Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's do another list

Things That Were Nice About my First Day Back at Work
  • I have a job.
  • I am working in this building not-pregnant for the first time ever.  Things feel a lot bigger now.  I moved around much more easily today.
  • People seemed happy to see me.
  • I have an office instead of a cubicle.  This is nice because 1) I'm pumping, and 2) an office has 4 walls.  I've got all that space just waiting to hold up Evelyn's pictures!
  • I received texts from Cody (with a picture of Evelyn!) and my mom to let me know how Evelyn was doing and how much she was eating.
  • I read some nice emails from Dad, Dicy, Laine, and Jeff just letting me know they hoped I was having a good day back.
  • Coworkers, including two supervisors, wished me well.  Then they politely gushed over pictures of Evelyn.
  • No one cried when I left to go to the bathroom.
  • I knew that Evelyn was having a good time with Cody and Mom.
  • I typed with both hands.
  • I came home to this sweet face:  

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    My handy how-to guide

    Things You Can Do While Hiding in Your Room so Your Husband Can Get Your Baby to Take a Bottle Because You're Going Back to Work
    • Fantasize about living in a European country where they do maternity leave right.  I would happily work full-time until I was 75 if it meant I could stay with my babies while they were babies.  
    • Pump and hate America.
    • Make the bed.
    • Go through records and organize them into the filing cabinet.
    • Move the filing cabinet.
    • Straighten up the tops of your dressers.
    • Read a book.
    • Work on crocheting that scarf you started last week.
    • Iron fabric for the (yet again) revamped quilt project.
    • Peek through the slightly opened bedroom door to watch your husband feed your baby.
    • Get caught peeking.
    • Wonder if the millions of bottle parts and pump parts (fine, dozens) are all in the dishwasher.
    • Wonder how many millions of things are going to be packed into tomorrow's bag for work.
    • Pump.
    The scarf! I think I already know who's getting it for Christmas. 

    Still in love with the granny square theme.

    Fabric for Evelyn's quilt.

    And more fabric.

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    We went to Oklahoma!

    Mom and I took Evelyn to meet her Oklahoma family on Wednesday and came home on Thursday. 

    Our Oklahoma family is a group of friends and neighbors from church from when we lived in Miami.  Myrtle and EJ are my adopted grandparents.  They would babysit me on Friday nights.  They would take Laine and me to the park, or on walks, or to the library.  We've gone back for countless visits.  Mamaw and I have written letters to each other since I was 8.  Mamaw used to send us cards for every holiday, and thank-you notes for the thank-you notes we'd write her.  (That's why Laine has taken it upon herself to send Evelyn all kinds of mail.)

    Evelyn traveled relatively well, considering she doesn't like traveling all that much.  The weather wasn't as stormy as we were afraid it would be--we drove straight into the wind and it was cloudy, but it wasn't so bad.  Mom and I had a great time catching up with people.  Evelyn loved everyone and they loved her.

    We wanted to go up sooner, but things like storms and impromptu moves got in the way.  But this is my last week of maternity leave and we had to go.  We were so happy we did.  And today I found out that EA had a heart attack a few hours after we left.  He's in stable condition and he's going to be moved to Joplin soon.  I don't know if he'll be okay or not, but Shirley said she'd keep me updated.

    And now I'm even more glad we went.

    We stopped by the insurance agency to see Betty and Mike.  We caught up with them a little and gave Evelyn a break from the car because she was pitching a fit.

    Then Evelyn met our grandparents.  It was as wonderful as I thought it would be.

    They were enthralled with each other.

    Shirley loved Evelyn all to pieces, but I don't think Mamaw ever gave her the chance to hold her.

    Carl could only stay for a while, but we gave him big hugs and he was happy to meet Evelyn.

    My two EJs.

    Mamaw can still play in the floor like it's nothing.

    We spent the night with Glen and Jolene. 

    Mom looked through their vacation pictures while Jolene held Evelyn and told us about their church's search for a preacher.

    This is Glen's bobcat.  I think I should start taking lots of pictures of Evelyn next to taxidermied animals.
    EA was sitting up the next day.  The three of them had a wonderful time.

