Monday, February 28, 2011

Update: 38 weeks


I am past full term!

The past week has been eventful.  We've been getting the house ready, talking more about names, and it now takes me about 10 minutes to walk across a room.

Also, my parents call or text every day just in case I thought I could have a baby without letting them know.
Still nothing, though.  I'm just pregnant. 

Very, very pregnant.

When I went to the doctor last week, she jiggled my belly like last time and said she thought the baby was around 6ish pounds and probably wouldn't weigh much more than 6.5 at birth--at the very most.  Since I had only gained half a pound during the week, I was a little nervous about starving this pitiable runt of a baby.  I really did freak out a bit.  But then I reminded myself that Cody had probably given her his tiny twin genes and at least she already weighs more than he did at birth.

(Fine, Cody was around 5.5 pounds when he was born and that's awesome for a twin.  Yes, Casey was a full pound heavier and taking all the oxygen but Cody's turned out fine.  Just fine.)

Apparently, she's just staying a bit small.  She's actually average, but just seems small compared to the babies I'm used to people in my family having.  She's even still little enough to move around constantly, so I don't have to worry about how she's doing.  Movement counts are unnecessary and I can tell she's just rocking at life.

This is what I read about the baby this week:
Your baby has really plumped up. She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). She has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.
Wondering what color your baby's eyes will be? You may not be able to tell right away. If she's born with brown eyes, they'll likely stay brown. If she's born with steel gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time she's 9 months old. That's because a child's irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after she's born, but they usually won't get "lighter" or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.) (Source.)

I've assumed the baby will look like me ever since I found out she's a girl.  Cody is a very good-looking man, but I just don't know how well his features would translate on a girl.  Either way, we were adorable children.  And we both had blue eyes.  And so does everyone else in our immediate families, except for Laine.  Her eyes are green, but they were blue for the first few years.

As strong as genes can be (Cody and his brothers are basically clones of their dad), I still like to think she'll look like me.  I don't know why I think I'll be so good at making her look like me.

I may have Dad's legs and knuckles, but I've completely stolen Mom's face!  Look at our matching glasses and everything!
Or maybe I do.

That picture is from last week.

This is what I look like now.

I only gain weight in my face now.

I am clearly great with child.  I went to the Flower and Garden Show with Mom and Dad this Saturday, and spent most of time telling total strangers my due date because they kept asking me "How much longer?"  Fortunately, I was not touched.  I ambled all over the place and bought some seeds (because I think I'll have loads of time to tend to plants in my future) and the baby bounced all around my belly.  She was probably just excited about the show.  I didn't think to take pictures of us at the show, which is a shame.  My outfit contained no maternity clothes.  But Mom said the busy pattern of the dress meant she couldn't see the baby moving (I was convinced you could see me having my own Tremors reenactment).  Frankly, I just liked the outfit because I had cleavage.

Then I did the same thing on Sunday.  Why I felt the need to have cleavage in church, a yarn store, Cody's grandma's birthday party, or a Kroger, I don't know.  But whatever.  I like looking this way.

Things are good. I've turned in my maternity leave slips and it's been approved.  Her little clothes are folded and set aside in our room.  I've written nearly all of my thank-you notes.  I'm tired, cranky, and sore.  I would also like to meet my baby in a little while.  

But all we have left to do is wait and enjoy the last few days of this ridiculous time.

Here is a picture to convince you of how ridiculous things are right now:

This is the view from Dad's truck.  You are looking at Mom's chicken stool.  We sit on it to play games on the coffee table, stand on it to reach things, or use it to block doorways (Mo is easily confused).

Saturday, Dad decided to use it to keep me from falling out of the truck.  Every single time I got out of the truck (and got back in), Dad would make me wait until he could jump out of the truck and put the stool down so that I could step down safely.  He did this to Mom, too, until she made him stop.

Did I mention I got to ride in the front, too?  I did.  It was awesome.  It was also ridiculous, but mostly awesome.

That's how things are these days.  People call and text to see if there's a baby.  People ask me how much longer, or if I could sit down because I make them nervous.  People quiz the families on their labor-hospital-waiting plans as if we didn't know our little girl is showing up any day now.

Ridiculous and awesome.

But mostly awesome.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday is for fun stuff

In case you don't know that you can have fun this weekend, fear not!  I can tell you how to have fun.

