Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Day Weekend Happy List

  • These boots may have improved my quality of life exponentially. Thanks, Mom!
  • Three-day weekend
  • There's the thing we're having on Sunday where we have some friends over
  • We're going to experience our first Riverfest crowd
  • We're skipping Riverfest because it is expensive
  • There's a personal watermelon in my fridge
  • My hair is cute today
  • My new glasses should ship today
  • Cody is supposed to be off-work tomorrow (knock on wood)
  • I'm leaving early
  • Three day weekend on the same schedule as my husband--rejoice!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Tour, 05.26.10

Check out my baby tomato!

This is our little porch garden!

Edgar keeps watch.
I brought him home from North Carolina a couple of summers ago.
Even with the glittery clothespins holding him in place,
he sternly guards our plants against the ridiculous amount of wildlife in the neighborhood.*

And just for fun, here's another picture of the pitcher plant.
It also protects us.

Behold! A dead wasp.
Or yellow jacket. Or something.
Bottom line:
it can't sting me and hurt me and make me swell up until I have to get a steroid shot.
Because the plant captured it and ate it.
We've got to name this plant.

And lastly, this pleasant surprise!
I had a volunteer zinnia spring up next to the front porch!
It's the biggest one I have so far.

*3 stray cats, 50,000 birds, cats with owners, dog walkers, some really creepy doves, some small children with basketballs, the occasional vagrant, nosy landlords, Casey, and a family of obese raccoons. And squirrels. Oh my goodness, the squirrels.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend matters.

Friday evening:

Go home.
Talk to Mom on the phone about Sara and Levi and herbs.
Go to the WLR Barnes, realize none of my friends are there, text Jeff, discover everyone is at the NLR Barnes.
Drive to NLR Barnes, which was hosting Childpolooza.

Here is Faith performing:

Here is Faith's adoring public:

Her adoring-yet-hiding-behind-things public:

Paparazzi included:


Pick up a really pretty basket: one cucumber, a bell pepper, lettuce, onions, eggs, squash, strawberries, beets, sweet potatoes, milk, cheese, a raspberry vinaigrette, and a pound of beefalo.

Not pictured: me, trying on glasses at my optometrist's office. I mean, I took pictures. But you're not going to see them. My exhaustion is apparent. Besides, this way you'll be surprised when I show you my new frames!

In other news: I have officially surpassed Dad in terms of blindness. -4.25, ladies and gentlemen!

Pictured: Sara.

Sara was showered and ready for guests when I went to visit. She wouldn't let me take a picture of her (no make-up), but said I could take a picture of the foot and cast get-up. Whatever, I thought she looked great. Her swelling had gone down, she was able to maneuver through her house with crutches, and she downloaded a day and a half's worth of songs on her new iPod.

Also pictured: Dad.

He and Mom have been in and out of Sara's house, picking up her medicine, buying her iPods, fixing snacks, and doing general parent caretaker things. It's not that Chad isn't being a stellar caretaking husband right now--because he completely is--but they've done this before.

I had a nice little afternoon snacking and talking and watching television with Sara and Mom. Then Erin came by and we got to hear about her new job and catch up on her family, and Mom and I left a little while after she arrived so that Sara could have some variety. Saturday was her most social day to date after surgery.

Then I went to Mom and Dad's house to visit the dog and steal some flowers, cut herbs, and beef.

My parents are loving, giving people.

I am a loving, taking daughter.

Later that evening, we went over to Brad and Jeff's apartment to watch a DVD and eat pizza and cake.

And to watch Cody.....he did something here, I just know it:

I think Jessi took this one:

They have yet to hang up their art.

I think we stayed up too late.

Surprisingly, these were our exhausted faces before the boys discovered a leak in a water heater pipe. It had been leaking for a few days and spread to the living room, a storage closet, and part of Jeff's room. It was very exciting.

Sunday: not pictured.

Cody and I slept and ate and walked to the library and had nachos and then made a salad with a lot of that produce in the basket. It was a lovely day.

And lastly, because I know you really need to see this, here is a picture of the pitcher plant in its entirety. Laine complained about the last post because she couldn't see all of the plant.

