Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Some Pictures

This is me with my sunflowers.

This is a picture of Cody, Spencer, and Casey. This is a somewhat better picture of Cody, Spencer, and Casey.

Anniversary, Part One

We went to the museum.
We looked at exhibits on 'spectacles.' This is protective eyewear.
I forgot what these are. These are contacts. My eyelids hurt just looking at these.
Opera glasses.
Cody, posing in my sunglasses next to the novelty case.
Wait, maybe these were the opera glasses.

Then we had to look at the knife exhibit in the adjoining room. This is a horse knife.Knives. More knives. Then I ran out of film. When I tried to put another roll in my camera, I realized that I was carrying a used-up roll with me. We bought some more in the gift shop. But that's it for now.

Sara's Birthday in Pictures.

Entering Tennessee.
Visiting Robert.
Birthday girl.
I forgot to rotate this one. Sorry. Cute.
Cuter.Some happy-looking kids.

I'm not sure what the problem is with Dallas. I like this one of Mom and Dad.

Monday, September 10, 2007

One Year

So. Cody and I celebrated our one-year anniversary this weekend. We reviewed some things and decided we were still happy to be married to each other, which is good. We kind of celebrated for the whole weekend just because we could. We got cards from Mrs. Dicy, Kayla, Laine, Mom and Dad, and Sara (in that order). We forgot to buy cards for each other. Hmmm.... There will be a photo blog about all of this in the next few days, chronicling all of the awesomeness that was. So here are some of the things that happened this weekend.

I bought more contact paper even though I had perfectly good contact paper because this was so much prettier. This annoyed Cody because he had already papered 3 shelves in one of the cabinets, which was incredibly sweet but very poorly done. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful gesture.

We saw 3:10 to Yuma on Saturday. You should go see it. It's wonderful. Russell Crowe didn't tick me off (I can't stand him), the accents weren't terribly distracting, and the ending was sad, so you know it's a good Western then. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of big, sweeping scenery shots. Odd.

We went to Dallas' sixth birthday party yesterday. I got a goodie bag this year. I walked away with 3--yes, 3!--slap bracelets. Okay, one is Cody's. But still. Once Laine explained to the children what a slap bracelet does, they were pretty enthused.

On a totally unrelated note, none of us (Jen, Cody, Laine, Sara, Mom and Dad) want to have kids. Ever. Well, that decision may have been influenced by the attendants of yesterday's party. They were all very strange, very unruly, and disconcertingly short. I'm pretty sure malnutrition is not unheard of in Rose Bud citizens. Also, their capacity for violence and whining reminded me of Ricky Bobby's children, only not funny. [shudders]

Some things that have changed since we got married:

  • Cody helps around the house more. Sometimes I'll come home and he'll have made the bed and vacuumed. He's also been loading and unloading the dishwasher.

  • Cody doesn't eat out as much anymore. Especially without me. At least, if he does, he's not dumb enough to bring the fast food sacks into the house and throw them in the trash for me to find.

  • We keep the checkbook balanced.

  • I no longer commute 100 miles a day.

  • I have a car.

  • Our rings are paid off.

  • Cody has passed Spanish I.

  • I don't think we live below the poverty line anymore.

  • I help Cody chop up things when he cooks. Sometimes.

  • We almost have enough bookshelf space for all of our books.

  • I have scaled back my caffeine consumption.

  • Cody still works odd hours.

  • I have gained weight and so people have stopped asking me if I feel well.

  • Cody has a beard.

Some things that have not changed:

  • We still have too many books.

  • We have debt.

  • We are still poor.

  • Cody has not graduated.

  • I still occasionaly have dreams about wedding planning that make me wake up in a panic.

  • I still resent the time that Cody spends with his comic books instead of me.

  • Cody still does not understand my deep and abiding love for yarn.

  • We eat wayyy too much frozen pizza.

  • Cody is still left-handed.

  • Cody is still a twin.

  • I am still insisting that we will one day have chickens.

  • I supposedly abuse caffeine and it makes me crazy. That's just what Cody keeps saying.
  • I only pay attention to the things I want to.
  • Cody only hears/remembers 1 one of the 5 things I say.

  • People keep feeling sorry for Cody when we're out together.

  • I still have no idea what those people are talking about.

  • We still like each other.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I found the contact paper....

....it was under the sink the whole time. Then, naturally, I found some contact paper at Target that looked way better and I want to buy it when we have money and put it on everything: kitchen cabinets and drawers, maybe the drawer under the stove, our dresser drawers.....it's really happy-looking and the possibilities are endless.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I just talked to my mom and she and Dad are on their way back from North Carolina. They went to spend Labor Day weekend with Levi and go to some doctor's appointments because he injured himself. He had a MRI last night and will know the results at his appointment on Tuesday. Fortunately, this injury didn't keep from completing his Pit Crew U training, nor did it keep him from getting invited back to the next level of training: 5 on 5! Trust me, it's a big deal. He'll be able to get more training (and free physical therapy!) to be a really skinny front tire changer. It's going to be awesome. He's also going to have Internet by tonight, so....say something to him. This picture is from when Levi got Dallas a pair of really little, completely usable mechanic's gloves.

