Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A little birthday post for Dicy

It's Dicy's birthday!

Evelyn didn't sing to her, but I'm sure she will at some point.  There have been a lot of birthdays for the past couple of months, and I think birthdays are her favorite holidays.  She loves her grandparents because she has some good ones, and she always love to see her Gram. Tonight she even demanded that Gram steal her sugars.  It's love.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We had an Easter!  Here are the pictures.

Thanks, Granddad.

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She has a mouth full of chocolate bunny. It's the only way we could get her take a picture with us.

While Ellis cuddled with his little lamb, Evelyn called Sara Bodie's porch 'a stage' and did some dance moves. Thanks for the lesson, Sara Bodie!

Egg-hunting took a while. Evelyn kept opening her eggs and eating the candy, and then she'd forget about more hunting until she was ready to narrate her every action.  For the record, she was Olivia.  Like the pig.  Anyway, Chad checked the mailbox and sat down to go through the junk mail while we celebrated our resurrected Lord with candy and TWO egg hunts and a billion photos.

 Levi, as usual, just took everything in.

Some closing thoughts:
I hope Laine and Sara host everything forever and Levi and I will just owe them.
My fruit salad was very pretty this year and I wish I'd remembered to take a picture.
We celebrated Mother's Day for us girls (even Sara, because she is very devoted to her dogs, and a really great aunt) and I didn't take pictures. But I got a family zoo pass!
I love Ellis's facial expressions.
I love Evelyn's facial expressions.
Laine has a bracelet with a pendant embossed with the letter "E" and she told Evelyn it stood for Ellis and Evelyn.  It makes me smile.
We're going to trip up on those kids' names a lot.
I love ice cream runs with my sisters.
Evelyn needs to step up her egg-hunting and I know it's killing Sara not to say anything about it.
Cody nearly stole Ellis a couple of times and I heard him mentioning infant massage at least once. The paternal instinct is strong in this one!
I should have taken more pictures of Chad's fish!  The babies were mesmerized.
I should have taken pictures of Sara's dogs.
I should have taken more pictures of the babies.  I'm not even joking.  They're beautiful and hilarious.