Sunday, December 29, 2013

We had a Christmas!

Oops.  We had Christmas with my side of the family this week and we're having Christmas with Cody's side of the family tonight, so I'd better get some pictures out here!

This is mostly a photodump, but they're nice photos and they have people I love in them.  Mom, I promise I'm going to email you some pictures of Evelyn and Ellis once I get to a computer with faster Internet.  Which will be soon.

Merry Christmas from Laine's tree!

These jerks hogged Ellis forever when they weren't calling the rest of us jerks for hogging Ellis.

Here's my Christmas girl!  She loved Christmas this year!  And her Strawberry Shortcake pajamas.

Ellis's side of the couch.

And Evelyn's, minus an alphabet game.  Santa didn't bother bringing too many things for them because he knew they'd be okay without him.

Evelyn held Ellis a lot. She calls him Baby Gray or Baby Ellis.  But she likes him.

Sara and Levi hogged Ellis like a couple of jerks.

Evelyn got 'a craft'.

This princess jewelry has blinking lights.

She wanted to look at herself in the mirror a lot in this fancy splendor.

She got a medical kit, too!  Everyone has healthy heartbeats and good blood pressure.

Dr. Princess is here to help.

I love how excited Laine is with Ellis's new toy.

Train time!

Evelyn kicked off the day after Christmas with more Ellis-holding. They get better at being friends every day.

Look at my beautiful baby.

And look at this beautiful baby!


Actually, it barely fits.  Big boy!

Evelyn is showing him the Santa Key.  It's how Santa gets into houses without chimneys.

I made them matching hats this trip that they've both nearly outgrown and do not like.  Next time, sweaters!

My new favorite picture.

So expressive, so cute.

I miss this sweet face!  I'd like to think he misses me, but he's probably fine with his mom and dad.  He really seems to like them a lot.

Here is my own little goober switching from pretending to knit a scarf I'm working on, to wearing it on the car ride home.