Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sara Graduated!

I had a lot to say about it, but mostly what I want to say is that we were happy and proud.  Hooray for Sara!

Here we are waiting eagerly for the ceremonies to start.  We took up nearly a whole row, and Mom packed of entertainment for Evelyn.

It helped a lot.  Evelyn was a pretty great trooper through the whole thing!  A sleepy, great trooper.

She made Chad read a Magic Schoolbus book to her.

And then, what we came for!  After song and prayer and speech and all those other programs and names: Sara Gail!

I was oddly excited that she wore flats for her day of standing and walking.  It's a very mature and graduate thing to spare your awful ankles from heels.

There she is!

This is when she stopped walking back to her seat and stood there while I changed the settings on my camera to take her picture.  Lovely.

We took a lot of pictures once it was all over.  It was a happy occasion!  We need lots of documentation.

Excited parents.

We are all degree-holders!  Whoop whoop!

Standard awkward photo with Levi.

This is probably my new favorite picture of them.

Evelyn deigned to take a few pictures, but not without her pacifier or Boris.  A girl has limits.

Her aunt gets it.

 Also, here's Chad!  Such a supportive and proud husband.  Good dude.  I like him.

 I'm just a happy and proud big sister right now.

Typo Tuesday: Time Does Not Heal These Wounds

My friend Ateca put this on my Facebook wall a few weeks ago and asked "What's wrong with this picture?"

All this time later, and I still can't go into it.  There's just too much wrong.

Monday, July 22, 2013

An Anniversary Post for Laine and Robert

I woke up this morning thinking that today was the 19th.  But then I checked my phone and discovered three things:
  1. I had overslept.
  2. It was the 22nd.
  3. Our utility bill should have been mailed out last week.
I'm not too talented at keeping up with calendars and Hallmark cards and things, which is why I didn't remember to mail Laine and Robert a card for their wedding anniversary!  In fact, when I emailed Laine this morning I almost joked "It's no big deal. It's not like the five-year anniversary is important or anything!"

But then I remembered they've been married for SIX years.

Time flies when you're not paying attention, I guess?

Year 6 has been pretty dadgummed awesome.

Robert graduated!

Laine got pregnant!

What more do I need to say?!  Most people coast on that kind of awesomeness for years--separately!  And they've not only done that, but Robert is also a nurse!  With gout!  Laine started a blog!  She posts pictures like this!

So pretty.

But!  They're not content with the accomplishments of this past year!  No!  Onward and upward and with even more people at the party!  They're finding out if they're having a son or a daughter on Friday!  This little person might even be born on my birthday!

They have so many adventures ahead of them and I just can't wait.

Guys, I think it's going to be a really great year.   Happy, happy anniversary!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last week's adventures

My parents had a trip planned last weekend, and since we didn't know our schedules for the week, Evelyn went with them!

I packed a camera and they took a few pictures so I could see what kind of fun Evelyn was having without us.  Lots.


It was lots and lots of fun.  She's becoming a champion traveler, and she was kept well entertained with new books and frequent stops.

She had lunch with her Aunt Laine!  She ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, 2 baby carrots, and a significant amount of ice cream.

All the other pictures of swimming, pretending to drive cars, and running around with things on her head are on people's phones.  There is this gem that Mom emailed me, though.

I am told she wore the purse, coffee sleeve, and sunglasses for the duration of her dinner.  She's becoming increasingly fancy and also maybe bizarre these days.

Oh, and here's Evelyn's new friend.

That's Charlie!  We kept him from the time he was younger than Evelyn until he was nearly kindergarten age and his family moved to another state.  So when Dad had a chance to be in their area for work, Mom--and then Evelyn!--went with him to see our friends.

I was incredibly excited that Evelyn got to meet our old neighbors.  They liked her, obviously.  And she liked them, obviously.  Mom and Dad enjoyed catching up, and Evelyn enjoyed meeting our friends.  Spending so much time with Charlie probably prepared me quite a bit for Evelyn, especially at this age.  I'm always a little jealous of the fun Evelyn has when she travels with my parents, but I would have loved to gone on this trip.  It's probably been a solid decade since I've seen Mel, Sarah, and Charlie.  I'm happy to hear that they're doing well and are as lovely as I remember them.  I'm happy to know that Charlie is a sweet young man.  I'm happy that Evelyn had a wonderful time with her wonderful grandparents.

And I'm very, very, very happy that she's home.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Babies cry"

Evelyn talks to herself a lot.  Actually, she just plain talks a lot.  It's pretty funny.

The other day she was getting all fussy and I told her "Please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your mama" and she exclaimed "That's a good book!"  She really likes Llama, Llama Red Pajama.

She's ridiculously short-tempered about some things--flailing and yelling "oh noooooo!" and screaming and running.

But there are other times when something happens that would have destroyed her a few weeks ago and she'll just chirp "Whoops!  Try again!"  And then she will.  Which is awesome.

