Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Evelyn is fun and funny

I like to go to the store with her.  She grabbed her crown for a Target run last week.

It didn't make it into the store, but she looked cute with it in the car.  When we came back from the grocery store last night, she put it back on.

Cody took her for a trolley ride and some ice cream last week.  They were the happiest kids.  He even took pictures for me and made me look at them as soon as I got home.

It turns out Evelyn really likes sprinkles.

She's wearing a polo dress her Aunt Bodie thought she needed.

Not to jinx anything, but she's been pretty lovely for the last week or so.  She deigns to eat food at most meals and her teeth are giving her a break.  The weather's been nice and we've been spending a lot of time outside looking for rocks and sticks.  She's been seeing lots of her grandparents and friends.  We found ourselves accidentally pushing her bedtime back by about 30 minutes.  The result is an only somewhat crankier person in the evening who is more than happy to go to bed at night.  Sweet.

Also, words.  Her "no" sounds especially whiney, her greeting of "oh, hi!" reminds of the Minnesota nice accent, and she's been growling out certain phrases sometimes.  I don't know why.   I just like it.  She repeats nearly everything I say now, which is hilarious and terrifying.  Last night, I had some fun with it:

So cute.  She's a really fun person to play with.  Her favorite books are about Olivia (that pig), Richard Scarry characters, and anything by Eric Carle.  Oh, and she likes Curious George.  No real surprise there.

Such a fun little monkey.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I made a tutu over the weekend.

Then the living room looked like this:

We bought a zoo membership and felt like real parents.

I found out I'm scared of the sounds penguins make.  You learn something new every day.

I finally photographed the handspun I bought at the Ozark Folk Center a few weeks back.  I just wanted to show you.

I also just wanted to show you this.

I wish I took more pictures of my muscles.  I love them.

I make a lot of lists.

I'm ready to make jelly.

I bought a CD player last week because playing CDs in our DVD player makes Evelyn angry that there's nothing showing up on the 'movie', and now we dance and listen to more music than normal.  It's lovely.

Evelyn likes dolls right now and keeps noticing babies, so we've been talking about how we act around babies.  I'm hoping some of it sticks for when she starts meeting her baby friends at the end of the summer.

Cody's doing some kind of fitness boot camp.  I don't have pictures of that because it happens way super early in the morning.  I'm tired of him talking about his sore muscles, but I'm proud of him anyway.

Evelyn didn't try to run away when I cut her fingernails last night, so I'm proud of her too.  

Maybe I'll talk about knitting projects soon.  I enjoy that.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The best link I'll ever give you

Did you know this was a thing now?

It is.

You're welcome.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rainy morning

Hey there!

It's raining. I'm eating oatmeal.  Cody's doing laundry.  Evelyn's off somewhere having adventures with her grandparents.  "Adventures" include getting irritated with Mo for existing, eating in another house, hiding from her uncle Levi even though she's fascinated by him, and anything else she does.

Everything that happens at a grandparent's house is adventurous.  I'm pretty sure there's science backing it up.

Cody applied for a job that seemed like a good fit and didn't get it.  It happens.  Kind of a lot.  He's remaining surprisingly positive.  He said that he and Evelyn had a great time at the library yesterday and she climbed a ladder on the playground all the way to the top for the first time ever!  She celebrated by jumping off the platform into Cody's arms and he was completely unprepared.  I mean, he caught her.  But he was surprised.

She's pretty impulsive.  It's terrifying and encouraging.  I like that's she's brave and curious, but we don't believe in running out into the street in this family and girlfriend needs to get on board with that.

I should read more.

I knit and crochet a lot.  I unravel a surprising amount of it.  The hat I was excitedly carrying on about yesterday?  Unraveled.  I missed the part about checking gauge in the instructions because I have a hard time paying attention these days.  My attention's in a lot of places.  I have a toddler, whatever.

My throat hurts.

Cody and I have missed each other.  We live together and we try to talk to each other, but it's kind of hurried and hushed.  We had pizza last night and I was almost too excited to eat.  The coffee I had beforehand probably had a lot to do with it, but I was skipping pizza to blurt out thoughts uninterrupted and ask Cody questions about all things mundane and crucial.  I went on a five-minute tangent about how the guys in Pearl Jam seem like great hard workers because I just had the chance to do so!  (Ask me about it some time.)

I wish I was better at sewing.

I love this picture of Evelyn.

She wears the crown so regally.

I pulled out her Size 6 Month shorts from last summer for her to wear.  We all (parents and grandparents) bought cute shorts and pants and rompers for this summer and most of them are still too big.  It doesn't help that we've decided to stop cloth diapering, which gave her scrawny frame a little more padding.  I spent a truly ridiculous amount of time in the clothing sections of stores last week cussing out "stupid fatties," which is probably not the thing to say about adorable rolypoly babies blowing up the idea of what size a kid should be at a certain age.  Blegh.