  • The library sale is this weekend!  I am totally not going this time.  Cody told me about it last night and I nearly collapsed on the floor in exhaustion just from thinking about searching for books in a crowd of people.  But I completely recommend it for anyone who loves bargains and books and has a little better balance than me.
  • You can call your grandma!  Mamaw called me this afternoon to thank me for sending her pictures that I've been taking of myself every week (what?  You don't do that?) and we a nice, quick chat.  She is person #5,7839 to think that I'll have the baby before March 12.  If you don't talk about me with your grandma, you can always ask her what she thinks of that computer on Jeopardy.  Because I'm pretty sure she has an opinion.
  • The Flower and Garden Show is this weekend!  Why am I going to this instead of the library sale?  Many reasons.  First, Dad is dropping me off at the door.  Two, it's February and my soul needs to see some beautiful landscaping and tabletop designs.  Three, this only happens once a year!  Fourth, there are plenty of chances to sit down!
  • Write a letter or make a card.  I'm pretty sure you know someone with a birthday.  I know 5 or 6 someones, so I'm pretty sure you've got a nice selection of folks to send your birthday wishes to.
  • Or just write a letter.  People love mail.
  • Take a nap.  You know you want to.
  • Clean your baseboards.  They probably need it.
  • Go for a walk.  The forecast is looking good!
  • Dance around in your house (or out in public, whatever.  I don't really judge on the weekends) to some Motown.  It's one of my favorite activities EVER.
  • Read a book.  Kevin Brockmeier has a new book and it's really good.  BUT! You don't have to take my word for it...  (Did you see LeVar Burton on The Big Bang Theory last night?  It thrilled my five-year-old soul to no end.)
  • Oh!  I've got it! You could write a letter to LeVar Burton!  I bet he would love that!

I'm going to let you think of some other weekend plans for yourself.  I hope you have a lovely time.

Just to get you started:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday grab bag

I had chili for lunch and it made my nose run.

I really don't care about our impending tornadic doom.  This is Arkansas--we've all done this a few times before.

This is my yarn situation right now.

Turquoise: given to Jessi in the hopes that she'll make fluffy baby hats with them
Pink: scarves
Yellow: a wreath
Uncircled: ready for anything!

I've bought some more yarn since then, but I don't remember what kind other than some orange yarn and more yarn for the afghan.

Alana told me yesterday that it was National Banana Bread Day.  I vowed to observe the holiday next year.

I went to Babies'R'Us the other night to pick up an extra car seat base and wound up buying more nightgowns and a onesie for St. Patrick's Day.  

St. Patrick's Day is going to be the baby's first national holiday, and since she's probably not a green beer fan and I can't figure out how to put a green glitter top hat on an infant, a commemorative onesie will have to do.

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair red?  I have.  This is not related to St. Patrick's Day.

Have you ever realllly wanted a nap?  I do right now.

This morning, I woke Cody up at 7 so he could make coffee and run to the corner store for milk (every time he goes without me the same cashier asks him if I've had the baby yet).  Then I spent 10 minutes drinking a cup of coffee and talking to that sweet man about our plans for the day.  Backaches and ants in the kitchen aside, I really am living a life better than my wildest dreams.

Don't worry, Cody already called the landlord about the ants.  We feel like morons because the bug guy was spraying around the outside of the house last week and Cody told him we didn't need any bug guy services inside the house.  We're just lucky with our timing like that.  I bet he chased the ants inside. 

Remember when I said I was going to learn to knit with Elizabeth Zimmerman on DVD because she said I could make a hat using only circular needles?  In lesson 3, you learn that she was lying because she whips out 4 double pointed needles to cast off to make the top part of the hat!  Four!  Four knitting needles you're supposed to use all at the same time.  That's just crazy talk!

I'll figure out a way to knit a hat.  It just won't look that good.  But it won't be involving 4-pronged witchcraft or whatever it is that she's doing that I'm too uncoordinated to attempt, that's fordarnedsure!

The lessons weren't a total waste of time.  I learned a lot about circular knitting, casting on and off, and making patterns.  And that none of it is as scary as I thought.  Baby steps.

There's a guy in IT who loves Mt. Dew even more than I do, even though he can't drink it any more because he has diabetes (most likely from drinking too much Mt. Dew).  He gave me a collectible Mt. Dew delivery truck a few months ago and I keep it in my office because it's much classier than my giant Mt. Dew poster.