She likes to play with her baby doll.  We talk about babies a lot because everyone's having them and we want her to be ready to treat them carefully.  She usually just intones seriously, "Babies cry."  And then we'll tell her that yes, babies do cry sometimes so we hold them or feed them.  She has a bottle that she gives to her baby doll, and sometimes she acts like the baby needs her pacifier.  It's adorable.

Yesterday she said the baby was crying and she was running around in circles chattering to herself about how to handle it when she took off for the front door and shouted something about the baby crying and needing to go to the library.  Then she cried herself when we told her the library was closed.  She loves libraries!  I like that she thought the baby doll would like it.

I've been knitting baby bootees lately because I like them.  I made 3 pairs for Laine.  One set is white, one set is pink, and one set is blue.  We'll find out if this little person is a niece or a nephew in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.  I think she's having a girl.  I just do.  I'd like for all of Evelyn's little pink rompers to get some more use.

I don't do too much spring cleaning, but I do go through a lot of summer purges.  I'm ready to let go of the cloth diapers and burp rags and Boppy and tiny socks.  I don't feel like we need them anymore.  I see everyone around me having babies and I just feel relief that it's not happening to me.  I loved Evelyn's little baby time, but apparently not enough to repeat it.  If someone else shows up to our party, that would be awesome.  But I don't think it's going to happen and that's fine.  Life feels pretty complete.

Cody has a job.  It seems to be going well and I'm cautiously optimistic about things.

Evelyn pretends to read to herself and whispers made-up stories when she flips through books on her own.  A few weeks ago, I buckled her into her car seat and handed her Good Dog, Carl.  She opened it to the first page and said "Look after the baby, Carl.  I'll be back soon."  The original text reads "I'll be back shortly," but I was still impressed.  I usually am.  I really like this big girl.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last weekend we had a nice dinner

Cody was working a few weekends ago, and Evelyn and I were bored after nap.  So we went to the grocery store for bananas because she likes all things monkey right now.  Their bananas were terrible, but we got apples and cherries and she helped me push the buggy and then we walked around the parking lot because that's fun when there are puddles and you're wearing rubber boots.

Cody played with Evelyn while I made supper and he and Evelyn shared an apple.  They like to do that sometimes, but I'm not sure how much sharing Evelyn did this time.

I read a recipe in Martha Stewart Living about a salad with cherries and tomatoes and then destroyed with my own ideas.  This was pitted cherries with cherry tomatoes (from the farmers market. Yay!), basil from our little herb box, and some balsamic vinegar.

I had mine with grilled cheese.

Cody had his with a turkey and cheese sandwich.

Evelyn had her own little grilled cheese sandwich--and bites of mine--with cantaloupe, grapes, and sweet potatoes.


I like when we have simple summer meals.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A mostly good morning

I woke up yesterday wanting to take Evelyn to the zoo.

So I did.

She'd been talking about snakes and playing with a little toy snake for the past few days, so I asked her if she wanted to find some snakes and she said "Okay!"

We finished her breakfast (I should have eaten more), put on pretty dresses, and set out to 'look for some snakes.'

She kept her hat on most of the time, but the sunglasses didn't last very long.

She said something about not being able to swim because she didn't have on her swimsuit when we saw the fish.

After circling around it a few times because I'm clueless, we found the reptile house and looked at snakes and lizard-y things.  See her feet in the reflection of this snake?  She wanted to stand on the little box they have for smaller people to see into the cell.

Then she found the playground and played on things while ignoring the giraffe 20 feet away.  I've only taken her to the zoo twice, but I have intense dislike for this playground.  You just sit there, bored and thinking about how much you'd like to go to the bathroom, while your kid refuses to see all the animals you want to see.  Seriously. Someone put this playground between all the boring animals and then the giraffes!  and lions! and bears!

After a while, Evelyn wouldn't stop trying to crawl up a slide (which is not allowed) and then she cried forever when I pulled her off and put her in the stroller.  She also yelled "No zebras ever!" and got in trouble for not talking nicely.  Then she cried while I held her and took pictures of animals.  She also wanted me to take a picture of her.

I tried to tell her these were cows, but she wasn't fooled.  She'd helped her granddad feed some steers earlier in the week.

I really like the zebras.  That little girl doesn't know what she's missing.

I carried her in a sling to see some carnivores, then she wanted to push the stroller, then she wanted to be carried again, so I told her "If I have to carry you, I'm taking you to the car and we're going home."  She said "Okay!"

So we checked out some tigers and penguins on our way out and happily went home.  Then she refused to climb the stairs to our apartment so I left her there and told Cody to do some parenting while I ran to the bathroom.

We were both in better moods after we ate.

And one more picture of Evelyn looking cute:

She was really studying those snakes!  She was really intent on listening to me read their signs and she got excited whenever she watched them move.  Odd kid.  I like her.