Friday, June 28, 2013

Adventure Kids

When Dallas was a baby he'd come over to play and we'd lug him everywhere and he'd tag along at livestock shows and college campuses and in museums and book stores.  He taught us a lot about being patient with little people, and how to install a car seat in a variety of vehicles.

Evelyn spent the night with my parents last week while Dallas was over to play, and Mom sent me a few pictures of their adventures.  I love these.  From Dallas being the big kid to Evelyn wearing my dad's hat, these are just perfect.

I love these adventure kids.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm looking for ways to tell you that things are good.

Things are pretty good.

Evelyn and I don't like our allergies, but we're doing okay.

Cody took her swimming yesterday.  She was slathered in sunscreen, and then kindly rubbed some sunscreen on Cody's arms.  She was angry that she didn't get to squeeze the bottle herself, and promptly cried when it was time to leave.  I'm told the rest of the time was fine except for Cody's sunburned shoulders.  Those kids are so lovely together.

This is them on Father's Day.  Goodness gracious.
After detailing all of the ways Evelyn had been too distracted to eat, sleep, or be nice, my mom mentioned last week that Evelyn reminds her so much of me at this age.  I told her we didn't have to talk about it.

Evelyn pushes back a lot (usually figuratively, but sometimes physically) and yells and can almost put on pants by herself.  She is engaged with pretty much everything all the time.  Color, read, pull out a toy, put a toy back, name five objects in the room, push back hair, yell "Dance!".  Repeat.  It's exhausting and magical.  Every day is better.

I look at all these pregnant people dreaming of rocking babies and I'm flabbergasted at the fact that I used to have a baby who would nurse for hours while I watched TV.  I forget that she hasn't always been able to climb.  She has always tried to, though!  She's the very best part of my world.  Last night she kept saying "turkey sandwich" and it was the most adorable statement ever. I don't know why.

I'm out of analogies for how we feel.  I can only say that we're happy.  With one another.  With this family.  With our home, and our routines and our jokes and our snacks.  Evelyn's been having all kinds of grandparent parties lately.  We've been getting to see more of our friends, and will get a few more chances to see them soon.  We're looking forward to lots of things.  Sara is graduating this summer.  Laine will have a baby in December.  Mom wants to plan a family trip to Crystal Bridges later in the summer.  I want to have a day trip to Memphis and show things to Evelyn.

There's a cantaloupe that's been sitting in the refrigerator for a week and a half and I need to cut it up because there's very little better than eating cantaloupe in the summer.  Or there won't be until grapes come in season, anyway.

Things are lovely, and getting better every day.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer solstice

It's the longest day of the year.  And it's the longest workday of the week.  It just is.  I even get to leave early so I can pick up Cody and Evelyn and get Cody's car out of the shop.  Finally.

Then we'll play.  Evelyn likes her little turtle pool on the balcony, and sometimes I knit and watch her splash around in it.  Mostly she just climbs in and out and throws things into it, proclaiming "Splash."

She wore a cap most of last night.

I have finished one book all year.

I'm unbelievably sleepy today, and I don't know why.  I've been taking it pretty easy this week and now it's like I'm infected with laziness.  I'm letting all kinds of things slide and I probably have a lot to catch up on.  For now, though, I don't care.

I'm wearing a dress I normally don't wear unless it's the weekend.  Cody and I are going out for ice cream tomorrow.  It's quiet at work right now.

I think that's it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend plans

In less than an hour, I'll be playing peekaboo with Evelyn and maybe even sitting on the balcony with my feet in her little swimming pool while she splashes around.  I'm kind of living for it.

Tomorrow we'll go to the farmers market and the library.

On Sunday we'll give Cody a card and some donuts.  That night, we'll take my dad out for Mexican food because it's been a while and that sort of thing is fun for us.

I read this post about making crochet donut cards and it made me miss EA.  This would have been the most perfect card for him ever, because he and Mamaw would take us to the donut store on Saturdays.  I love donuts, and celebrating with donuts.  If you know some guys who mean a lot to you, you should probably send them a quick note or phone call.  Folks are precious, and need to be told.

I may make the donut, but with some modifications so that it's play food for Evelyn.  She likes to pretend to eat things, and there's a waffle (for W) puzzle piece that she keeps trying to eat.  She really likes her ABCs.

Last night she helped me water plants.

She and Cody will pick me up.

