Tuesday, April 23, 2024


I haven't posted in a long time.  There's no point to trying to cover everything that's happened since my last post, and I don't want to anyway.

The short version: Obviously 2020 didn't turn out like I would have hoped.  But we did move to a house in a quiet neighborhood where we still live now.  We're surrounded by trees and birdsong.  We're near Evelyn's school and our church.  I resigned from my job at the beginning of 2022.  It was incredibly difficult to find work and the price of everything shot up right around the time our savings ran out.  It was still the right and necessary thing to do. 

Money is still pretty tight, but our lives move at a different pace now and it's wonderful.  I have discovered how much I love being a church secretary--so much so that I am now working for 2 small churches of different denominations in different towns.  I relax a little more every day and I can feel it mind, body, and soul even if it doesn't always show. Life is very different and very much the same. Cody is still Cody.  The child is a teenager.  She's very different and still very much herself. We're happy. We're older. We're tired. We're leading quiet little lives filled with family and friends and school and work and chores and projects and on and on.

Sometimes I post on my other blog, which is mostly for books and knitting projects.  And I do post to Instagram pretty regularly.  For a long time I didn't read much and now I do.  It's a fun thing to talk about, so sometimes I do that.  Not often, but I'm happy when I do.  

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