Other news:

I found out that my brother-in-law Robert is a homophobe. Literally. Gay people make him nervous. I want to find a way to capitalize on this, but I'm not sure how. Any thoughts?
Robert is on the left. This is from his wedding. To my sister.

I've decided I'm going to read almost the entire Dune series, including half of the prequels. If you've ever wondered whether or not I was a huge, flaming nerd, then I'm really glad that I can settle that for you.

I'm going to a six-year-old's birthday party this year. I don't know why I keep going to Dallas' parties (aside from the fact that I love him): we don't get to spend a lot of time together and I never get a goodie bag. The cake and visiting with friends and family is always nice, though.
I had ice cream last night. Chubby Hubby. My favorite.
I'm in between books. I feel a little lost.
Our one-year wedding anniversary is this weekend. I feel pretty happy about that. I assume Cody feels the same way.
I like Cody. Some funny things he's said lately:
-Gah. I hate video game soliloquies.
-He probably didn't invite me to his wedding because he really hates you.
-If the FBI has your fingerprints on their list, that's really bad. (He overexplains sometimes.)
-I went to Blockbuster to rent Under Siege. And maybe Under Siege 2. They weren't there. Who doesn't carry the Under Siege movies? That's some of Steven Stegall's best work! I was even going to watch them while you weren't here.
I had some really hilarious ones in mind, but they went away as soon as I started typing. Oh well. That's it for now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Learning Something New Every Day

One more thing I learned about vinegar from my supervisor:

If you put a teaspoon or so of vinegar in tea (presumably with lots of sugar and lemon), it can break up chest congestion.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I thought I would write about my weekend, but there's not a lot to say. Cody went to work on Friday night and I went to sleep. I woke up when he came back home. And he went to sleep. I puttered around the house (I have no idea what I did. It may have involved reading or laundry. Or maybe the kitchen.). I woke him up at the appointed time to see if he wanted to go to the Farmer's Market. He didn't. Wish I'd know that at 8 or so. The weather was gorgeous. It felt like September. So I went around 11. I got behind a mild fender bender and used my anti-lock brakes for the 3rd time ever. I was so close to the truck in front of me that I pulled over to see if I'd hit it. I hadn't. I stuck around to talk to the police, which took forever, but gave me a chance to stop shaking. Eventually went to the market. It was almost noon, so a lot of the vendors were gone. But it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. I bought spinach, grapes, and a melon. No one had any of the little ones, so I went to the vendor closest to my car (I'm using 'closest' as a relative term) and bought the smallest one I saw. I cut it up last night. It's still too much for the two of us.

Cody woke up in the afternoon. We went grocery shopping. We walked to Target and bought the things we forgot to get at Kroger. We ate supper. Cody went to work at 7. I watched bits and pieces of the Friday Night Lights marathon. I went to sleep. Cody came home at 7:30. This woke me up, but I managed to fall back asleep for a while. Then I woke up and decided to get started on my weekend project of putting down contact paper in the kitchen cabinets. My plans were delayed when I realized I couldn't find the contact paper. I talked to Levi and Mom on the phone. I still haven't found the contact paper anywhere. I am not going to buy any more because I know as soon as I buy it, it won't look as good as what I already have (somewhere), will cost more, and will cause the pre-existing contact paper to appear as soon as I have contact-papered every surface in the kitchen.

Around 2ish, we went to Benton with Jeff and Jessi to eat with Jarret at Cracker Barrel. After finishing our meal and browsing (okay, we all bought candy, and I got 2 votive Yankee Candles that were 40% off), we realized there was nothing to do in Benton. Back to Little Rock! We rented some movies. Cody slept and went to work. We watched a movie and ate at IHOP when we realized that we'd gone 8 hours without eating. After IHOP, we went our separate ways. At around 1, I was acutely aware of being really alone. So I watched The Machinist which made me sad, because I hate to see people that thin. Especially when by 'people,' I mean Christian Bale. He needs to look like Batman. All the time. In every movie role. I went to sleep around 4. Cody came home at 7:30. I woke up for good around 10ish. Did some laundry. Talked to both of my sisters. Ate. Woke Cody up around 3:30 because I was bored. We watched a couple of movies together. He fell back asleep on the couch. I made fruit salad. We ate. He went to work. I went to sleep. I woke up 40 minutes late this morning but made it to work on time. My extra day of nothing was fun, I guess. Not quite as productive as I planned, but fun. Tonight I'm going to Kayla's to help pack. I think. The moving plans may have changed 5 times since I talked to her on Sunday. I'm actually going to call before I go over just to be sure.