But yes, we've decided to stop cloth diapering.  We had a good run with it, but it's just not something we want to mess with right now.  Now I can put Evelyn's clothes in the top drawer of her dresser!  Her clothes may be small, but they take up a lot of space because she has so many.  Her dad gets pretty excited about the cute outfits he picks out for her.

I like them both.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day, over a few days

Evelyn and Cody brought me a rose home from an activity at the library on Thursday.

We ate BBQ and danced on the deck with Dicy on Saturday.

I bought donuts for breakfast on Sunday.

Most of my family came over for lunch and Evelyn was tired.

Motherhood meant staying up until nearly 9 watching cartoons we hate so Evelyn would hold still long enough to eat enough Cheez-Its to fill her belly.

I admired my flowers this morning.

Friday, May 10, 2013

We had a daytrip adventure!

Now that my work has slowed down a bit, I decided to stress out over the fact that Cody might get a job before this family gets to have a little fun.  (Hush.)  I can't just go from insanely high levels of stress to no stress at all.  I have to ease into this.  So after a business meeting where I enthusiastically decided to take on more work and increase my stress only a tiny bit, we hopped in the car and took off for the Ozark Folk Center.

Actually, we stopped for donuts first.

Those donuts sat really well in my stomach while I kept turning around to hand Evelyn things (she got fussy for the last 30 minutes, but was an absolute champ the rest of the time!) and Cody took 80 million turns as I begged him to stay below the speed limit.  It was only the 3rd or 4th time in our marriage when that had happened, but it did happen and he did stay below the speed limit.  Oh hills.  Oh curves.

Evelyn was ready to fly out of the car, so after we went to the bathroom and paid for our tickets, I threw her in the stroller and pushed her up 2 hills because I was afraid she'd have a meltdown if we had to wait for a shuttle.   So then I had an asthma attack blah blah blah and vowed to get in better shape.  A couple of hits off the inhaler later, we realized Evelyn didn't want to go in the cute little stores in the craft village and we'd need to just turn her loose. So we did.  And then she was a happy girl.

She spent the majority of her time here.

A group of musicians sat around, planning shows and practicing songs.  Evelyn clapped, made me dance with her, and stared at them and their instruments.  She yelled "I love this!" several times as I spun her around to the bluegrass.  Of course she does.  Cody and I took turns hanging out with her and trying to get her to drink water (it was hot!  I don't even know if she remembers hot weather!), while the other person wandered around and looked at other stuff.

She did also like looking at the fish.  We visited them often.

She wanted to go into the corn husk doll store for 2 minutes.  During that time, she made a friend.  She loves strangers who offer to give her things.  Is this something to worry about?

I went to the clothing store because I love old sewing stuff.

The woman working there told me this machine sews horizontally, rather than vertically like most sewing machines.  She said she hadn't found much research on it, but I thought it kind of made sense if you were trying to sell a sewing machine to people who were accustomed to hand-sewing.

Portable machine:

Old baby clothes.  So sweet.

Back to the baby!  Cody went to watch people do stuff with copper and Evelyn and I climbed.

We had a snack in a picnic area and she sat at tables (we had the whole place to ourselves), and climbed on benches.  When Cody caught up to us, she told him about birds and showed the benches.

She really enjoyed climbing on this small rock.  They're so big!

I think we went back to the musicians 3 or 4 times.  This nice lady let Evelyn play her banjo and showed her how to use a capo.  Because Evelyn says "uh huh" to every single question anyone asks her, she has now agreed to be a 'banjo babe.'  There are worse interests to have, I guess.  She does get really excited about banjo music and exclaims "Dance!" every time she hears it in a song.  And yes, she can pick it out of a lot of different sounds.  No pun intended.

We also ate and pressed a penny and Evelyn watched a woman hand-stitch some scraps together for a quilt.  Then Cody nearly drove Evelyn and her stroller into a ditch on our way to the car, and she yelled "Whee!  Yay!" and clapped for his adventurous exploits.  Then I drove home and we had maybe 30 minutes of peace.  The rest of the time involved Evelyn screaming because there were no more donuts and she was too tired to be pacified with anything else.  It just made seeing our home that much better.  We let her dance around and eat and be at home for a little later than usual, and called the day a success.

We didn't get to see that much because a lot of the center is under construction.  But our tickets were half price, so it evened out.  Going on a weekday meant there were fewer shows, but two-year-olds can't sit through demonstrations (especially after a car ride) very well, and I certainly didn't want to have to dance with her through an entire bluegrass set--her idea of dancing involves people holding her while she jumps on their arm.  It was a good time and we didn't get rained on and this little family hasn't taken a day trip in forever.  I can't wait to do it again!

Next time we'll have more donuts.