Monday, February 24, 2014

Making a terrarium with a toddler

I bought some terrarium plants at the flower and garden show this weekend because I love plants and I've wanted a terrarium for a while now.  Lucky for me, they're in fashion and easy to assemble.  It's a small project so I thought it would be a fun project to do with a nearly-three-year-old person.  It went so well I'm going to pretend this is a tutorial post!

Step 1: Set everything out beforehand.  I washed my three-dollar bag of rocks (the fact that we're so urban I'm buying rocks is making my very soul twitchy.  Holy smokes) and lidded jar (something from Michaels) during naptime and put everything out ONLY after Evelyn said she wanted to plant some plants.

Step 2: Wonder why you didn't move this outside on the balcony/put out something on the table/put out something on the floor.

Step 3: Pray about the floor.

Step 4: Let girlfriend dump the rocks.  All of them.  We're not the kind of people who keep pebbles in a little baggie for future craft projects.  Then we might have to have pebble projects!

Step 5: Scoop dirt into your container.  I grabbed some old dirt from our empty pots from last year and let Evelyn scoop it into the new pot with a measuring cup.

Step 6: remove your itty bitty terrarium plants from their itty bitty pots.  Not pictured because Evelyn was trying to crush them/pull them out like weeds.  The sign at the booth said they were not hardy, so I just asked her where she thought they should be planted and did the rest myself.

Step 7: Water the plants.  Water them hardcore.  Maybe you should yell "Here you go, plants! You are sirsty!" so the plants will know to get excited about their new lives.

Step 8: Throw (literally) some rocks in there along with some moss you found on the balcony.

Step 9: Put a lid on it.

Step 10: Explain why we can't water again just yet.

Step 11: Enjoy the lovely display of teeny tiny plants and rest secure in the knowledge that this container is better suited for open windows than the poinsettia.  (Whoops.)

Step 12: Vacuum.

This was a fun little project! It's not as messy as something with glitter, and not as tantrum-inducing as something with felt (I think that's just my crafter, though).  Plus, now I have a terrarium and it looks as charming as that Martha Stewart Living article told me it would be.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Flower & Garden Show Trip for 2013

Man, I love the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  Our family likes it, so obviously Evelyn does too.

She even liked meeting this bee!

I promise.   She actually had her Granddad take her out several times to go looking for the bee again.

She also saw real bees.

And had honey ice cream.

I love the exhibits!   Yes, it's a fountain piano.

Succulents.  Succulents everywhere.

It's a robot made of flower pots!

It's a flapper with flowers in her hair pouring flowers into champagne glasses!

It's a thing made to scare away birds made of birdseed!  And also maybe nightmares.
(But I did like how this display had lots of vegetables.  Vegetables are pretty!)

The Extension Service celebrates 100 years of awesomeness this year!

Also, there was a guy making balloon things.  Evelyn was very excited to talk about her puppy dog.  "I chose the color!  I chose blue!  He made this for me!"

He also made this for her.

She loved her crown.

Not pictured: lunch with Sara Bodie (who wore a vintage Flower and Garden Show t-shirt) and her friend, Evelyn conducting electricity through her hair like a champion, our friend Thomas and his ever-impressive landscaping plans, the few little terrarium plants I bought, and Mom.  I swear Mom was there for this.  She was usually off listening to demonstrations, asking questions, talking about this killer winter, and buying things.  She and Evelyn have a lot of seeds to plant very, very soon and I'm super excited about that for them.

I didn't get really carried away with wild planting plans this year.  Our space is limited and the community garden is gone and I know my container gardening limits. 

Which is why we have a terrarium now!

Monday, February 17, 2014

On a Sunday afternoon

We took Evelyn to the park yesterday.

It was wonderful.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Gil

We're so glad you're here. 

Some of us are very, very glad.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book list for January 2014

Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting, ed. Ann Hood

I got this from Dicy for my birthday present.  I miss getting books as birthday presents, I miss knitting purely for the meditative enjoyment, and I miss reading for pleasure.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Girl trip for a Memphis adventure!

Yesterday I decided, "Nah, I'm sure the roads are fine," bribed Evelyn into the car with the promise of Pop Tarts, and listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' greatest hits on repeat to Memphis.  We met Laine and Evelyn at the Pink Palace because I had directions to get there. 

No, really.

We looked at nearly every exhibit, but usually only for a few seconds at a time because Evelyn gets bored easily and Ellis would cry if the stroller didn't keep moving.  Mom adventures!

We saw the polar bear!  Okay, Laine and I were impressed.

Not so much Evelyn.

She had the place to herself pretty much.

Some things we did visit several times--like replicas of stores, carriages, and this mannequin reenactment of a Civil War-era battlefield amputation.  She's very interested in booboos right now.

Then we went back to Laine's house to see Robert and feed Ellis this bottle.

I made his sweater, by the way.  Yay!

Laine was taking pictures with her phone and Evelyn was smiling for her.  It looks a little scary from this angle.

Eventually, Evelyn got a little bored with feeding Ellis.  So I got a turn and I enjoyed all of his grunts and alert eye contact and then I probably burped him for 10 straight minutes just so I could hold him.  What a glorious chubby baby.

Evelyn still mostly just wants to play with his toys and put Boris in his swing while Robert helped her adjust the settings.  She was mostly excited to see Laine, and they got to hang out and snuggle a bit before we left.  And that's why I have this series of lovely photographs.

Evelyn was an amazingly happy traveler on the way to Memphis, and she was also pretty pleasant on the way back.  She fell asleep before we ever crossed the Mississippi, and didn't wake up to fuss from boredom until an hour or so from home.  Even with ice flying off of people's cars and having to carry Evelyn into a gas station in her pajamas, it was our greatest traveling day EVER.  We only had to slow down for construction/weirdness a couple of times, and the roads were fine.

It was a much needed day for both of us and I'm so glad we got to go.  We're iced in today and my head is dying from sinus pressure.  Evelyn is a bit grouchy, but is really enjoying reading books while sitting in her Boppy.  Laine gave me mine back, and Cody and I are really looking forward to more naps on the couch with that thing.  I'm so happy I got to take a trip with my little girl to see Laine and her little family.  Perfect day.