Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on Evelyn: She's still touring with KISS

You wouldn't think that her little white onesies and overalls would make for a compelling stage presence, but they do.

And naturally, it goes without saying that pink glitter jelly sandals (not pictured, but she was wearing them in this picture) go with EVERYTHING.  Which is good.  Because they're her new favorite things ever.

And, just for good measure, this is mine:

Thanks, Brad.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Notes on the Tiny Triangle Dress

I sewed a dress for my baby!

I'm not the biggest fan of the pillowcase dress look, but I'm an even smaller fan of curved armholes and gathered stitches.  I saw this pattern on the purl bee (probably in my Top 5 Very Favorite Websites Ever) and decided to try it out this past weekend.  The designer included some altered dimensions for older kids, but they seemed a bit large to me.  I went ahead and made some slight changes of my own (oh hush) and ta da!

Please note how garishly loud and bright this fabric is. I had it already, and it seemed loud and bright enough for loud and bright Evelyn.

Please note my careful hand-stitching.  Grandmother's sewing machine acted up the last time I used it, so I didn't even feel like hauling it out and wrestling through some problems.  Besides, slowly and quietly working through this pattern was a lot of fun--and allowed for a lot more television on DVD.

 And yes, the pattern name is Tiny Triangle Dress.  Please note exactly how tiny it is. (And how giant those green bean vines are getting!)

Yeah.  Quite tiny.

Please note how her diaper is showing and how the fabric stretches across her belly.

Please note how not disappointed she is.

There are far worse things than attempting to make a baby sundress that instead resembles a sheath for a 1960s gogo dancer, so I'm going to keep dressing her in this because I love this fabric and she's adorable in anything.

BUT: I'm definitely going to make another dress in a larger size very, very soon.  A big girl needs big clothes that let her be free to climb and creep.

And because I already have some fabric that I want to use for the job.  Don't you think she'll look unbearably cute in polka dots?!

Please note that I have the next 2 days off.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby's second Memphis Day Trip

Laine sent me a Groupon for a yarn store in Memphis back in March.  "You and Evelyn could come see me and buy yarn!" she said.  "Surrrre." I thought.

Evelyn in March was not nearly the traveler that Evelyn in May turned out to be.  I'm glad I waited until the very last minute and went before the Groupon expired.  Evelyn's bigger, the weather is pretty nice, and it was just a nice day off for us.

We had a pretty easy drive to Memphis.  We ate lots and lots of breads, visited the yarn store, met some of Laine's co-workers, played with Robert and Laine, and played outside.  If the pictures are to be believed, though, all we did was visit Aunt Leah at the bakery.

Good thing we dressed up Evelyn in her Muddy's onesie!  She'd spit up (really, I think she just ate until she threw up a little) on her "I ♥ My Aunt" onesie, so this was a nice change.  We ate cupcakes and cookies and took pictures!

Leah said that's not even all the butter they use every day.

Tubs of icing that weigh more that Evelyn.

So cute.

After eating nearly an entire un-iced cupcake, she chomped her little gums on a lemon cookie.

This was a creepy gnome that she smiled at a lot.  And petted.  And smiled at some more.  Creepy girl.

Oooh!  Look!

Laine and Evelyn reading about dinosaurs.

I haven't taken a picture of Robert in forever, so here's Evelyn with her aunt and uncle.

And, of course, the yarn.  I'm sad that I didn't take pictures of the store itself--or of Laine rocking a beaming Evelyn in a child-sized rocking chair--but I was busy roaming around and touching things (I really like to send mixed messages to Evelyn about how to behave in stores).  I photographed the yarn when I got home, though.  Beauties.

Also not pictured: Evelyn trying to eat Laine's coasters, Evelyn crawling in the yard, Laine's co-workers (who have been hearing about this child's existence for nearly 2 years) enjoying Evelyn, us rescuing Evelyn from ants, Evelyn crying the entire time I drove through one-lane construction in the middle of nowhere, and the overflowing diaper bag I packed for every possible scenario while leaving shorts at home.

It was the longest trip I've ever taken with Evelyn, just the 2 of us.  And it went really, really well!  It's not something I'd do every week, but we had an absolute blast.  Evelyn napped fairly well in the car, I stayed relatively relaxed, and Evelyn was thrilled to see her aunts and uncle.  We didn't do as much as we would normally squeeze in on a day trip, but we took lots of breaks for Evelyn to stretch her legs and to decompress, and that wound up leaving me with enough energy to drive home and the patience to still be pleasant.

It was a good day.  It was a fun trip.  It was a blast.

Friday, May 25, 2012

We'll do anything to make her laugh

Evelyn and I took a little adventure trip to Memphis yesterday.  I didn't document very much of the fun, but I'll type up some stories to go with the pictures later.

