Friday, June 27, 2008

Silly Pictures of Jessi and Lynn

....just because I feel like it. Lynn and Jessi like taking odd photos together. Please keep in mind that these are just the ones I have. Everyone else's cameras are equally full of stuff like this:

Some pretty cool bridesmaids.

Our little girl had just come home from her first semester at seminary.
Christmas 2006.

Jessi's birthday, 2007.

We went dress shopping with Alana and I've never put these pictures up because her dress (and therefor, shopping locales) were shrouded in mystery.
And apparently, Lynn was just shrouded.
They like to go for the ' peaceful-to-the-point-of-creepiness' bride look.

Ahead of their time by about 6 months.

Christmas 2007.
It's not odd, but still.
They're wearing scarves indoors.

Lynn was standing to the side while I took this one, freaking out because her camera's card had decided it would only hold 12 pictures in the midst of a bridal gown adventure.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live at Vino's

June 21, 2008.
10:00-10:20 p.m.
The Science of Sleep in Vino's Battle of the Bands

I took pictures.

Teenager heads!

Headbang, far right.


Yup. That one kid is wearing a cape.
And he's bright red.

They seem happy to be here.
I feel scared.

Glowsticks with the band's myspace URL on them.
Promote, kiddies.

The glowsticks went over big with the crowd which,
might I add, was pretty good-sized.

This was a nice, up-close shot.
Did I mention I was right in front of the stage for most of these?
A speaker blocked me from getting any closer.

Who loves late-night rock shows in skeevy pizzeria/breweries?
These kids!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dog Show!

By the way, this is my owl from Levi's feed store.
His name is Edgar.

Run, Mo, run!

I need this.

Round and round they go.

I love this picture.

Thanks for cooperating.

Silly dog.

Father's Day pictures, Part II

I'm not sure what Dad's so worried about.
Or why he's so happy here.

With my little brother.
Tall freak.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Plans

  • Dinner with Bennetts
  • Possibly do laundry
  • Probably not do laundry

  • Drop off recycling
  • Trip to the Post Office
  • Farmer's market(s)
  • Dog show
  • Nap
  • Pray for nap
  • Vino's battle of the bands--The Science of Sleep plays from 10-10:20!
  • Crash and burn
  • Grocery store
  • Probably not do laundry
Who's excited?! This kid!

Hope you have fun, too.

Some other pictures

Here are some other ones that don't have anything to do with Father's Day.

Cody really loves the new apron I made for himBlueberry muffin made from scratch
I should've given him that apron a long time ago


Elbow, again
You can't even tell he set himself on fire now

This was great
And so pretty!

Father's Day Weekend, with pictures

Here they are, slightly jumbled. I went through and wondered, "Where's Mom?" (there was one picture of Grandmother on this roll, but it was pretty unflattering) and realized, "She's on the other roll that's still in my camera."

Dad with his present

Early Friday morning

Saturday morning, we saw Levi's feed store

His warehouse

I loved the tents in the farmer's market

Dad loved this

I loved this

In Spencer

After perusing cars

End-of-the-day picture review
He's wearing my reading glasses

Sunday morning

Levi helped me use up film