Thursday, April 28, 2016

These pictures are just okay

Here are some pictures of Evelyn and me showing off our great sartorial taste on Sunday.  You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If Evelyn is a princess, then I am a queen!

Evelyn wore a crown last week and kept it on through dinner, teeth-brushing, and face-washing.  At supper we talked about how she's a princess, which means I'm a queen.  Possibly of the world.  I played Queen's "Princes of the Universe" and now we may be the ruling royalty of the universe, if only in her mind.  Also, because of how her mind works, she might think those grown men in that band wanted to be princesses.  Why not?  They get all the adventures in the movies.

She pairs this jean jacket with everything and is all about packing her purse.  This is her stylish lady pose and face.  She ran errands with me on Saturday.

We did some art together on Sunday.  She's a fantastic drawer, but sometimes she paints and she gets pretty pumped.  I bought her paints a few weekends ago that look like the ones her big cousin shared with her last summer.  She wants to paint a dragon, but says she can't.  So this is a dinosaur.  I asked if a dragon could be a dinosaur with wings, and she said 'no'.  Oh well.

There's not a whole lot going on here.  My work is busy, and Cody has zero hours.  Evelyn loves school, but loves not being at school just as well.  She had an allergist appointment on Monday and it hit in the middle of the day, so she got to skip school for the day.  Cody took her to the riverfront park and they went to two libraries.  She was elated (he was pumped as well).  And then she was thrilled to go to school the next day. 

As for the allergist appointment, it was fine.  The doctor, who has been treating me since since I was a teenager, finally met Cody (after 5 minutes, she looked at him and said "Hi! Are you Evelyn's dad?" which is his favorite question to answer) and told Evelyn to tell my mom 'hi' (sorry, I forgot to ask how her kids are!  I bet they're doing great. They're so old!  I think her son is in college now!).  Evelyn's maintenance medications are fine and are not stunting her growth.  Our 'big' girl is 3'5" and 33 pounds. She's in the 20th percentile for her height! When I heard that, I actually shouted "Oh my gosh" and tried to get Evelyn to high-five me while she admonished me for my language and the doctor looked at me like I was amusingly 'off' and reminded me that it meant that 80% of the kids her age were bigger.  Of course I know what it means! My girl is moving on up! 

I know I need to do a birthday write-up for Cody's birthday and my dad's birthday.  I would love to talk about craft projects (but I think I just deleted all my knitted finished projects from the laptop while I was doing some cleanup.  It's fine.  I have all the pictures I want, and they're not hats and cowls.) some time.  I'll get to it eventually. For now, I wanted to set out some pictures of my very opinionated and beautiful daughter and her creations (both her paintings and the person she imagines herself to be sometimes. Those fancy lady facial expressions just knock me right out).  Look at this magical person I know.

Who rolled out her bed the other night, or maybe just settled in on the floor.  I like her.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More flower pictures!

Evelyn took most of these pictures when we went for a walk the other evening.  Yay spring!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tulip pictures for 2016

Not the most picturesque pictures I've taken of my girl among the Argenta tulips, but I'm glad we got out there and took a few snapshots while they were in bloom.  We've done it since she was a few days old and I want to do it every spring for as long as she'll let me.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

March's book list

Little Victories: Perfect Victories for Imperfect Living. Jason Gay.*
Skinwalkers. Tony Hillerman.*
Thief of Time. Tony Hillerman.*
Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories. Craig Johnson.*

Little Victories was pretty fun.  It was a humorous reminder to calm down, love your family, enjoy some misadventures, be kind, etc.  I liked it.

Skinwalkers was my first Hillerman novel.  I checked out a book that had all three Leaphorn and Chee novels in it.  Who are Leaphorn and Chee?  Very famous Hillerman characters, apparently?  One is young and spiritual, and one is old and not.  Sometimes I forget which is which, but I enjoyed reading both of those books.  I'm still on the third one, and I'm enjoying that as well.  I think the Leaphorn novels and Chee novels might be my new favorite detective series.  I do like to work my way through detective series.  It's nice to find a new one.

There's a new Longmire novel out (or maybe two) that I haven't read, but Cody found the collection of short stories at the library.  Most of them are centered around holidays.  It was some nice bedtime reading.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter weekend

There were some egg hunts and some birthday singing and a whole lot of family time in the sun.  I loved it.  I love weekends.  I love my family.  I love playing outside.  I love birthday treats.

And I really enjoyed these egg hunts.