    Oh my baby, you are so loved.

    Here we are.

    We were so happy to be in Miami.

    This is where I used to live.  I don't really remember it.  But it was fun to see where Mom, Dad, Laine, and I lived.
    Evelyn was a much better traveler the next day.  She really enjoys this elephant.

    The trip was a big deal for Mom's car as well!  Dad brought my car to me in the Target parking lot, and this is what the odometer looked like as we pulled into our parking space.

    Evelyn was really happy for her.

    We're adventurous girls.

    Believe it or not, this was our only Starbucks break of the trip.  Dad needed some time with Evelyn, and she needed some time out of the car.


    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Evelyn is 10 weeks old!

    Evelyn is 10 weeks old!  She's huge.  She just is.

    She drools and squeals and locks her legs when you balance her feet on your lap.

    On Wednesday, she was generally awesome.

    On Thursday, she had a fun day in Heber Springs with her mom (that's me!) and her Gil.  It was followed by a horrible evening, which was then followed by a fun night with her dad.

    On Friday, she just chilled out.  I wore her in my sling and did some walking errands like going to the corner store and the library.

    On Saturday, she went to Romance!  She saw all her aunts and uncles on my side.  She also did not take a nap for longer than 30 minutes--and even that was after a fight.  She seemed so intent on not missing anything.  A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  And by George, she didn't.  If you were talking, she was staring raptly at your face.  If you were walking, she wanted you to hold her.  If you were my mom, she wanted to pat your arm and put her mouth on you.

    On Sunday, she took some very long naps.  We skipped church when we realized we didn't know where our umbrellas were.  She didn't seem to mind, especially since she was wearing some supergrubby and mismatched clothes.  She napped poorly again, even when we went to see her Dicy.  They had a nice time together, but she just wasn't her normal unconscious self.  She did seem to enjoy our trip to the grocery store, and did fall asleep there.  This was really too bad since Cody kept slow-dancing with her in the aisles.  She missed out on some great spins.

    On Monday, she had her two-month checkup!  She weighed 10 lbs and 13 ounces, and was 23.75" long.  And her head was 15.5" in circumference.  That means she's in the 60th percentile for her height, the 40th percentile for her weight, and the 90th percentile for her head size.  Basically, her body is just a support system for her brain and hair.  She had one oral vaccine and two shots.  She barely cried for the shots!  Hooray for nursing during unhappy procedures.  If only there was something for Cody and me.

    Her doctor assured us that babies start fussing a lot around 6-8 weeks, and then it slowly starts to taper off.  This means her little baby meltdowns and tummy issues (she spit up so much on Saturday morning that I changed her outfit once and my shirt 3 times before we ever left the house....at 10 a.m.  She then drooled on/spit on/chewed nearly every member of my immediate family) should not be so intense in the next few weeks.  Or so I hope.

    She spent the afternoon hanging out with Cody while I ran errands.  He tried to give her a bottle, which didn't go that well.  But he talked to her and played with her and put on quite the cooking show for her while he made dinner, and that went very well.

    She even got a present in the mail!  Cody's college adviser, who is the man who married us, sent her a copy of Goodnight, Moon!  She's slowly rebuilding her book collection, and I'm really glad that Dr. Daily gave her that book.

    On her birthday day, she was fussy.  Lots of diapers, lots of needing to be held, lots of feeding.  And  very little sleep.  But she slept well the night before, and went to bed at a reasonable hour, so whatever.

    She loves taking baths and since we set up her little tub in the kitchen sink, she likes to stick her leg under the faucet when the water runs.  I'm trying to part her hair on a different side in an attempt to work with her weird part, natural waves, and cowlicks.  It's not really working.  She likes it when you hold her above your head, and I even balanced her on my legs and genuinely played 'airplane' with her on her birthday!

    The girl can really party.  These past 10 weeks have been filled with adventure and I'm looking forward to whatever happens next.

    Being happy in the morning.

    Having lunch with Gil.

    Playing with friends.

    Looking like the funnest girl you know.

    Playing with Granddad.

    Watching her dad make oatmeal on Sunday morning.

    Pondering the direction she was taking her hair on her birthday.