50 more minutes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

small things

I had to take down a post about Laine being pregnant because she hadn't told people at her work yet.  But she told them yesterday and now everyone can know.  Which is good, because we want to tell everyone and make lots of plans for this December baby.  I feel like a jerk because I've only made 2 hats so far, but I've already bought yarn and patterns in preparation.  I'm just a little bummed because I'm going to want to write about them, but I also want them to be a surprise.  These aren't real problems.

Mom bought this yarn for Laine and I'm going to make something with it.  What, I don't know yet.  But there's about 150  yards ready for something colorful and nubby and baby-appropriate.

Cody made a cake for Spencer to give to Regan for her birthday this weekend (happy birthday!) and it took over our fridge.  But she liked it and some of their friends were dumbfounded with joy.  It was chocolate with strawberry icing.

We're going to meet some friends' babies tonight, which is always nice.  Evelyn's still my favorite baby, even though she's a big girl.  I woke her up this morning and she was quiet and sleepy, and it took her a while to wake up.  "Stretch" she kept growling.  Her arms and legs are too long for her to fully reach out on top of her changing table.  Her pacifier falls out when she's sleeping, but she still thinks she needs it.  She also still eats baby food.  I guess she's my baby.

She's been calling Cody "Daddy" for the past few days.  We always refer to him as "Dad" and that's what she's called him ever since she was coherent.  But now he's "Daddy" and when she says it in her little doll voice, it sounds kind of fake and cloying.  It cracks me up.  Also, she says "Daddy" constantly because she wants Cody to know she's addressing him.  He's her most important person right now, which is nice.  He took her to the splash park in downtown Little Rock the other day, and my jealousy was out of control.  They had a lovely time without me.

I'm going to join a crochetalong, because why not?  Also, it's Tunisian crochet.  So I guess I should learn how to do that, and buy a Tunisian crochet hook.

Cody checked out that book about the White House garden, and made some spinach pie last night.  He was pretty happy to be making the same dishes as one of the head chefs at the White House, and to incorporate lots of local spinach into our diet.  Well, not Evelyn's diet.  She was eating cheese and grapes and a peanut butter sandwich.  Still.  We had a nice dinner last night with the spinach pie covered in cheese and served up with some heated up potatoes and green beans I'd made the night before with produce from our farmers market and rosemary from our balcony.  The self-righteousness was delicious.

I keep seeing Father's Day craft ideas and saying "No" to all of them.  I literally look at the computer and say "no" out loud.  Sometimes with great force.  I don't actually have a Father's Day gift for Cody yet, but you can bet your sweet Modge Podge it's not going to be a painted tie or a mosaic stepping stone or customized grilling accessories.  He wants a massage and I just haven't gotten around to getting it for him yet.  We went to Williams Sonoma a few weeks ago and I shouted "I'll get you copper pots and quality knives some day!" a little louder than I intended, but I meant it.  Not any time soon, probably.  But some day.  For now, he'll have to settle for my shoulder rubs and the endless affection of a certain little creature.

It's a very small life.  But it's pretty nice.

Monday, June 10, 2013

These days

I'm bad at pictures lately.  And I'm a little too grouchy for writing most days.  But we're good for the most part.  My whole family was together yesterday and the day before.  Evelyn loved it.  She also got to hang out with her Gram last night while Cody, Casey, and I went to see the new Star Trek movie.  Lots of shouting, lots of explosions, and lots of close-ups.  Everyone's eyelashes were fabulous.

Laine is 29 now, and we went ahead and celebrated Father's Day for Dad since we were all together.

Evelyn has two more teeth coming in.  She's up in everyone's business all the time.  She likes to dance, and will usually ignore me completely if a grandparent is in the room.  (Unless she's tired.)  She also likes her aunts.  She does not like bugs.  She has rediscovered her love of cantaloupe and watermelon.  Sometimes she pretends to read to herself, and she counts things.  The total usually comes to 9, but sometimes it's 10.  Even if there are just 3 objects in front of her, she gets so excited about counting that I guess she can't stop herself.

Robert has gout, and we kind of made fun of him for it.  He's taking medicine and should be better soon, though.

Chad hurt his back, I think while hauling hay (I miss a lot of news sometimes.  There are usually 4 discussions taking place at once).

Cody gets sore and tired because he's working out, but I kind of don't care.  I'm tense and unsympathetic.  You can really tell he's getting in better shape, though.  He says he has better energy, but this is Cody we're talking about, so I can't really spot the difference.

He's had some baking orders, because he's a good baker.

