Saturday, September 28, 2013

I like to think I'd plant an apple tree, too

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Martin Luther
Our community garden is done.

The lot it was on was sold earlier this year, but we got to replant our plots for free because they could be uprooted at any point.  Probably before harvest time. 

I'm a sucker for anything free, and I'm a little bit optimistic.  Besides, it was my best chance to have a garden.  So I put out some sweet potato cuttings and a few nasturtium seeds.  There were even some sugar snap peas that burned up, even with all our watering.

Oh, the watering.

If nothing else, this was a good summer because it was when Evelyn learned how to water plants.  She's a little bit older and more patient, so toting her out there was a little less unpleasant.  And she liked picking up rocks this summer.

She really liked to water those plants.

We walked past last weekend, and the bed had been dismantled and the plants had been dug up.  Construction is supposed to start soon and some new unaffordable apartments will take the place of people's plots of peppers and squash. 

These things happen.

Someone was nice enough to put our fingerling-size sweet potatoes in a pile near the remains of our plot, so I carried them home.  Evelyn happily gnawed on one after she helped me wash them off.  The water had been shut off a few weeks ago, and it had bothered her that we couldn't water the plants.  It bothered me, too.  We had nearly a full growing season, and more rain than we normally get.

It didn't last long enough, but I'm glad we had our garden.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Evelyn's been helping Cody cook a lot.  Sometimes she just cooks at her kitchen, though, because she likes to do things herself.  A lot.

We went to Dallas's birthday party because he's 12 and time is crazy.

My work has slowed down.

Cody still looks for work.  Trying has to count for something, right? Right.  I think it counts.

The weather is cooler and we have more time.  Cody's going to take Evelyn to the zoo more often, and I'm more open to aimless toddler wandering now that it's not hot enough to make me feel like vomiting.

She saw this at her grandparents' house and loved it.

I helped Laine with her first ever baby gift registry!  Mostly, I just rubbed things and tried to stop Mom from buying frilly things for Evelyn.  (I failed.)  Laine and her baby boy are growing big and lovely.

Cody and I are keeping our budget pretty pared down these days.  It feels a little extreme, but it's not as crazy as a no-spend.  Close, but I like no-spend adventures. (no pictures of that)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I took time off. The world seems to work fine without me.

I'm on Day 2 of my long-fantasized vacation.  I'm basically having a five-day weekend. 

So far, I've:
  • gone to baby time at the library with Evelyn, something I've been missing since November of last year. We both really enjoyed ourselves.
  • gone shopping with my mom and daughter for my sister and her son.  So much family stuff!
  • worked like crazy to come up with projects and posts for the Leisure Arts blog.  Hey, it's nice to be able to have time to do it, especially because I know getting a few posts ahead will give me some free time in the future!
  • attended a marketing meeting.  I am adult.
  • taken 75 pictures.  Most of them weren't Evelyn.  I'm a slacker.
  • considered pulling out Mom's sewing machine to make a quilt top.  Then I gave in to fear and decided to make it a weekend project.
  • eaten pizza.
  • done 3 loads of laundry. 
  • made lists with Cody about things to sell or donate.
  • thought a lot about the color orange.
  • read at least 60% of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and been bored with roughly 80%  it.
  • met my British television quota for the week.  Lucky for me, there's no rule against exceeding that quota because Cody picked up Season 2 of Foyle's War on DVD at the library for me.
  • rocked Evelyn before her nap twice while she elbowed me in all kinds of soft, squishy places as I tried to remember the last time I exercised and then got distracted by sniffing her hair.
I have 3 more days!  I want to take some clothes by a consignment shop!  And sew!  And knit!  And maybe organize a kitchen cabinet!  I love time.  Especially this time.  I'm happy.

This is her monster face.  And yes, we have coffee together as a family.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book List for August 2013

Shutterbug Follies, by Jason Little.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby's first Pink Palace trip

We went to Pink Palace with some friends! Obviously we took our own car, and left earlier than the others.  Evelyn was pretty amazing on the ride up, but we hit the museum right around nap time.  She raged because she couldn't push the stroller/climb the stroller/do something I never could figure out.  Things got a little better when I took the stroller and cast it into the fiery depths of Hell the car trunk, and we got to look at some taxidermied animals and fish fossils.  She only slept an hour on the way home, my week of not sleeping caught up to me, and I sat on the floor in a catatonic state when we got home while she screamed about....something.

Then she ate the world's largest supper and cheerfully took a bath and got ready for bed early.  Okay.

In summary:

-Our friends are lovely and unphotographed people who love Evelyn.
-Cody will share his snacks with Evelyn.
-Evelyn = getting better at trips and outings, while Mommy = actually getting worse even though I never knew it was possibly.
-Pink Palace is really great.
-People who have weddings at the Pink Palace and close off the best part of the museum (that we still paid to see--what?!  Okay, not us because Laine graciously gave us a pass for our anniversary.  But still) should be taken out back and cast into the car.  Ahem.

Here are some pictures.

Baby's first bites of Nutrageous!

Shortly followed by baby's first bites of crayon!

Part of the WWI exhibit on art and war time.  A decorated mess kit.

Shell vases.

It's not running any more, but Evelyn loved it.

Fossil. She really liked this.

She wanted me to take a picture of her shoe.  Here it is.

She got three little fish at the gift shop.  She's been cooking them in her play kitchen and carrying them in a jar ever since.