Well, today he came in and said it was never too early to start saving for the baby's education and gave me a Mt. Dew delivery truck that's a piggy bank!  Excuse me while I faint from the cuteness.  He is definitely getting a thank-you note.

I think I only have 10 more thank-you notes to write and then I'll be caught up.  Amazing.

I want more Mt. Dew, but I'm not going to have any more today.

I will have a Reese's egg, though.  With a banana.  I'm health conscious like that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every day.

Taken yesterday evening, 02.22.11.


(This is not an "I'm in labor post."  I just wanted to remind you--and myself!--that the big day will be here soon.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Typo Tuesday: Typos Can Make Your Mom Sad

These are my friends, Bryan and Christina.

Bryan and Christina are lovely people, and I'm not just saying that because Christina gave me some lovely skeins of yarn she'd been finding here and there over the course of the year.

Behold: the Bryan and Christina contributions to my yarn collection are circled in red.

Guess what else was in my glitter-covered gift bag yarn-y Christmas joy?

This card advertising for a restaurant that we don't have in the area.

Whether Fate brought us together or Bryan and Christina thought I'd get a kick out of this, I'll never know.

(Unless I ask.....and I'm a little too lazy to do that.)

But this is just ridiculous.

2 out of the 3 apostrophe uses in this ad are correct.  But the one that is not correct is a big, fat, glaring display of wrong.

Mom's love fish.

Mom's [plural somethings] love fish.

Not only is this an attempt at a really lazy generalization (although I must say, my mom likes fish.  Love might be taking it a little far, though), but it's just so wrong. 

Mom loves fish.
Moms love fish.
Mom's face loves being kissed by an obviously fake fish.

I don't know what Fish City Grille is trying to say here, but it definitely should not be "Mom's love fish."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Update: 37 weeks

37 weeks!

We are now full-term.  I have no idea what happens next.

Except this: "Your baby is now considered "full term," even though your due date is three weeks away. If you go into labor now, his lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. (Some babies need a bit more time, though. So if you're planning to have a repeat c-section, for example, your practitioner will schedule it for no earlier than 39 weeks unless there's a medical reason to intervene earlier.)

Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard). Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. But don't be surprised if your baby's hair isn't the same color as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes thrown for a loop when their children come out as blonds or redheads, and fair-haired couples have been surprised by Elvis look-alikes. And then, of course, some babies sport only peach fuzz." (Source.)

Cody tried to cook chard once.  It didn't go well.

I really want this baby to have hair.

I really don't want a C-section.

I really need to get some of those sweet little newborn bows that attach with velcro.  They are precious.  My sisters and I all wore them as newborns.  Levi probably could have, since he had to get his first haircut at 6 weeks--it was starting to feather like a '70s news anchor!  Cody and his brothers were all born with hair, too.

Sometimes I just go over stuff like this in my head to reassure myself that she'll have hair.

I went to a La Leche meeting last week.  Big shock, there were a lot of babies there.  I'm apparently a little more prepared for nursing than I thought, just based on what I've read and conversations I've been around.  So that's cool.  Or maybe I'm just deluding myself because looking at all of those babies made me just a little (more) impatient (than I already was) to get my own baby.

Yet another thing that makes me excited about my baby getting here: getting more stuff for the baby. I had my work shower last week!  It was lovely.

The cake! (Delicious.)

There were flowers!  So spring-ish.

The plates!

The decor!

Yes, there were even balloons.  I'm apparently a big deal around here.

I got to take these rubber duckies home, by the way.  Jealous?

The friend taking my picture made me laugh.  She takes a ridiculous amount of pictures.

And now the balloons are tied to my office door handle and are a friendly throughout the work day that I'm having a girl.

So now I'm through with showers!  Getting stuff is amazing, but overwhelming. (As is the thought of writing more thank-you notes.  Oh my goodness, I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks.)  On the plus side, I now have plenty of blankets and socks and onesies and diapers.  Hooray!  I'm even dividing up blankets into piles to keep at family members' houses.  

Speaking of family, mine came in this weekend for a work day.  I decided last week that I need to get everything in order by March.  I keep having a feeling that the baby will get here before her due date (which is why I packed our hospital bags a full month before my due date.  Also, I was snowed in and bored).  And even if she doesn't, it will be nice to have things in order for whenever she does show up.  So I made a list and showed it to Cody.  

