Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot Springs is really pretty

These pictures are from September of last year.  I held off on writing about this because I was embarrassed, but enough time has passed now that I don't care (as much) and the pictures are nice.

So.  Remember that time I went to a fiber festival in Hot Springs?  It was awesome, and I'd looked forward to going for months.  I've always wanted to go, actually, but it was usually scheduled for the first weekend in December--when the weather was bad, my work was busy, my mom was having a birthday or some combination of those things.  But!

It got moved to September!  I could go!  And so I did!  I took the time off, and I even told my co-workers and supervisors where I was going (that was maybe a mistake).  It was near my anniversary, so I took the time off and Cody and Evelyn were going to come with me and enjoy the downtown while I looked at vendors. 

So off we went!  I stayed up really late the night before knitting a hat for the event.  I didn't need another hat, but it was a pattern that I'd been wanting to try for a while and I'd had the yarn for a month or two, and I was just so excited to work on something for myself even if I never blogged about it (and I never have, just because).  So we drove down and they dropped me off and I went to the convention center. 

And it was really quiet in there.

I didn't see any signs or knitters, and I didn't hear the familiar sounds of a convention.  A group of businessy-looking people walked past talking about some deals.  And I started to feel weird.

I had printed off an email proving my registration (I still don't have Internet on my phone) and....there it was.  The confirmation for my attendance for the festival.  Just one week away.


The signs were all there!  My friends weren't talking on Facebook about catching rides together, or the classes they were taking.  No one had mentioned anything at knit night.  There were no pictures from Thursday on the festival's social media accounts.  But I just hadn't really noticed, or been able to process what I was maybe noticing because I was so busy.  We were finishing up some big projects at work, and I was still working at my second job.  And on top of working and more working, I was attempting to see my family and do fun things with a little girl and enjoy my weekends.  It wasn't working out like I'd hoped, obviously.

So. I went ahead and had to call Cody and let him know that I, adult person and sole breadwinner and also mother of our daughter, was too exhausted to remember how calendars work and that we had gone to Hot Springs for no real reason in the rain.  To his credit, he didn't say much about it and never has.  He skipped right over the part where I was too tired to function and said he was kind of excited that I could spend the day with him and Evelyn.

And we had a great time!  We went into a bunch of the shops and looked at rocks, ate popcorn at some place where Evelyn ate popcorn in her raincoat, and went to the toy store where we got her a little tin tea set that she loves.  And then there were the regular ol' site like the hot springs and the bath houses.  We ate Sonic on the way out of town, which Evelyn thought was the best treat ever, and enjoyed the first chilled-out day we'd all had together in forever.   

I decided to scale back on a few things shortly after that day, like blogging when I didn't feel like it and working until spending any kind of weekday with my girl felt like the rarest of pathetic rarities.  By the time I came back a week later, I already knew I'd probably resign from extra work.  I was able to relax and have dinner with friends instead of rushing back home.  I was able to enjoy myself.  I wasn't quite comfortable with broadcasting my moment of absolute spaciness at the time, but I was thinking about these pictures the other day and figured I'd throw them out there.  I'd like to go back some time when we can walk the trails and maybe meet up with friends who live in the area.

We have time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dishcloth of the Week: I can't stop

Remember when I went crazy and crocheted up a billion dishcloths a month or so ago and had very little dishcloth yarn left in my stash and I was going to take a break from dishcloths?  That was a very restful month, I guess, because I was in Michaels a few weeks ago buying another blasted skein of Red Heart when I saw that the cotton yarn was on sale. So I bought 2 skeins of cute variegated yarns and made this after thinking about patterns for a few days.

Then I realized I'd had this particular pattern in my Ravelry queue for months and months, so here we are!  It's just single crochet stitches worked in the back loops every row, but the effect is pretty cool with the variegated yarn. 

I left the border off because this is pretty stretchy and I wanted to leave it that way. It looks good on either side, and the texture will probably make it extra scrubby.

Pattern: #19, The Big Book of Dishcloths
Yarn: Sugar'n Cream Ombres, Mod Ombre
Hook: I
Yardage: 70ish yards
Size: approximately 9" x 9"

Monday, June 8, 2015

A birthday post for Laine

Laine's birthday was yesterday and we partied most of the weekend.  We ate a ton, wiped the kids' noses, and watched the Razorbacks play baseball. 

I'm too lazy to look up what I wrote last year, but I probably predicted that Laine would have a big year this past year.  No surprise: she did!  She continued to keep Ellis alive and thriving. She became pregnant again with another little boy.  She got bangs.

She hosted Evelyn probably 3 times in her home, brought Ellis to see us a bunch of times, and did all kinds of mom things.  She's the most optimistic and cheerful of the of us and usually has the best hair, darn her.  I'm excited to see what this year brings.  We all know it's going to be a good one!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Trimming down

Last night, I cut my hair.  I've been growing it out for a while but I'd kind of forgotten that I don't like having long hair.  Sometimes I do, but on the days I don't have time that limp ponytail doesn't look so great.  Plus, sometimes I really love having shoulder-length hair.  So now it's slightly shorter than that and I love it.

Tonight I cut Cody's hair.  It's nothing spectacular, but it's probably the best job I've done of cutting someone's hair with a beard trimmer while trying to create a discernible space between the end of his hair and the beginning of his neck. 

I've been exercising.  I like being active, but I strongly dislike exercise.  But I need a little bit more activity to firm up a little and manage my nerves.  Also, I have maybe gained weight and I hate shopping for new clothes more than I hate working out.  This is much cheaper.  Plus, it's called the Wonder Woman Workout.  Obviously I've had to try it.  I can make it through one and a half sets after a week if I skip the punching sit-ups.

I've been using up some of my yarn stash and I've finished up some projects.  Evelyn's been taking her board books off the shelf and stowing them away for her cousin.  Cody's been trying to clear out the cabinets a bit.  Any fruit that's past its prime gets smushed up and frozen into popsicles.  I don't know if we're super conscious about this bit of paring down, but I'm seeing the trend and I kind of like it.

Especially the popsicles.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Reasons to be excited for June

Chad and Sara will celebrate their 6th (?!?!?) wedding anniversary on the 6th.

Laine will celebrate her birthday on the 7th.

Evelyn will be taking swimming some point.  I don't know, Cody's in charge of that and the place hasn't contacted him.  That kid's hitting the water at some point.

The Rose Bud Church of Christ will be having their VBS at the end of the month and Evelyn's going to have a great time.

Here she is having a great time last year.

My mom's going to get some baby chicks.

The summer reading program at our library has started.  Evelyn signed up today!

There are now zucchinis and squashes at the farmers market.  Excellent.

And! The month got off to a seriously wonderful start when Laine sent out a text to let us know she's having another boy! 

I've been making a few gender-neutral things thus far.

I'm already excited to meet him.