Friday, October 29, 2010

Things that make a happy list for a happy Friday

  • The work week went by quickly because I had lots of things to do (and that's why the posts were brief or non-existent)!
  • People can stop complaining about how it's too warm to feel fallish now--we had our first frost advisory last night!
  • October's reading list is looking good and I'm really enjoying all of the books I'm reading right now--I'm in a non-fiction mood these days.
  • October was the month we spent money.  I knew we would, and we were kind of planning to do so for the first month without a hefty car payment in over a year.  Cody bought shoes, I bought bigger clothes, and tonight I'm going to carry on that tradition with some Halloween candy and some maternity jeans.  I nearly injured myself in my regular pair this morning.
  • We'll be getting trick-or-treaters!  I don't know exactly which night, so I'm going ahead and buying candy now just in case.  It has nothing to do with the way Cody's face lights up with the joy of Christmas morning whenever I buy him Kit-Kats.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing Cody's face light up with the joy of a Christmas morning when I show him the Kit-Kats I bought for trick-or-treaters (or, maybe, you know, him.  Whatever).
  • Pears are in season.
  • I made a pumpkin pie earlier this week with the first pumpkin pulp of the season.
  • Pumpkins are in season.
  • Figs are in season (OH MY GOODNESS!!!).
  • Apples are in season.
  • Pomegranates are almost in season.
  • I have an actual, real jack-o-lantern on my front porch with a candle inside.  It's lovely.
  • I've crocheted some great little baby squares lately.  I have to say it.
  • I made more pumpkins this week!  I'll have to take pictures this weekend.
  • I'd almost forgotten, but we're doing a no-spend in November.  That's Monday!  So we'll sit down and talk over our plans and weekly budget.  Frankly, just thinking about talking about saving money gets me really excited.
  • We're getting lamb meat soon!  
  • Good food is apparently the greatest joy in my life right now.
  • Cody and I are getting massages tomorrow morning.  He's hurt his back somehow and I'm....pregnant.  I told him he could get a prenatal massage too if he really wanted one, but he doesn't.  Like I said, spending money.
  • We're picking up our CSA basket in the morning!  I love picking up baskets!  Don't worry, I'll take a picture of that, too.
  • The pitcher plant is going to come live indoors soon.
  • I like having a big and round stomach.  It's nice to see proof of the baby all the time, even if I do startle myself when I catch my reflection.
  • I'm going to a Halloween party this weekend.  I haven't done that in a while.  Last year I celebrated Halloween by cleaning Laine's house (okay, and drinking coffee and buying amazing yarn) and then Cody and I threw an All Saints' Day party at our house.  For real.
  • I just realized that we do not have nearly the ant or dampness problems we had last year.  Hooray!
  • I think we may break down and turn on our heat this weekend.  Whoa.
  • Red Velvet opened today!  This just makes me happy.
  • Believe it or not, I am completely determined to get in a good nap somewhere in the weekend.  You mark my words!  
  • I hope you take a nap this weekend, too.  I'll be really happy for you if you do.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Wednesday. Here's a poem.

For my baby, who is not an Angus (at least not this time).

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939).  The Wind Among the Reeds.  1899.

9. The Song of Wandering Aengus

I WENT out to the hazel wood, 
Because a fire was in my head, 
And cut and peeled a hazel wand, 
And hooked a berry to a thread; 
And when white moths were on the wing,         5
And moth-like stars were flickering out, 
I dropped the berry in a stream 
And caught a little silver trout. 
When I had laid it on the floor 
I went to blow the fire a-flame,  10
But something rustled on the floor, 
And someone called me by my name: 
It had become a glimmering girl 
With apple blossom in her hair 
Who called me by my name and ran  15
And faded through the brightening air. 
Though I am old with wandering 
Through hollow lands and hilly lands, 
I will find out where she has gone, 
And kiss her lips and take her hands;  20
And walk among long dappled grass, 
And pluck till time and times are done, 
The silver apples of the moon, 
The golden apples of the sun.

(I found it here.)

I hope you like this.  And if you don't, don't tell me.  Just go out and read something else that you do like.  We are in the middle of that prime poetry-reading time of year.  Dream of the Rood, anyone?  (My British Literature I flashbacks are really strong this year.)  I'm going to wait until it gets just a liiiiiiitle bit colder before nostalgia makes me bust out the Seamus Heaney translation of Beowulf.  It's such good stuff.

Do you ever let the weather/seasons dictate what you read?  I think you should.  

It can feel pretty perfect.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scenes from a very fall weekend.

Here are some pictures from this very fall-tastic weekend.

Fall leaves I saw on my way home from work Friday.

Yellow four o'clocks!

I almost never see these!

Saturday morning: my beautiful new mud flap!

My amazing new sun visor!

My amazing new sun visor in the down position!

Saturday afternoon: Brook's fall mantel.

Brook's new mantel, Part II.

Our arsenal.



Also mine!  Cody didn't carve a pumpkin.

Thomas carves plastic pumpkins.

Jessica helps.  Look at how gleeful she is about gutting that thing.

By the way, I think Jessi took all of these.

Brook cannot handle whatever Jeff is doing.

We love the smell of freshly demolished pumpkins in the afternoon.

Guts.  Cody took a lot of the seeds to roast later.

Brad is really serious about this.

Jessi is seriously wearing a Star Wars apron!

I don't know.  Someone told us to smile.

By the way, we watched Ice Spiders while we carved.  It's a classic.