For now, this is really all you need to know:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things I like about Evelyn right now

  • She's noticing her hair.  Yesterday morning, I told her I was leaving her in her high chair to get a clip to pull back her hair before we started on breakfast.  When I turned around, she was picking up pieces of her hair--the way I do when I'm about to clip it back.  Last night she kept handing me pony tail holders until I put her hair in pigtails.  And this morning, she found a bow in the floor and was pulling back her hair and trying to pin it back herself.  Genius.
  • Her love of puddles and rainwater on the balcony and splashing whenever we water our plants.
  • She's sleeping at the moment.
  • Her soft little pats on my chest when I hold her.
  • Her fascination with large drains.  We walked by a drain a couple of Saturdays ago and stopped to watch water falling down it.  She liked it a lot, and now she notices drains everywhere.  She loves the one in the kitchen sink, and she's noticed them in floors for a while, but now she looks for them outside.  Whenever we walk by the one we watched nearly 2 weeks (I think?) ago, we have to stop and check it. 
  • Her memory.  Obviously.
  • Her love of books.  Some of them she doesn't even eat.
  • She is a champion waver.  
  • The way she tries to climb everything.  It makes me nervous, and I always think that this is going to lead to disaster, but I can't help but be impressed by how strong and skilled she is.
  • The way she whispers to herself when she's playing.  Cody and I desperately hope and pray that she won't pick up our flaws and problems, but at least she looks cute talking to herself.
  • Her happy food dance.  She's been doing this for months, but I still love it.  If she's really enjoying her meal--and she usually is--she'll put some food in her mouth, wiggle around a bit, and then look at you like you should either join in the celebration or give her more food.
  • The way she looks when she's sleeping.  Because duh.
  • Her love of trees.  I'm sure it will be important someday.
  • How happy she is in the mornings.
  • That she hugs her bears.
  • Her willingness to wear sunglasses and hats.  She looks so cute in sunglasses and hats.
  • She's mine.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What things looked like last week

Our flourishing balcony garden.

I put out some yarn for the pole beans to climb on.

My well-fed baby and I with our matching hair.

Wild things at the library.

Saturday morning.

Dinosaur girl.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kelly Bisby is going on an adventure

Such dear friends.

Kelly and John are moving to Dallas to attend seminary.  It sounds scary and exciting and amazing.

They're going to post about it here.

I'm going to check it a lot.

I love you, Kelly, and I wish you every happiness.  And excellent sales on notecards and highlighters. 

Especially that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evelyn June is 14 months old!

Evelyn is a very big girl.

She climbs and crawls and creeps, and walking seems so close I can't figure out why she's not doing it yet.  She's very strong and very skilled.  She cracks herself up playing peekaboo any time she can get her hands on anything that can be used to cover her face.  She has three food groups: pureed stuff she's supposed to be done with, choking hazards, and bread. Yesterday we found out she likes cucumbers.  She usually only nurses 3 or 4 times a day.

She sleeps through the night.  I'll stop mentioning it when it stops thrilling my soul like the song of a thousand angels.  Thank you in advance for letting me say this forever.

Big changes over here!  The changes are pretty gradual, though, so I'm having a hard time thinking of specific things.  She's really interested in dogs and ducks.  She likes touching things, especially if she's already holding something in her hand (patting utility poles with keys, for example).  She waves at the trolley so much that a conductor waited for us to pass a stop this weekend, so she could open the doors and ask Evelyn's name.  She flails and grins and yells so much every time that one passes by that she must be making some kind of impression.

She'll leave sunglasses on her face (sometimes).  She'll leave bows in her hair (sometimes).  She's a pretty happy girl (sometimes).

She's silly and fun and sweet and we love her a lot.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day(to me)!

I hope you have a happy day.  I hope you're being celebrated, or celebrating a great mom you know, or maybe both.  I'm going to party with Cody and Evelyn, then my side of the family, and then with Cody's side.

I really love being a mom.  I love it.  There's plenty about it that irks me, but the very best part of motherhood is Evelyn. 

The second best part is that everything I want to make for her is small and easier to finish.

She's usually the one that makes me feel like I'm doing this right.  We smile at each other and read books together and dance everywhere we go (thank you, Michael's, for playing The Archies a few nights ago).  It's awesome.

On Thursday, I was loading the dishwasher and she wanted to go play outside on the balcony.  So I let her out, and finished what I was doing.  I couldn't hear anything, so I assumed she might be pulling up more marigolds or dropping a disposable camera she'd found off the edge.

I peeked out to check on her and found this.

PS: she can climb into chairs now. 

She was just sitting and looking around, holding the little camera for quite a while.

So I pulled up a chair and sat with her.  We just looked at things and each other and pretended to take pictures of ourselves and each other.  I talked about cars.  She pointed at birds.

I pretty much live for Thursdays.  I know how dumb it is to complain about her earlier bed time and how she sleeps through the night now (!!!), but if she doesn't wake up before I go to work I only see her for 3 hours on the four days I work.  It's sad, kids.  Really sad.  And it makes her a little clingy, especially this past week.

But she was feeling better on Thursday, and I was enjoying being at home and recovering from whatever she'd given me.  After her nap, this adorable thing happened:

And when I went to work on Friday, I got my Very Best Absolutely Most Wonderful Mother's Day present.  My request for a three-day work schedule had been approved.  I haven't been so excited to make less money since, well, the last time I scaled back my hours.  I'm getting two full weekdays with this face!

It's only going to last a few months before we get busy and I have to go back to work full-time.  But I'm going fully enjoy these next few months.  They're going to be great months and we're going to have a great time. 

And it starts next week.

Happy, happy, soveryhappy Mother's Day indeed.