Thursday, October 27, 2016

A birthday post for Sara

Sara had a birthday a while ago and I'm just getting around to posting about it.  It was just that big of a birthday.  I know I say this for every life event everyone ever has every single time, but she had a big year. 

I really mean it this time.

For starters, Laine nearly set her on fire with her own cake.

New job, new place, new name, new nephew, and one of those great big milestone birthdays all in a span of 365 days.

At just a few hours old, I could tell that Calvin probably liked her better than he did me.
She did some aunt things that made the rest of us throw up our hands in despair.  (I will never be the cool aunt. It just can't happen around her!)  In February, she and Evelyn had an afternoon's worth of marvelous adventures.  And then they had a sleepover adventure this summer that Evelyn is still talking about.

She goes out to Memphis on a whim sometimes to party with her nephews, and sometimes she plans trips so she can go out and be helpful.  She also buys the best pajamas.  Ask anyone.  Or just ask Ellis:

She had to stop doing Crossfit, but she's doing some other kind of fitness thing.  (I don't know a lot about exercise, but she sure does.)

She spoils the kids, Marie Kondo'd her life, and generally has a lot of opinions on how the world should run.  I think she even managed to attend a couple of Razorback games in this past year somewhere.

She's super great at nearly everything she does, so I know this year will be even better than the last.  Happy (super belated) birthday, Sara!

PS: she also went to Oaklawn and looked like this with Levi on Good Friday.  It's not super relevant, but I always like it when the 'little kids' are together and enjoying things. Plus, they look fantastic.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Calvin is 1!

Man, baby Calvin has been here a year already?!  He must have been since he had a birthday party this past weekend.  It was circus-themed, just like Ellis's first birthday party.  It was a super fun time at home, with a bunch of friends and a few cousins ready to celebrate and play with all the new toys.

Have I really been taking blurry pictures of these cousins for a full year? They're always so busy!

He's lunging for my camera here. I'm sure he'll be working it like a champ in a year from now. Ellis already can!

Calvin can walk and wave and clap and I think he can eat anything.  He has the best laugh of any baby I've ever met, and I love watching him grow more and more (and more! Holy smokes, he is a big baby and a fast learner!) every time I see him.  Happy birthday, Calvin Hugh!  We love you and we love celebrating with you!

Monday, October 3, 2016

September reading list

Knitting Pearls: Writers Writing About Knitting. Ann Hood, ed.*
I had gotten Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting (also edited by Ann Hood) as a gift a few years ago and enjoyed almost all of the essays, so I thought this was a pretty safe bet when I saw it in the library.

Never has reading about something I love so much left me so cold (with the exception of mom essays, but that's always a mixed bag).  I don't remember liking a single thing in this!  Even the happy selections were ridiculous, but maybe that's because they were kind of lost in a sea of absolute misery.  It was just terrible.  Everyone was so miserable, but the knitting projects made them so serene?  Or something?  I talk to knitters and read blogs by knitters and sometimes just interact with regular ol' people with whom I have nothing in common without feeling as alienated as I did reading this.  Which is probably good, because let me say it again: absolute misery.

People of Darkness. Tony Hillerman.
Sacred Clowns. Tony Hillerman.

Several characters die in these books.  There's a lot of poverty and drought and lying and aging and loss of traditions and stories.  It was preferable to the knitting book.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

We had an anniversary adventure

Cody and I went to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art a few days before our anniversary.  Mom picked up Evelyn from school that day and they had a sleepover on a school night.  Clearly, we were all partying pretty hard.

Cody and I hit the road as soon as we dropped Evelyn off at school (late) and I was nervous that she would get sick or that Cody would get sick or that something would somehow go wrong and we wouldn't get to go before the exhibit on folk art left.

Mom told me I would probably cry and I did a little bit a few times!

But we did.  The drive was great and we had an absolute blast. It was beautiful!  I took a bunch of pictures!  For people who were so excited to have a kid-free day, we sure did talk about our kid a lot.  This sculpture really reminded us of her because she's in a spider phase again.

Now here's a slew of things that Americans made that WERE JUST SO GREAT.



I love this couple.  They seem fun.

This is a rug that made me gasp audibly.  It probably wasn't used to ever cover a floor, which is good.  I would murder someone if they ever put their feet on this.  But only far away from this because I wouldn't want to mess it up.

We stopped for lunch and then checked out the rest of the museum:

We stopped at the gift shop. We wished we had time to explore the trails.  We took pictures of each other.

I wore my shawl. It was great.
We talked all the home (and took a break for Braum's!  It was so greasy!), and it was a wonderful, wonderful day.

And on our actual anniversary? 

The three of us went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner.  It was fantastic!

What a blessed ten years it's been.