Jessi's pumpkin.

Idyllic carving scene.

I think I wore the apron wrong.  But my shirt was safe.

You don't question her carving decisions.

She's ready to go!

Our finished products!  You can't see Brad's because he did the fancy 'shaving' move instead of actually carving.  It looked really cool, though.

Brook's scary skull.

Jessi did her own name!

This is mine!


My pumpkin with the other pumpkins.  I later cut, cleaned, and roasted 2 of the little pumpkins for baking purposes. 

Sunday evening: the baby and I are ready to party, storm watches be darned!

Jason and Mandy's cupcakes at their shower in the park.

Caramel apples!

Fritos for the two different kinds of chili!

Travis!  And presents!

Cute fall, outdoorsy decor.

Shy Cody.

A better view of the gifts.

I was proud of my packaging.  I'd planned to use those paper leaves for garland, but then didn't.  So I thought I'd be cute with the gift wrapping for such a fall-ish party.

This is the bride and groom with my gift.  I gave them an electric knife and a little first aid kit.  Because, you know, I gave them an electric knife.

Bride and groom with the co-hosts of the shower--the best man and the maid of honor.

Then we cleaned up.

I really liked this little display outside the pavilion.

Cute, cute, cute.

Then Cody and I went home and went to bed.  This is Cody in his special pajamas, reading comics.

And that! was what my weekend looked like.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Update: 20 weeks

I'm 20 weeks along!  We're halfway there!  

I officially look and feel pregnant.  I think I did before this week, but there's no confusion about it now--not even when I'm wearing a jacket.  This tummy is out and proud.

I went for my monthly checkup this morning and the baby's heartbeat was good and strong.  The doctor said it was somewhere around 140 beats per minute.  She also measured how high up my baby belly was getting, and mentioned that the length usually corresponds to the number of weeks you're at.  Sure enough, my belly is at 20 and 1/2 centimeters, which is just past the belly button.  She said my ultrasound looked good, but that the ultrasound technician forgot to measure some fluid levels.  So I had to go back for another (free) brief ultrasound.  

I figured while we were already looking around, I could ask the technician to check out the baby again.  

Good news: she's still a girl!

And everything looks good.

(I flipped through my file while I was waiting at the desk and read all of my ultrasound results.  Everything is within normal range or is marked as 'No' for any signs of problems or defects.)

And I got a flu shot!  Yes, yes you can get a flu shot at the OB/GYN's office!  Apparently my doctor is a big stickler on flu shots, and since my work wouldn't be offering them until the middle of November, I thought it would be really fun to immunize my pregnant and asthmatic self now.

I feel better already!

And: I gained 5 pounds.  

Not overall.

I gained 5 pounds in the past month

If you're keeping up with this sort of thing, that means I've gained 8 pounds total.  It's normal to gain 3-4 pounds a month in the second trimester, but I'm a go-getter.  Or something.  

At least Cody's happy now.  Even though my doctor and nurses were happy with last month's weight gain, he felt like my weight was just too low.  Too low for what, I'm not sure, but he gets really happy about weight gain and outgrowing clothes.

This what I read about the baby's growth this week: "Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby's legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of his head to his bottom — the "crown to rump" measurement. After 20 weeks, he's measured from head to toe.)"  (Source.)

I love bananas.  And my big ol' girl. 

That's really about it.  I feel good, and I feel like I look good.  I'm healthy, and the baby's growing right along.  Cody and I like to make plans and think about names and I'm trying to figure out if I am crafty enough to make some quilted baby booties (I'm probably not, but I think I'll go for it anyway!).  So I thought I'd show you some pictures of baby things that you haven't seen yet.

The Liberty of London quilt!  The back is yellow!

A baby rattle from Laine.  She bought it at Red Velvet Art this spring.

Cody and one of their old sweat shirts!

Once upon a time, Cody and Casey were very little people.  The baby is currently not even the length of that sweat shirt.

One of Cody's old afghans from his mom.

And I really love this one.  Nice and neutral.  Did you know that they thought one of the twins might be a girl?  They both turned out to be boys, but I like that I can use Cody's blankets for our little girl.

Mrs. Dicy's sisters made this for her.  Aww!

And we love bears!  I love how nearly all 1980s children's stuff seems to have balloons.  So cheerful.

Oh, and here's the baby!  Sorry about the blurriness.  It looked better in the camera.

Baby's first tornado sirens!  They were going off the entire time during our little photo shoot.  These are precious Arkansas memories we're capturing.

Not pictured: a onesie from our friends that I've never photographed and I don't know why, a mix CD of songs about or for babies from Jessi that she gave us this weekend (aw!), and two burp cloths from Cody's mom with cross stitched messages on them and they just make me really confused because I'm not used to burp cloths looking like that.  Cody thought we would actually use them and then I had to have a serious talk about how when someone takes the trouble to give you burp cloths with cute rainbows cross stitched onto them with that special cross stitching fabric, you are not supposed to actually throw them over your shoulder in the expectation that a baby may spit up on them.  

I don't really know what you do with them (but apparently you do save them for your grandbabies!), but I may frame the brown gingham one that has a rainbow and the phrase "Blue skies and rainbows" embroidered on there because that's one of my favorite songs and that would be really, really cute.

That's about it!  Although that seems like enough.  Thanks for reading and being excited about the baby.

And if you've learned nothing else from this post, you at least know that we cannot be trusted with anything monogrammed.