Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring stuff

I love the outdoors.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We went out to see Mom and Dad this weekend. I couldn't post about yesterday because I was busy, and the Internet grew tired of me.

But here we are now.

Here's some of Dallas's homework.

And here's some of his handiwork!

Here's some of my handiwork.
I took these pictures forever ago and Mom framed them.

Here are Mom's newest chicks!
They didn't like me.

And her flowers.

I cut some and took them home.
They are lovely.

Dad took some awesome pictures of me with Mozart.

Mom owns a dog with arms bigger than mine. Just saying.

I tried to make it look like we were having a good time.
I think he was having a good time.


And his nose is almost as big as my knee cap.

We're having a blast!

Cody is having a great time, too.
He just doesn't like it when I take his picture.
I think.

I said, "Dad, look like we're having fun!"
He thought that was hilarious.
We're delightfully happy people.
And then I took a picture of Mom looking perfectly lovely, but I know she'd see it and make me take it down so I didn't put it up in the first place. She has that expression where she's almost amused and slightly concerned about all the pictures I take. You know the one.

Whatever. She's pretty. I'll take more pictures this weekend.

Because it's Easter! Lots of picture-taking!

I'll try to get more of Cody looking like this.

You're welcome.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday party for two

We went to Cody's mom's house for Cody and Casey's birthday last night. We ate and talked and they opened presents.

And she made banana pudding. Yes!

I only remembered to pull out my camera at certain times.

This was after dinner, when we started having a discussion about sharks and snakes that live in the ocean (no, not eels. I know the difference).

"I just know, that with my luck, I would be in that cage and the shark would be able to pick that lock and get in there and eat me."

"They don't even have hands! It's not like snakes. Snakes are scary.
And they could get into the underwater cage."

"I'm leaving. Happy birthday.
When I get your gift cards out of Dylan's car, I'll give them to Cody at work."
"But the snakes or eels wouldn't be around because there would be sharks everywhere!"
"Okay, then I would be fine with it. Even though I bet snakes in the ocean aren't poisonous."

I regret mentioning that it would be fun to rent one of those cages and take pictures of sharks. Dallas and I used to discuss this at great length.

Here's a cuter picture of them together.
Cody is on the left and Casey is on the right.

And here's why I know this.
One time, Mrs. Dicy found pictures from a vacation they took and she hadn't written on the backs. They couldn't tell who was who, or what year it was. Superidentical.


Awwww some more!
Here's Cody with his mom.
So sweet.

She told him Friday that she should get a present for making banana pudding and giving them life and raising them and all that.

We bought her some jelly beans and I made her a finger puppet. It seems like a good trade.

Other topics of discussion included:
  • the fact that Paula Deen's line of cookware includes a sauce pan she renamed a 'butter warmer'
  • why none of us want to be Facebook friends with Mrs. Dicy and why she doesn't want to be friends with us
  • wealthy Russians
  • Spencer's official vegetarianism
  • my picture-taking ways
  • Cody's hatred of finger puppets
  • the birthday card I made Cody that featured finger puppets
  • how I woke Cody up on his birthday, holding a finger puppet mere inches from his face so that it would be the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes
  • how Cody has never attempted vegetarianism
  • some wealthy Russian guy on 60 Minutes who said his interests were "human interaction, beautiful women, and [something else, like semiautomatic weapons]" and how Cody would love to hear someone say that, and how Mrs. Dicy thought it was Facebook-worthy, and how I would pay Casey $5 to put that in his 'Interests' section of his profile

And lastly, if not most importantly:
  • How much money I owe Casey now
  • $5

Cody's birthday at our house: balloonfest '10

The decor

Now that I've tried to do a balloon chandelier,
I know it's better during the daytime.
Because this blocked a lot of light.

Birthday-appropriate banner!
Cards, comic promos, and polar bears.

The table.

The birthday guy!

The hostess.

Jessi loves puppets.

People mingling and holding balloons.
I'm really glad there were balloons. They were just kind of floating around and people kept picking them up and playing with them.

See? Here's Jarrett, enjoying a balloon.

Alana also documented the night.

Then we played some Trivial Pursuit.
Here's the boy team.
(Cody kept the balloon over his face for 5 minutes after I took the picture.
I don't even know why.)

Here's the girl team.
We lost.

Here's Jarrett really enjoying my crane embroidery scissors.
I'm not kidding. He was impressed.
Jeff thought this was hilarious.

One of the few pictures that doesn't involve balloons or sharp objects.
The Batarang knife was also an object of scrutiny.

Travis looks a little nonplussed.
Probably because he's not playing with a balloon.

See how happy it makes Cody?

You know that game kids play where they hit the balloon from one person to another and try to keep it from touching the ground?

We played that at least twice.

While screaming in panic if it got close to the ground.

We have got to lay off the red velvet cake.

But that's just how we party.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cody has a birthday tomorrow!

Cody turns 26 tomorrow.

(I stole this from Lainey's facebook.)

He's on the far right in this picture.

They can grow up to be so handsome.

Or maybe it's just him. He's smart and handsome and funny and awesome and I'm really glad he was born.

25 was weird for him.
We moved, he wrecked his car, we took some trips up north, he hated his job, we fought all summer, he got a different job, we had some really fun dates, he lost weight, we had some great eating adventures, and he posed in hundreds of my pictures.

Some of them willingly!

(This was not one of them.)

He's so cool.

Sometimes I think about what my life would be like without him. Those are weird thoughts. It's hard to know what decisions I'd make and how things would turn out.

I'm sure I would be fine. But I know I wouldn't be this happy.

This man is amazing.

He works pretty hard to make me happy.

He bakes the best cookies in the world.

He sings.

He dances.

He reads.

He chuckles--who does that anymore?!

He's kind.

He's generous.

He lives in a sea of glitter, fabric, and yarn and he dislikes arts and crafts.

He's calm.

He tries new things.

He's the nicest man I know.

He once wrote a poem just so he could submit it to the campus literary magazine just so I could write him a rejection letter.

He is a great cook.

I'll say it again: he is so handsome.

And tomorrow he'll be 26!

I bet he's just as excited about it as I am.