Then I told Laine about the list and she said she would help me.  Then she told Sara and Sara wanted to have a sister party.  Then I told Mom that I needed the crib and that Laine and I would be making repairs to the kitchen sink and she said she and Dad and Levi would come in on Saturday as well, and bring Grandmother because she was in town.

Family Work Day 2011 was a lot of fun and a huge success!  After my family blew into town and did crazy things to my house, Cody and I were able to cross half of the things off my list.

This is the air filter I had for 20 years.  It died and we finally threw it away.

Goodbye, friend.  Thanks for keeping my air clean and for all that white noise.

Also, just the six of us and Grandmother went to McAllister's.  So. Much. Fun.

I'm a little embarrassed for my house to be seen this way, but you have to know what all they were able to do.  They did a lot!  We temporarily moved things into the dining room so Laine could mop the bedroom and hallway.

Mom and Sara are taking a break from sorting my presents into manageable piles.  Sara texts Chad after she rearranged my bedroom.

Levi spent the day reading Cody's magazines and comics, or doing heavy lifting.

Cody was gone for most of the day with work and another project, but I promise he wasn't as traumatized by the family invasion as he looks in this picture.  I mean, I did tell him they were all coming.  On, like, Friday....

Mom wanted to take pictures of the 4 of us all sweaty.  I told Dad to zoom in.

Then I got this.  I still wanted my belly to show!  Great, now I just look chubby.

At least we're all cute.  Even when Levi's head is cut off.  It's just what he gets for being taller than everyone else.  I should mention that our duplex neighbor walked out of her side of the house while this was going on.  I think she was laughing at us.

My lovely parents.

Dad thinks the baby will weigh 6lb, 12 oz at birth.  Mom is guessing at least 7 and a half.

This is Mom telling me I'll probably need a C-section.

And this is just cute.

Did I mention that Mom planted Cody some herbs in our empty pots and Dad drilled screws into our porch so we could have a little hanging garden?  They did.  Our porch is lovely now.

Laine took a picture of me being one of those stylish pregnant bloggers.  Okay, it just a candid. 

List of things accomplished:
  • a rearranged bedroom (that Cody and I rearranged partially on Sunday, and will switch around some stuff again...probably tonight)
  • clean baseboards
  • mopped wood floors in all but one room of the house (and Cody took care of it yesterday, along with the kitchen and bathroom)
  • a repaired sink faucet (that's still leaking.....we're cursed*)
  • a non-leaking water heater
  • something else (it gets its own post)
  • there is a cradle in the bedroom!  It has no mattress or stand and is currently holding lots of baby things, but it is in our bedroom and we have a place for it!
  • the last of my shower gifts are sorted into piles: return, give away, use, and keep at Mom and Dad's house until the baby's big enough to use them
  • baby things were taken out of their packages and I didn't have to do it.  I hate cutting all those tags, you have no idea...
  • fabric has been sent back home with Laine so that Leah can make bumper pads for the cradle (and a dress for the baby)
  • Mom and Dad, and Sara now have blankets and toys for their houses.  I'm not sure why I didn't send Laine home with something.  I'll make her a pile when I make one for Dicy.
  • my swing is now assembled and Levi has given me multiple demonstrations on how to use and store it
  • the car seat is sitting in our living room, waiting to be installed and used
Simple fact: my family is about a million times cooler than yours.  I'm sorry if that harsh fact is a little .... harsh, but that's just how things work.  Both my sisters joked that they don't even clean their own houses like this--and I know they don't.  They cleaned the way I would clean, if I could right now.  For nearly an entire day, I just pointed at things that needed to be take care of and then they magically were.  I barely bent, squatted, or lifted the entire day.  I barely dusted, and I certainly didn't scrub.  I didn't even have to take out the trash.  I'm pretty sure I could have requested a fresh coat of paint ahead of time and Mom and Dad would have been going over swatches and calculating dry times.  It was an awesome and fun and funny (of course) day.  Being taken out to eat twice certainly didn't hurt either.  The three of us are so happy and grateful and just that much closer to having a home ready for a slightly bigger family.

I can't wait.

And by the way, this is the 37 week picture.  I'm sweaty and tired and a little gross, but these things still need to be documented.

