Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Sunday afternoon

We have flowers.  Brook gave us these little petunia plantings about a month ago and now they're flourishing on the balcony. 

Cody and Evelyn are at church.  I should have taken her picture before they left.  She was wearing a little pink dress and blue shoes and looked like a big girl.

We're going to make the year's first batch of jam when she takes her nap. Strawberry!

I'm going to do some more work before they come home. 

I'm happy.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunday celebration

On Sunday, we celebrated.  We were all three together and we're going to see more of each other and we're happy.  I even had my camera on me in the morning because I was just that excited!

First we went to the park.  I didn't take any pictures of Evelyn hauling around sticks, but here's one of her on the swings.

Then Evelyn wanted to go to the zoo for their carousel and playground.  What else are memberships for if not for getting free parking and admission when we're celebrating and being ridiculous?!

She really likes looking at the fish in ponds.  You wouldn't believe how excited she gets whenever she spots a robin on the zoo grounds.

They look at the fish.

A gibbon looks at me.

This is Evelyn, and not a penguin.

This is a penguin, and not Evelyn.  I hope you're not confused by her clever disguise in the picture up there.

There are currently no birds in this place that usually has birds, so it looked extra abandoned when we went in there.

The zoo's old, okay?  (I like that a little.)

Again, this is Evelyn.

After that, she played on the playground and occasionally glanced over at elephants and alligators.  But mostly she just liked the signs and fish and playground that day.*

I enjoyed the flamingos.

Then we came home to this!

She enjoyed her little harvest.

*Reptile house not pictured because no one ever seems to want to see those pictures.  She likes snakes and turtles, so we always go in there.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I took a vacation

We went to the beach!  Dicy had booked a condo in Gulf Shores and so we went with her.  Well, Evelyn and I did.  Cody stayed behind to work, and pine for us.  We had a lovely time!  I napped and didn't take many pictures, but here's what I've got.

Saturday:  We stopped for lunch in Cracker Barrel.

Evelyn really enjoyed running up and down the balcony, and throwing this football around.

The water was chilly, but we splashed around in it a few times anyway.  It was beautiful.

Sunday: I spent Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and daughter.  And my husband's grandmother and little brother.  It was a nice slow day.

We played Yahtzee and Evelyn was really good at throwing dice.

Monday or Tuesday?  I knitted during naptime while the other grown-ups hit the outlet malls.

Wednesday: we went to the zoo!

We met a python.

It was thrilling for everyone.

We thought we could beat the rain, but it started to come down so hard that we hid in a little amphitheater.  

I didn't realize porcupines were so big.

Here is Evelyn sitting inside a decorative stool.  She played with that thing all week.

Thursday: cold, but beautiful.

This is Evelyn laying out.

Saturday: our last day.

I should have taken more pictures, but whatever.  We have a few on that little disposable camera.  Evelyn took a few, so get excited about blurry shots of knees.  I actually went to an outlet mall and that was kind of fun.  I read a book.  I didn't pack enough toys for Evelyn because it felt like we were overpacking enough already. Really, I was just overwhelmed.  It was a wonderfully slow week.  I stayed away from computers and barely talked to anyone on the phone.  My only obligation was to take care of Evelyn and to send Cody a picture a day.  We ate a lot of greasy food and I showed my belly on the beach.  Evelyn splashed in a little pool and dug in the sand.  We slept in a double bed together and I wasn't a big fan of her feet in my back, but it was wonderful to discover that she still looks like a baby when she sleeps. 

We all had a wonderful time, except for when a donkey at the zoo brayed and Evelyn was startled and cried for something like 20 straight minutes.  We had fun when it got cold and/or rainy on a couple of days, and I didn't wear a bra or make-up for over a week.  There was a lot of barefoot time and Evelyn probably grew.  Cody thought she was talking more clearly when we came back.  She probably was.  She changes more every day and she's changing pretty quickly.  I'm incredibly happy I got to have last week to just sit and watch it happen.