Thursday, March 31, 2016

The races

We went to Oaklawn last Friday to celebrate Dad's birthday a little early!  It wasn't quite the party we hoped it would be because Laine had to stay home with a sick Calvin and she was the one doing most of the organizing.  But the weather was good, the horses were neat, and the kids were pretty riveted.  I didn't take many pictures, but here are some of the ones I did.

Mom brought entertainment for the kids.

Not pictured: me (of course), Robert, Mom, or the birthday man himself. Whoops. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Evelyn's 5th birthday party!

Evelyn's fifth birthday party was a couple of weekends ago.  She said it was the best party ever.  She loved her gifts.  Most of them have been declared her favorite gift at some point in the past couple of weeks.  She loved the food, and seeing the friends and family who came, and getting tons of compliments on the cake that she helped her dad decorate.  It was a wonderful afternoon!

Photo courtesy of Brook.

She thought she looked really cool in her jean jacket (it wasn't a birthday present. She just saw it that morning and decided she had to wear it all day).  She let us sing the birthday song to her this year (last year she made us be quiet and watch her sing it to herself).  I forgot to get a picture of Cody and me with her, but we'll get around to it sometime.  She was mentioning some specific poses she wanted us all to do, so there's that to look forward to. There's always something to look forward to with this girl. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Dr. Suess Party!

This is from a couple of Saturdays ago, but I wanted to post these pictures because I love our library.  They had a small party on Dr. Seuss's birthday, and then this lovely theme party on the following Saturday morning.  We had a blast!

"Green eggs."

Cupcakes because it was a party in the children's department.

Multicolored Goldfish crackers.

Sam, a service dog the kids can read to on some Saturday mornings.  He's taking a few weeks off, so I'm glad he was there the day Evelyn wanted to pass out stickers to everyone at the library.  You can see the daisy she colored on his bandana. We've been reading to Sam since he and Evelyn were toddler-aged!

Evelyn dressed up for this, and so did one lucky library person.  A couple of little boys showed up with whiskers painted on their faces!

I really don't know if Cody is wearing that cat shirt because of The Cat in the Hat, or if he just likes wearing that shirt. Evelyn gave it him last Christmas and he loves it.  I was mostly just taking a picture of the decorations on the bookshelves here.  The bookcases in the area of the library for smaller kids are still decorated with covers and characters from Dr. Seuss books.

This whole wall is decorated like the forest in "The Lorax", which looks so springy.  The kids each got little paperback Dr. Seuss books.  Evelyn actually got "The Lorax" and she's been practicing reading it ever since.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

She's 5

Our baby is 5.

She can read and buckle herself into her carseat.  She can't tie her shoelaces yet.  Her manners are about 50/50, but she's good at giving compliments.  Sometimes she wants to pass out stickers or cookies to strangers because she wants to be nice.  It doesn't make a sense to me because she's never met a stranger.

She talked to the birds she was birdwatching Saturday. Then the next day, she followed around some bees and talked to them too.

She makes up songs in the shower.  She's good at picking out gifts.  She's curious and opinionated.

She loves school and building and playing with Barbies and baby dolls and baking. 

She's the light of my life.

She's our baby. 

I don't care if she started going to school or learned to write beautifully or can paint her nails about as well as I can paint mine (that doesn't count for much, but still) this year.  She's our baby. 

Our strong, fancy, funny, brilliant baby.  Who is now a great big five-year-old.

Happy birthday to my very best girl!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Book list for January and February

Evelyn made a library in her room.

I read one book in January, and forgot to say anything about it.  So here's what I read these past two months!


The Kingdom of Little Wounds. Susann Cokal*

I checked this out because the cover was pretty and the name was intriguing.  I like medieval history in small doses, but this....started out weird and ended even weirder.  This was a young adult novel, but I'm not sure what age I'd be okay with Future Evelyn reading this.  Basically, I think I hated this. Don't read it.  It's thematically uneven, and the historical accuracy is so strong that I didn't so much want a shower after this as I did an Old Testament-style purification ritual.  (So much syphilis. much.)


Diving into the Wreck: Selected Poems 1971-1972. Adrienne Rich. 

I love this, and I love Adrienne Rich.  I bought this for $2 off a sale table at Hastings when I was a teenager, and then I didn't read much more of her until some time in college.  Then I went on a big tear and read nearly all of her poetry a few years ago.  I like her.  I always mean to read more of her essays, but then I come back to the poems instead and that feels fine.  I reread this every few years.  I wanted to read more in February, so I started with something small and familiar to get me started. It worked.

Gray Mountain. John Grisham*

Our library did a 'blind date' with a book thing last month.  They had a display of books wrapped up with some indicators about what was inside, and you checked out your book before you pulled back the paper.  I saw notes like 'big city lawyer in a small town' and knew I'd found my match.  It's been a while since I'd read any John Grisham because his dialogue makes me want to scream.  But I read the book in 3 days anyway, and hope there's another story featuring Samantha Kofer some time soon.

The Leftovers. Tom Perrotta*

I've never seen the show, but I checked out the book. I think I liked it?  There are a couple of boys who are usually in the library when we're there, and Evelyn always tries to help them read.  Their mom saw me checking out the book and told me it was weird.  She didn't say it like it was a bad thing, or an exciting thing, just that it was weird.  I get it.  I feel like I should have more to say, but I don't. It was weird. If a sequel ever came out, I would definitely want to read it.

Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads: A Modern Knitter's Guide to Discovering and Exploring Style. Cirlia Rose.*

Nice patterns, and interesting ideas, but not for me.  I had a whole rant typed out, but I was pretty sad and angry when I read through this and wound up feeling unstylish and ugly because I was having a bad day. On a regular day, I'd probably shrug my shoulders at the book and recommend it to knitters who dress more in a more feminine style and enjoy more whimsy.  So that's what I'm doing now.   

It's been a while since I've enjoyed reading books, so this has been a pretty great month!  A couple of Saturdays ago I had a kid-in-a-candy-store moment in our library's fiction section and I've really been enjoying what I gathered up.  It's a really good feeling.