Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stylish ladies

I thought it would be funny to do an outfit post because I think they're hilarious.  So rather than tell you about the wedding I went to on Saturday, or the people getting married, I'm going to tell you what I wore instead because that's apparently important.

Headband: borrowed from Brook when she realized I was about to take outfit post photos without a hair accessory.
Necklace: old necklace from some store you've probably never heard of* paired with a leaf pendant from Argenta Bead Company.
Dress: Rue 21.  I altered it by cutting a foot-long slit along a seam when I realized I couldn't walk without tripping myself.
Belt: Vintage**
Boots: Vintage***

We laughed hysterically when we took these because I have never assumed this "I'm 14 and don't know where I am and I have weak hips and that's why I stand all awkward and pigeon-toed" even as an awkward 14 year old.

Then Cody joined in the fun for a couple of pictures!

(I'm starting to laugh here.)

As did Jessi!

Her necklace is vintage. No, really.  Possibly antique. It's from her grandma.

We may have to make an album together just because we have such a good (cliched) cover photo:

But we also took the pictures because we're such stylish ladies.


**Stolen from Dad
***Stolen from Mom

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Casey is 28!

It generally goes without saying, but if Cody is having a birthday then Casey is too!

He also calls Evelyn "Girl."
I don't know how he'd categorize this past year, but I'm calling it a success because he didn't have a car accident.  Awesome!

It's been fun to watch Casey with Evelyn this past year (everything comes down to Evelyn, doesn't it?). He makes all the same faces and says all the same things that Cody does, and she loves it even though she's always been able to tell the difference.  Casey's been quite the champion uncle and he's great babysitter and he's an all-around good guy.

Happy birthday, Casey!  We hope your day was great.

Edit: I was told that yesterday was great for Casey because Cody gave him a gift card to Barnes & Noble.  And what did Casey give Cody?  A Barnes & Noble gift card.  They're both happy.  And no one is surprised.

Birthday guys last year.  Evelyn will be much more excited for them this year.  Promise.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cody Lee is 28!

Cody's birthday is today.  Hooray!

He celebrated his last birthday right after Evelyn's birth-day, so our celebration of the big day was pretty muted.  This year is looking pretty low-key as well.  We'll open some presents when I go home, and then Evelyn and I are taking him out for burgers.  I'll make him banana nut bread, too!

He's had a good year.  Even last year, when I asked Cody what his favorite part of the last year was, he said he liked the Evelyn parts--even though she'd only been with us for fewer than 2 weeks!  She made an impression.  In the past year, I've watched Cody take an immense amount of joy in taking on his role as a dad.  I've watched Evelyn take an immense amount of joy in being his daughter.  When I went back to work, Cody was home with Evelyn every morning.  He watched Kathy Lee and Hoda with her, sang to her, fed her, dressed her, and took her to the library.  She 'helped' him cook and make the bed.

Now that Cody's work schedule has changed, he's missed his mornings with Evelyn and he's pretty sure she has too.  But he's home in the evenings, and she loves that.  He's more fun at bathtime, he can get her to eat more food than I can (or so he says), and he can go for walks with us.  The best thing we can get from Cody is his time, and he gives it freely.

He's a great caretaker.  He's a great cook.  He's a great spouse and parent.  He's great.  I'm glad he was born, and I'm always glad I get to spend my years with him.  He's grown and improved and--I'm going to say it--flourished this year.

Her first trip to the comic store!

4 month check-up.

Recovering from the 4 month check-up.

First book sale!

First state fair.

First time to stand up against something.

A toddler spent nearly 15 minutes trying to teach Cody how to use an iPhone back in December.  It didn't work.

We gave him a stand mixer for Christmas!

It's been so fun and amazing to watch Cody turn another year older and be a whole lot wiser and better and cuter.  I love our adventures together and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.

Happy birthday, Cody Lee Roy!*  You are my favorite guy and I love to celebrate with you.

*Not really his middle name. I just like to call him that and he lets me.