Sometimes he rubs my hands and arms because I've been doing a lot of knitting and crocheting lately and I'm starting to have some repetitive motion problems.  It doesn't help that I keep starting projects with tiny yarn and tiny needles.  And the projects aren't tiny!

Here's Laine opening her cowl that I made her for her birthday.  It's 400 or so yards of lace weight alpaca.

Evelyn was an excellent helper with the present opening, and then she was really enthused about Laine's pearl earrings.  I should probably start saving up for her own pair now.  This kid.....

She's so silly and stubborn and weird and fancy.  I should really take pictures of other people some time, but I usually forget to when she's around.

Here are some pictures from our early Father's Day party.

I made them matching hats!

 Laine got a shirt that simultaneously called Dad old and let him wear around the visage of his favorite actor.

And then she found this and Sara gave her money so it would technically be Sara's gift because wouldn't you want to claim that you were the gift-giver of this amazing treasure?

[not pictured: whatever Levi gave him, the dress shoes Mom gave him, and Sara and Evelyn playing adorably with sidewalk chalk as Sara wrote out "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, BIG DADDY RICK!"]

See?  I need to take more pictures.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A birthday post for Laine!

It's Laine's birthday!

She had a really big year.  She lost her beloved roommate Leah, and gained a beloved roommate/cousin-in-law Annie.  She got a nurse husband!  She hosted several showers and entertained everyone for Easter weekend.  She got some haircuts, took some day trips, and tried valiantly yet again to grow some plants.

I know Year 29 is going to be incredibly great.  I can't wait for it!

Happy birthday, Laine!  We're going to have a great time celebrating tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's June!

Things about June that are making me happy

  • Laine will have a birthday!  And so will other people.  Lovely.
  • Father's Day!  Have you met my dad or husband?  Such good guys. I'm looking forward to celebrating them.  
  • I got the new Game of Thrones book.  I guess I hate being happy and sleeping without nightmares.  On the plus side, I get to shriek about the book in disbelief with other fans. And I'll finish a book for the first time this year.  I normally don't read very much during my busy time, but this is a first.  Yikes.
  • I have growing plants!  Several mint plants are flourishing!  And the seeds I got as a favor from Brook and Chris's wedding!  Our herb bed is doing absolutely great!  AND: there was a day lily on the front porch this morning.  I took a picture.  I'll make you look at it soon.
  • Summer officially starts on the 21st.  I like these late days.  We rode the trolley to the library last night and it was pretty great.
  • I just think it's going to be a great month.  I just do.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Top 5 Laine & Evelyn Moments

Laine's birthday is next week and I was thinking about how cool of a sister she is, and how great of an aunt she is to Evelyn (among other kids, but Evelyn's my main focus for obvious reasons).  She's so great, I made a list of my Top 5 Laine and Evelyn Moments.

The time I had a giant freakout at 37 weeks because next to nothing in my house was ready for a baby and I was exhausted and working a lot and seriously, next to nothing in my house was ready for a baby and all those folks who will tell you that you don't need to get your life ready for another person it can just hush.  So anyway, Laine drove in from Memphis to wipe down my baseboards and practice baby-wearing and then she cut all the tiny plastic tags off of packs of baby socks because I am nearly incapable of doing it. She was helping me, but she also wanted Evelyn's home to be nice.

For the last month of my pregnancy, she had a bag packed and sitting in the middle of her living room floor so that she could go meet her niece at a moment's notice. She also maybe carried an ultrasound picture in her wallet and made a lot of people look at it.

She does whatever it takes for Evelyn to like her even though it's a documented fact that babies don't really like Laine.  This has included buying her affection with gadgets, presents, junk food, weird games, and making her house nearly as fun to stay at as a grandparent's house.  You know what's more fun than a grandparent's house?  Probably nothing, but Laine hosted Easter this past year and hid eggs all over the downstairs of her house for Evelyn to hunt all the time and Evelyn loved it.

That time they took selfies.  And then did it every single time they were together after that.

On Dad's birthday this year, we were standing around in the parking lot of a restaurant digesting and visiting and forming a circle to keep Evelyn from running around and mere seconds after Laine announced that she's going to have a baby in December, she stuck her leg out to keep Evelyn from 'escaping' because she's just so awesome at looking out for little people and keeping stuff together.

Ready. to. PARTY!!!

I can't wait to see her be a mom, and I'm really looking forward to carrying around that ultrasound picture in my wallet because I'm really looking forward to being an aunt.  This is so exciting!!!

Also, Laine, I am mostly sure this baby will like you.