*If you ever have an older home and decide to put in a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink, thus disrupting the pipes' connection to the wall, you will disrupt everything about the sink and cause leaks in the faucet and in the pipes themselves and make home repairs virtually impossible.  Come to think of it, professional repairs will be alarmingly difficult too.  And not cheap.  SO DON'T DO IT.  But thanks, landlord, for not only meddling inappropriately with something that a house like this was never meant to have but for also doing it yourself in spite of having no handy repair skills!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny list: the pre-baby edition

I haven't done a funny list in quite a while, even though I've been compiling funny things (as best as I can remember them, anyway) for a long time.  I noticed most of them were about pregnancy, so I'm going ahead and giving you a funny (to me) post all about this adventure.

Have a good weekend!

Pregnancy Discovery Week
Cody: You don't seem very excited.
Jen: I'm excited. I've already started making squares for a small afghan.

 Apparently no one is as excited as Cody (at 7 weeks)--not even for doctor's appointments
Cody [laughing]: What?! There's going to be a heartbeat?! And I get to go with you?! This is so exciting! It's like an adventure and I don't know what's going to happen next!

I worried a lot
Jen: If I can get to 12-14 weeks, everything should be fine. Not like "Let's have a beer and go on a rollercoaster" kind of a thing, but fine.
Cody: That's a very good way of putting it.
Jen: Thanks.  Have you ever been a roller coaster?
Cody: I don't like them.

Before we knew, part 1
Cody: I don't care if it's a boy or a girl.  I just want it to be healthy.  And cute.  All of its life.

Before we knew, part 2
Cody: I don't think I could handle a girl.
Jen: I don't think you could either.

Before we knew, part 3
Jen: I've always said you shouldn't have a daughter. You'd be ready to stand firm and say "no" to something, and the next thing you know, you're firmly loading a pony into the back of your Saturn. Only now it's a Fit.
Cody: No, I can't handle ponies.

At the doctor
Jen: My legs ache in here, and it's almost like it's from exercise, like lunges. But I know that's--
Cody [laughing]: No, that can't be it.

Fine, they didn't fit before
Jen: Say goodbye to these pants.
Cody: Goodbye, pants.

Sara's birthday, part 1
Jen: I'd be 9 weeks this weekend, and the family would all be together, but I don't want to steal Sara's thunder on her birthday.
Cody: I could do it!

Sara's birthday, part 2: The fifteenth pregnant woman walked out of the Olive Garden
Jen: Oh man, you guys.....
Sara: Don't worry, there won't be any announcements tonight.
Jen: [avoids eye contact with Cody]

I saw a car commercial at 9 weeks
Jen: Oh man! Who's going to teach it to drive?!
Cody: I will.
Jen: You're a horrible driver.
Cody: Levi.
Jen: Good. Okay. I'm glad that's settled.
Cody: If he's available.
Jen: Levi will travel to teach someone how to drive.

Telling people

Momentous and important announcements are met with solemnity and reverence
Jen:  I'm 10 weeks pregnant.
Levi: Are you serious?
Jen: Why would I joke about this?
Levi: Good point.

Of course, of course
Levi: I will buy the stroller. Because it has wheels!

How to make Levi cry
Mom: I thought Chad and Sara would be first!
Sara: I did too, honestly. It didn't seem like you guys were getting with it!
Cody: Oh, we were getting--
Sara: Stop.
Laine: Stop.

He was so abrupt even I was startled by the announcement
Jen: Is that the picture of the boys at the parade?  It's so cute!
Dicy: Weren't they sweet?
Jen: Superadorable.
Cody: Speaking of babies, Jen's pregnant.
Dicy: Oh my gosh, I knew it!  Congratulations!  [hugs both Jen and Cody]  I thought something was up when she didn't want meatloaf last week.
I'm really just doing this for you guys
Jarrett: This news could not have come at a better time.  I was having a really bad day and then I saw the text from you and I was like, "Wow!  Jen's having a baby!  This is awesome!" so thanks.
Jen: I do what I can.
Jarrett: Way to deliver.

Good news travels fast
Jen: Your mom sent me the sweetest card!  Which one of y'all told her I was pregnant?
Jeff: Oh, I called her as soon as I got off the phone with Cody.  She's really excited.


