit the buttonholes.  She showed them to one of my knitting group friends, and several other people in the store.  Everyone was very impressed with her selection, and excited for her to wear her new sweater.  It was a fun little taste of the knitting community for her.  She knows I go out on Saturday nights sometimes to knit with people, but it's a little abstract for her even though she's met a lot of the knitters several times.  She was impressed with them acting impressed with her, and that made me smile.

I stitched on the buttons early last week and she modeled her new sweater for these beautiful pictures.  It was pretty thrilling to feel like I'd 'made' a sweater in one evening since so much time had passed since I knit this up.  Now she's ready for cooler weather! 

And we're both pretty thrilled about that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trunk or treat 2014!

We went to the Rose Bud Church of Christ's 'trunk or treat' on Sunday to kick off our Halloween festivities.  Well, we actually went so that we could party with family and Evelyn could see her church friends (she went to their VBS this summer and now Mom takes her to their Wednesday night services whenever she has her and it turns out that Evelyn is a huge fan of Bible class), but I thought a small carnival in a small space while it was daylight would be a good introduction to trick or treating. 

Oh man.  Just...oh man.  Evelyn has wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween ever since she found out that Ellis has glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas.  In August.  She's had her costume for weeks.  She picked out a mask on Friday and we had to practice wearing it on Saturday to get her a little more comfortable with it.  We have discussed Halloween and Halloween things and spookiness and scary things that are kind of fun and things that are just plain scary and on and on and on. 

Sunday night went perfectly.  Everybody was very nice about her skeleton costume (only a couple of people asked me if she actually wanted to dress up like that, as if I would force her to not be a princess or something.  Let's be real: if I had my pick, she'd be Ms. Frizzle and I'd be hot-gluing some toy rockets to some shoes or some awesome nonsense), and paid her lots of compliments.  Laine had packed Ellis's skeleton pajamas so they matched.  Evelyn jumped up and down and yelled "Trick or treat!" to everyone and they handed her candy and treats.  She mostly remembered to say "thank you" to everyone who gave her treats and said they liked her costume.  She played every game they had set up except for darts. 

Everyone was lovely, the costumes were incredible, and the weather was mostly okay.  The company was great.

And the skeletons were spooky.

Her dad was excited about Plinko.

She actually didn't wear her mask a lot because it was pretty hot in there.

Baby's first attempt at golf! She's as terrible as I am.

Face painting. And a mouth full of candy.

One of her prizes was this amazing mustache.

Ellis....was interested.
Sara Bodie shared her jack o'lantern with him.

Aaaaaand there's the Caldwell feed mill in the background. Things were very Small Town, USA.

Oh hey, I took a million pictures of these beautiful children. I'm showing you all of them because these babies are perfection. Also, please take a moment to appreciate the mustache on Evelyn's jack o'lantern. 


Proudest pair of grandparents you'll ever see. 

I'm framing this.

Beautiful day.  Beautiful people.  Beautiful start to my girl's new favorite season.