So here it is!

It's kind of small. Cody checked out a book at the library on carnivorous plants yesterday. We definitely have a tropical variety. And last night I peeked into one of the pitchers and saw a dead bug. Victory!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pitcher plant!


I drove straight from work. I was nervous. I was ready. Traffic was awful.

I got the very last plant!

The check-out guy told me that the store had only had a couple of shipments but people were buying them like crazy. He also said that the plant was really cool and I screeched out "I know!"

I bounced out of the store, holding this dangling plant while people stared at me. I bet they were impressed and kind of jealous.

I brought my fabulous new plant home and took these pictures:

The tag said to keep the soil watered at all times, and to fill the pitchers half-full of water.

Ariel view:

Can you see the shadow of a captured bug? No?
I could totally see it.

Look! It's a baby pitcher.

Look! Look into the gaping maw of death!
Bugs do not stand a chance against this plant. I want to name it. I want to research how to keep it alive in the winter months. I want more pitcher plants!

I have an uncomfortable feeling that I'm about to be mocked for my enthusiasm on this subject. It's like glitter all over again.

No matter. I have liked carnivorous plants since I was 7 or 8. Venus flytraps seemed to be in a lot of cartoons and they were sentient and smiling, eating people and bugs alike.

Carnivorous plants aren't sentient, like pets (but I wish they were). There are different types of traps, but the pitcher plant has pitfall traps. Bugs crawl in and are trapped because of the slippery inside and digested. Digested!!! How exciting!

I'm still not sure which type of plant I have specifically, but I've enjoyed looking around the Internet to find out. Look at this to see all the different types with the fun Latin words. Then look at this to see an American pitcher plant. And look at this again
to see my superawesome pitcher plant.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursdays have variety

It was raining this morning. Now the sun's out.

I had no plans this morning.

Now I'm on a mission to go to some stores for ingredients and maybe flip flops and definitely a pitcher plant.

If I can buy a pitcher plant, I'm going to tell you all about it tomorrow. If I can't buy a pitcher plant, I'm probably going to cry a little and then tell you all about pitcher plants tomorrow. They're fascinating and, out of all carnivorous plants, Dallas's favorite. And mine.

Then, if all goes as planned, I will take several pictures of the plant (and our other plants. They're doing fairly well.) and do some baking.

And I'll call my parents or Sara.

Sara had her ankle surgery this morning, and Mom and Dad texted us with updates to let us know that the surgery was going well. My last text from Mom said that they were stopping at Sonic for coke and fries on their way home from the hospital. So she must have been feeling pretty well if they stopped for fries! (Laine and Sara cannot handle their anesthesia, but there are drugs for that. Some help, some don't. Apparently Sara's helped today. Hooray!)

So. If you had prayers and thoughts and wishes for Sara, thank you. And....keep them coming. The girl's ankles are awful. She falls down. She tears things. She gets repeat surgeries. And pretty soon she'll have lots and lots of physical therapy to attend.

In conclusion, here is a picture of Sara.

And here is a picture of a pitcher plant I took while Cody and I were on our grocery store date Monday night.

That is all.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sara is having some pretty big ankle surgery in the morning.

I wish you would pray for her.

You should probably pray for Chad, too.

He's never been around post-op/physical therapy Sara.

And for our parents.

And everyone's nerves.

And the doctors and nurses.

But mostly for Sara.

And her terrible ligaments and tendons and bones and clumsiness.

But mostly for Sara.


Monday, May 17, 2010


There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.

To Alana and Travis on your second wedding anniversary:

Remember when Jeff found some extra copies of programs from your wedding and I asked you if I could have one? I showed it to Jessi and she wanted to steal it.

Do you know how happy your wedding made us?
(I'm speaking for everyone who knows y'all and loves y'all. I'm going to be bold with this.)

So incredibly happy.

Your happy marriage is a source of delight to us.
The happiness you've found with each other brings happiness to us
and we're so happy for you.

I love you both so much and I hope y'all are having a very happy anniversary!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just saying

It seems like it's a little too early in the summer to be posting this, but I want to:

"This is just to say"

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold.