We're raising her right!
Cody: What kind of music do you want the baby to listen to?
Jen: I know we're supposed to do classical for brain development or whatever, but it makes me nervous! It's too intense! I like Bach and Vivaldi and Wagner--
Cody: No. No Vivaldi or Wagner. They make me nervous.
Jen: Okay, George Strait and Reba.
Cody: Sounds good.

15 minutes after he mentioned throwing lit cigarette butts at a stray cat in the neighborhood ....
Casey: I heard the first few months are the best.  New babies sleep all the time.  Like, 18 hours a day.  They're like cats.

Neither of us miss the first trimester
Jen: Hey Cody, wake up!  Let's go to the Rivermarket and eat gyros!  Doesn't that sound fun?
Cody: What time is it?  
Jen: 8:30.  So it's not hot outside yet.  Let's go!

Robert's love of pregnant women (and this family) diminishes
Laine: Hey Jen, show Robert your belly button.
Robert: I hadn't really seen it before....
Sara: Do you want me to show you my belly, too?

Saved by the surprisingly loud ringtone of hardcore rapping
Casey: It's, like, some hospital where you go to die.  Like Baptist.
Jen: I'm having the baby at Baptist.
Casey: Well, I mean.....[phone rings]

Watching some eleven-year-old girl at the Super Bowl
Person 1: You'd think she'd have done something with her hair.
Person 2: And those braces!
Person 3: She could lose some weight.
Jen: I'm really excited about having a daughter.  Being a girl is awesome.
Jessi: Don't listen, tiny girl!  Don't listen!

That's cool
Dad: And then I'm going to 'stop in' at your shower and see what all the baby gotWhen are we going to get some dresses with bows I can tie!? 

I think I appreciate the enthusiasm.  I also think Brad does not.
Jeff: I want her to call me Uncle Jeff!  And I want her to call Brad 'Uncle Jeff's partner.'

You know how girls are about clothes
Sara: Do you want to borrow my business sweat pants?
Jen: What will you wear if I have the business sweat pants?
Sara: I don't really know, but I knew you'd return them.

I am a jerk and this has been awesome
Jen: Good luck moving!  I would help, but my upper body strength sucks and all I'd be good for is holding open doors.
Casey: You're pregnant, you can't do anything.
Jen: I know--it's great!  It's the best excuse for everything!  I'm going to do this all the time now!  You guys have fun!
Cody and Casey: [move furniture out of Casey's apartment, down some stairs, across town, and up more stairs
Jen: [sleeps on the couch for 2 hours]

I love when people wonder why I'm this way
Person: [baby advice]
Mom: [laughter]

I really am pretty active, I promise
Jen: So Isaac was telling me I could do things to speed this up.  Like vigorous exercise.  And I laughed.
Cody: Yeah, that is funny.
Jen: Vigorous.  Ha.

The man loves Kathy Lee and Hoda.  Mostly just Hoda, though
Jen: When I go on maternity leave, do we have to watch Kathy Lee and Hoda every morning?
Cody: Well, I mean, I was hoping you'd feel like you get to watch Kathy Lee and Hoda every morning....

We enjoy playing with baby gear
Mom: How is this supposed to work?
Sara: Hold on, I'm reading the book.  Okay, drape both ends like this.....don't drop the baby doll!
Jen: I think the bottom part is supposed to be up higher.
Laine: The baby doll is too little.
Mom: Oh brother.
Dad: What is this again?
Laine: I think something went wrong.
Jen: We'll practice some more.
Cody: Yeah....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is a story about pie.

Once upon a time, Cody wanted to make a pie.  "I cannot be happy until I make an apple pie!" he declared.

So I peeled all the apples in the land for him.

He cored and sliced the apples.

I took this cute picture.

Cody laid his store-bought pie crust carefully into the pie dish and poured in the perfect amount of apples and spices.

Then he covered it, put delicious things on the top, baked it, and set it out to cool.

Then we ate it and everyone lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just a reminder

If you are one of those sick people who insists on leaving the house (for reasons other than to visit a doctor or replenish medicinal and tissue supplies) and/or coming into work, people will not hear your hacking cough and obnoxious sniffles and feel pity for you.  They will not admire your work ethic.  They will not want to help you.

They will want to cause you violent harm, but they'll stay away only because they're afraid if they get close to you they will pick up whatever you have (it is OBVIOUSLY that new strain of pertussis/bubonic plague that's going around).

