Monday, August 1, 2011

July's book list

We like reading in this family.


Since it's been a while, I thought I'd re-explain how the monthly book lists work:

I write down a list of the books I've finished for the month.  I don't include anything related to work.  I've also decided that I won't include anything that I've read to Evelyn strictly for her entertainment (although we're still working our way through Beowulf).  So that adorable picture up there is just being adorable, and not for assuring you that we've read a lot about firefighters lately.

Library books are marked with an asterisk.  

Audiobooks also count.  I just made up that rule last month when I wanted to read, but couldn't because Evelyn won't let me sit on a couch and ignore her for hours at a time.  So I tried out some library books on CD and enjoyed nursing her at night while listening to stories of bereft women with disintegrating marriages and mystery stories filled with violence against women.  That was not intended to be as sarcastic as it looked.

Eats, Poops and Leaves: The Essential Apologies, Rationalizations, and Downright Denials Every New Parent Needs to Know and Other Fundamentals of Baby Etiquette. Adam Wasson*

The Knitting Circle (CD). Ann Hood. Read by Hillary Huber*

The Girl Who Played With Fire. Stieg Larsson. Trans. Reg Keeland.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (CD). Stieg Larsson. Trans. Reg Keeland.  Read by Simon Vance.*

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