William Carlos Williams

Enjoy this lovely May weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pictures I do like!

Here's a birthday card I made for Jarrett a while ago.
I couldn't post it because I wanted to wait until after he got it in the mail.

This is something I played with this morning.
Cody didn't realize he usually looks like this to me.
It's easy to look like you disapprove of something
when you literally have to look down on me.

And this is that egg shell picture I took a few weeks ago.
Only rotated (which I forgot to do) and softened.

Mother's Day pictures

Here's a little story for you: while I was working on photobooks for our moms, I was convinced that the layouts were cute and my pictures were awesome. I had a great time putting everything together and I was arranging and rearranging and stressing and altering everything. When they finally came in the mail, I looked through them and was completely thrilled with my handiwork.

Then I looked through them a few more times and discovered some flaws, remembered some pictures I wanted to use but didn't, and began doubting some of my choices.

By the time I wrapped the presents, I was completely sick of these stupid gifts. The pictures were dumb and poorly chosen, the sizes were wrong, the page themes weren't working and everything was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I wrapped the presents, hoped our moms would like them, and stopped thinking about them entirely because I was completely disgusted at the mere stupid sight of them.

Then we gave them the presents and they loved them and all was well.

My point?

I hate these pictures. I have intense disappointment with my family for refusing to pose in a calm and composed manner so that we could all just take a couple of pictures. I'm incredibly disgusted at my lack of sleep the night before, I resent my friends for having birthdays so close to Mother's Day, and I'm filled with rage at my own face.

I hate my face. It's really gross. Nearly every picture of me is taken from the 'wrong' side of my face, the side where my hair looks like crap. My glasses are all wrong. My teeth, my gums, my lips....wrong.

The rest of you guys..... are fine. Completely fine. Which makes me look ridiculous. Thanks. Thanks a lot.


(Bear with me. I think I'm getting sick and I haven't eaten lunch yet.)

Fine. Now that that's out of the way, here are the pictures.

Me, 7:35 A.M.
My hair looked great.
This is the closest you'll get to seeing the greatness.

The driver, 7:35 A.M.
He is completely ready for Mother's Day fun.

Here's Laine with her 'nephew,' Travis!
He had just woken up from his sermon nap.

Here's Joanna, celebrating her second Mother's Day
by wearing a reworked bridesmaid dress from Laine's wedding.

Travis is stylish.

Just like his Aunt Laine.
I asked for a pose.
This is what I got.

And so began the parking lot photoshoot.
Here's Mom and Levi!

I have no idea why he's laughing at me.

Or why I'm laughing with him.
But apparently something is hilarious.

Here's Sara and Chad making a hasty exit.

Here's Laine and Mom.

Laine said this picture looked good because we're both laughing.

Back at Sara and Chad's.
It was a pretty solemn time.

Sara and Cody don't like Chad.

Fact: I love every picture taken of Sara and Cody together.

But this may be my favorite.

Here's Mom and Sara.

Here's Mom and all her kids!

Laine and Robert like to prom pose.

At least I think they like it.

This is a normal pose for them.

Here's Mom with her card and pajamas from Laine.

Here's Mom with Levi and his gift to her.
They both love The Big Bang Theory.

Here's Mom with all her stuff!

Mom, me, the photobook.

And then here's a series of candid action shots.

(Chad didn't want to take a picture with me.)

Then we left.

Here's Cody, 4:10 P.M.
Mom gave all the boys new sunglasses,
so he's wearing them.

We ate and visited and then I took pictures for a couple minutes.

Here's Spencer.

Here's Mrs. Dicy with her nephew, Clint.

This is Cody's uncle, Randy.


Family people visiting in the dining room.

And in the kitchen.

My new favorite picture of Cody.

It's Lainey and Julie having a mother-daughter dance on the back deck.

Cody's grandpa made this a long time ago.

And Mrs. Dicy let Egan play with it.
Egan, as you can see, is very popular.

And supercute.

This is the cover of Mrs. Dicy's photobook.
She liked it.
Her boys didn't seem to. They're not big fans of pictures.
I think I understand.

Cody and Jen, 7 or 8ish P.M.

The End.