If anyone needs me, I'll be locked in my office drinking hand sanitizer and liveblogging Death Watch 2011.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is my Valentine-y post for 2011

Glitter!  Stamps!  Birds!  Love is clearly in the air.

 Cody and I mostly celebrated the date aspect of Valentine's Day on Sunday with a trip to the Flying Saucer.  I had important chicken sandwich needs.  Cody always says he'll try one of their beers and then doesn't.

Cody, on a date.

Jen, on a date.

 We also went to the library and saw some friends.  We wrapped up the night with some television on DVD.

Yesterday--real Valentine's Day--was nice: I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep, so I went to the couch around 4:30.  Cody woke up at 6 and couldn't fall back asleep, so he shuffled into the living room and sat with me.  I like seeing him in the mornings.  He made coffee, and then I asked him to drive me to work because I could.

Then I worked like crazy and didn't even have time to do so much as wish you a happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day anyway, though.

Cody picked me up in the afternoon and we went to the doctor's office because Monday is baby day.  My blood pressure is excellent, I don't have Strep B (which means I won't need IV antibiotics during delivery!  Sweet.), and I didn't gain any weight.  I was sick for some of last week, so I'm not surprised.  And the nurse practitioner who examined me doesn't think this is the week of the baby.  I'm fine with that.

Then we browsed through some books at Barnes & Noble while drinking Starbucks.  We went home so I could change shirts (after spilling said Starbucks on myself) and so we could exchange gifts.

Cody gave me Kevin Brockmeier's The Illumination, a heart-shaped box of chocolates (even though I'd already gotten some for myself on Saturday.  His box was bigger), and a sweet note.  I'm a sucker for sweet notes.  

On our first Valentine's Day together, he broke into my dorm room and put a box of chocolates on my bed with a piece of notebook paper folded in half that said "Jen's Special Hallmark Card".  He'd written me a letter about gifts he wished he could give me, and told me how special he thought I was.  He also asked that I overlook any spelling or grammatical errors in the letter that may have occurred because he was nervous.  I was so flattered that I didn't even catch the errors (there were at least 4) until several readings later.

(I also had a talk with Kelly, who lived 2 doors down, about letting boys know when I was in the shower so that they could break into my room.  Boundaries, people!)

And what did I give Cody in return on our first holiday as a couple?  Well, I went to Wal-Mart and made Sara help me pick out the ugliest stuffed animal I could find, which turned out to be this pink gorilla:

It's holding a rose.  That's romantic, right?  (The giraffe was from the next year.)

He was thrilled, just like he was thrilled this year when I presented him with 2 metal loaf pans that Laine picked out for me.  We have glass loaf pans and they're two different thicknesses and their baking times can differ by as much as 20 minutes, etc. etc. etc.  Anyway, he's had his eye on metal pans for a while and I thought this would be something he'd like. 

I haven't made him a card yet, but I will tonight.

I know, I'm very romantic and on the ball right now.

He doesn't seem to mind.  He'd marry me all over again (or so he wrote in his little note to me that he tucked into my book.  I'm holding him to that!).  He likes the baking pans.  He likes that I'm not my usual self because I'm busy growing our baby and it won't be much longer.  We're enjoying our downtown dates and our trips to the library and sitting on the couch, just the two of us.  We're even enjoying our weekly baby appointments because nothing says romance like hanging out with a bunch of women in an OB/GYN waiting room with Dr. Phil blaring on the TV.  Okay, fine, we just like hearing the baby's heartbeat at these appointments (around 140 beats per minute yesterday!).

We spent the evening with Dicy and Casey because she made dinner.  We exchanged cards and then I didn't wash dishes on Valentine's Day.  Woo hoo!  She also sent us home with some cake and I stole her Christmas candy.  Also we ate some of the chocolate-covered strawberries off of the fruit arrangement Spencer gave Regan (Dicy said it was okay!).  Then we made a quick trip to the grocery store before going home to watch Hawaii Five-O.

Valentine's Time 2011 can be summed up like this:
  • Lunch date
  • Walking
  • A back rub (for me--maybe there was a little too much walking on Sunday)
  • Sweet little baby heartbeats
  • Strolling through a book store
  • Love and affection
  • Chocolate.  So much chocolate.
  • No kitchen clean-up
  • Bringing the pink gorilla out of retirement, a yearly tradition
I'd say it was basically perfect.