Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animal adventures, pt. 4

Thank you for joining us once again as we chronicle Evelyn's ongoing adventures with any and all animals.

Last Friday, when Evelyn's festive Razorback clothing failed to ensure a win for the Hogs (as it usually has), she sought fun and excitement with her Granddad and some new friends.

She was bundled up in an ill-fitting cardigan I crocheted for her, and off they went!

She was excited.

First, a calf!

She was intrigued.

They are obviously friends!

She even petted the calf before Mo barked and the startled calf ran back to its mom.

Mom, aka Lindy.  She's a calf-having pro.

Then, another horse!  Evelyn likes horses. A lot.

Tuff didn't mind at all when Evelyn tried to put her little hand up his nose.

But wait, there's more!

It was time to play with Murphy!  Murphy is a Pyrenees, and they usually herd sheep.

"I am not a lamb, Granddad.  Tell this dog he doesn't have to look after me."

"That's probably Mo's job anyway."

Not pictured: Evelyn fearlessly checking the chicken pen for eggs with my dad's 'help'.  
I'm sure she stared right into their deadly yellow eyes and laughed.  
Or did her fake cough.

Tune in next time, when Evelyn will probably pet a hippo or a wildebeest or a cat!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby's first Thanksgiving(s)

 Baby's First Thanksgiving #1:

12 noon at Cody's Aunt Becky's.  I forgot to bring Evelyn's cute turkey bib and then I ate turkey and ham and dressing and something with sweet potatoes.  My pumpkin pie was sub-par this year.  I don't know why.  I'll try again next year.
Evelyn, wriggling around in her Memaw's lap.

Cody and Dicy, actually willingly posing in one of my pictures!

Learning classical music from an educational toy.

This is usually Lainey's story-telling face.

Spencer was not avoiding my camera on purpose.  Regan looks nice, though.

All the cool kids wear plaid.

Cody's grandma and her kids.  And a great-grandkid thrown in for good measure.

Then it was time for Thanksgiving #2:

Supper at Sara and Chad's new house.

I brought flowers.

And my bright and shining face.

The meeting of Evelyn and Zoe.

I also brought these decorations.

Evelyn and Zoe are looking at each other.

Evelyn also really liked looking at the baby in the mirror.

Evelyn with her Uncle Chad.

And with her Aunt Sara.

 It was such a great time and we loved both of our Thanksgivings. 

Did I mention that I'm thankful? I am thankful.  For just about everything.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Foodie fail


A few hours after I wrote that last post and bemoaned my fate as the mom of a kid who would only eat rice cereal, we trucked out to Target and spent a great deal of time in the baby area.  I picked up some khakis and some little boy blue jeans for Evelyn.  (Girl blue jeans have pink stitching on the hems and pockets, and I didn't want the pink to clash with her non-pink clothes.  Important fashion purchases over here!)  Then, because it always comes down to food with us, we wound our way over to the baby food aisle.  On my mom's advice, I grabbed one of every fruit-type baby food and then some weird little cereal things that will contain 10% of your daily....kale serving or something....if you eat almost 100 of them.  Infant finger food is weird.

At the last moment, Cody declared that prunes would be something Evelyn liked because he just "had a feeling."  Cody rarely has feelings (ha!), but when he does I trust them.

And so, because Cody and Evelyn are inherently sneaky people and weird ones to boot, Evelyn's first successful enjoyment of baby food was prunes.

Not simple bananas, not the local pumpkin I roasted and mashed for her, not the organic pureed peas in a jar that smelled disgusting because it was peas, not mashed up carrots mixed with milk, not whatever else we'd been trying.  I could have eaten all those bananas myself!


Prunes mixed with corn starch and preservatives and I don't know what else because I didn't read the label.

Cody mentioned to Evelyn that his dad enjoyed prunes occasionally, so maybe there's something genetic.  He fed her about half of a container of scary-looking prune....gloop and then she was done.  He was really excited to give her the rest of it today.

(I have noticed that Evelyn seems to enjoy/not-resist-so-much eating rice cereal and baby food when Cody is the one feeding her.  It's like she already knows that food preparation is her dad's department.)

Alas, I did not take any pictures of the prunes-eating experience because my sweet child looked like she had a mustache and goatee made of chocolate pudding and I was unsettled.  The transformative power of prunes can be unsettling at times, though.


So, to change the subject from my confusion and mild disgust, here is a (very) brief video of Evelyn last week.

There's not much to it other than her odd little smile and some messy hair, but I think that's enough.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remember me?

Hey there, remember when I didn't write anything for about a week and a half and you probably forgot I existed?

Wasn't that awesome?

I thought so.

The time hasn't all been busy, but it has been full and I've been working on things and doing life.  Just doing life can be pretty involved and fun when I'm not thinking about how to tell you about it later, or trying to catch everything with the camera.

Just life is usually enough.

Time spent blogging is time I don't spend making presents, loving on Evelyn, or loading the dishwasher.  So lately it's been the first thing to go when I'm desperately trying to make some more time for this life business.  And I've liked that.

But Evelyn's napping right now, and I felt like telling you that things are just fine over here.

Evelyn had her very first sleepover with Dicy last weekend and Cody and I had our very first night without her.  Everyone had a blast!

Evelyn at Dicy's, fake-coughing and enjoying CMT.  She's wearing her "I [heart] Going to Grandma's" pajamas.
Sometimes, Evelyn eats little pieces of cereal.  But that's about it.  Yes, we have tried many things.  Please do not offer suggestions.  I know about rice cereal.  And boiling fruit or vegetables and mashing it with a fork.  And that I can freeze it in ice cubes.  This is just going to take some repetition. Soul-numbing, fruitless, time-consuming, messy repetition.  In the meantime, I'll be eating and drinking everything in sight.

Speaking of eating and drinking everything in sight, Thanksgiving was a lot of fun!  We had Thanksgiving #1 at Cody's Memaw's house and Evelyn was a friendly and sleepy girl--she skipped her morning nap because she was just so excited about the big day!  Or something.

Also, half the people there held Evelyn.  So she had a really great time!

Thanksgiving #2 was our first big holiday at Sara and Chad's new house!  Evelyn and Zoe the Dog are now best friends, and I remembered to bring out Evelyn's cute turkey bib for this event.

Evelyn and Zoe were in constant motion.
Sara the Hostess.  And our lovely spread.

Evelyn's seasonally appropriate bib....and my dirty lens.

Did I ever tell you we bought a new bed for Evelyn?  We did. It turns out her weird sleep issues were almost entirely mattress-related.  Silly girl.  I'll tell you all about it sometime, especially once I take some pictures of the bed.  Which I haven't done yet because the light is never good in her room, or anywhere else.

It's cloudy and dark all the time!  Walks outside have been too few and far between these days.

In addition to grabbing those little rice puff thingies, Evelyn can pull up on things (everything) and stand like a big girl!  Alas, she hasn't figured out how to get back down most of the time.  So she either falls down and cries (but not always) or we eventually just sit her down on her booty and she cries (again, not always).

Standing up makes her look astonishingly tall.

Cody and I are fine as well.  A little sleepy, a little frazzled, but enjoying the holiday break from work.  And we're enjoying Evelyn.  She's a likeable little thing, usually, and she seems to like us back.

Also, I have a lovely dental crown that looks very natural and slightly coffee-stained.  It's a beauty.

So. I think you're caught up now!  I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

Here we are, being just great.