Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ms. Frizzle is uplifting

 I'm about to present the best post ever.
This post will be an ode to the really fantastic outfits worn by Ms. Frizzle.

Because she is not only intelligent, personable, and adventurous, but she also has a stylish flair that reflects her love of science in every bold ensemble.

And because she has apparently inspired my especially bad Duggartastic get-up today.

So here we go:



Creepy crawly safari time!

Check out the shoes.
We all need a pair.

I can't tell what this is,
but I did notice the shoes again.

Oh, and Liz!

She's so awesome, her reptilian sidekick wears great outfits!

I stole these from all over the Internet. I had a blast doing so.

I also found some great photographs of people dressed as Ms. Frizzle for costume parties.

And I found several blogs where she was listed as a fashion inspiration.

I totally get it.

She has really great style.

And I don't care if she's fictional, I need these shoes!

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Anonymous said...

hey Jen... i LOVE it!! Im a BIG fan of Ms. Frizzle! Thanks 4 sharing :D .. -Jov-