Saturday, April 2, 2016

March's book list

Little Victories: Perfect Victories for Imperfect Living. Jason Gay.*
Skinwalkers. Tony Hillerman.*
Thief of Time. Tony Hillerman.*
Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories. Craig Johnson.*

Little Victories was pretty fun.  It was a humorous reminder to calm down, love your family, enjoy some misadventures, be kind, etc.  I liked it.

Skinwalkers was my first Hillerman novel.  I checked out a book that had all three Leaphorn and Chee novels in it.  Who are Leaphorn and Chee?  Very famous Hillerman characters, apparently?  One is young and spiritual, and one is old and not.  Sometimes I forget which is which, but I enjoyed reading both of those books.  I'm still on the third one, and I'm enjoying that as well.  I think the Leaphorn novels and Chee novels might be my new favorite detective series.  I do like to work my way through detective series.  It's nice to find a new one.

There's a new Longmire novel out (or maybe two) that I haven't read, but Cody found the collection of short stories at the library.  Most of them are centered around holidays.  It was some nice bedtime reading.