Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ateca and Jen have a playdate!

Ateca sent me a text a couple of weeks ago to let me know that she was watching her cousin, Kasey, for the weekend and that we should set up a playdate for our girls.  This confirms my suspicions that playdates are just for big people who have to take little people everywhere they go. 

So last Saturday, we made Evelyn (5ish months) and Kasey (21 months) play together while Ateca and I talked about our jobs, apartments, and the next generation of Duggars.  By "play together" I apparently mean that they were just mystified by each other.  Kasey played with the baby toys and Evelyn chewed on things.

As always, Evelyn loved Ateca:

But I'm not sure Kasey was that fond of me.  I'm a stranger, I didn't let her pick up the baby, I'm a bad playdate hostess because I didn't think about juice and snacks (that one actually bothers me!), etc.  And then there was this:

I'm the kind of monster who sets out candy within reach of short people who aren't allowed to eat it.


And that's why we have this picture now.

Sorry, Kasey.  I hope there's a next time so I can make it up to you.


Laine said...

Hahahahah! That last picture is the best...

You're a bad person... sorry.

Teca said...

I totally agree playdates are for big people!!!

In defense of Jennifer, that is Kasey's regular look. She hardly ever smiles. She frowned at Lloyd while we went shopping. We went and took pictures later that evening and it took forever for her to smile. Now, I will say she did give you her PO'd look after the candy was refused. You are definitely on her list. We will have to make it up to her. She was already mad at me b/c she got her hand tapped and we put up the bouncy thing.

We will have to try it again. She will like you...eventually. Here all this time, I was thinking your kids wouldn't like me, and my "kid" doesn't like you. Ironies!!!

Evelyn June loves me!!!

No worries about the juice and snacks. I hate changing diapers.

Let's do it again!!!