Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August's Book List

It's been a slow month. And I've once again started more books than finished.

Burroughs, Augusten. Running With Scissors. New York: Picador, 2002.
- I started reading this on the car ride down to Dallas and finished it on the way back. That's all I've got.
Hornby, Nick. About A Boy. 1998. New York: Riverhead Trade, 2002.
- Parts of it were great, and then the ending was stupid. Why do you always do this to me, endings??!?!?
How to Clean Practically Anything. Eds. of Consumer Reports Books with Edward Kippel. 4th ed. Yonkers: Consumer Union of the United States, Inc., 1996.
- This is the only book I can recommend from this month. I recommend all cleaning books, though.
Laskas, Gretchen Moran. The Midwife's Tale. New York: Dial Press, 2003.
-Parts of it were fine. Other parts weren't. It was like being around a bunch of women. Sometimes you empathize. Other times you just pray for the talking to stop. Especially when she tries to write in Appalachian dialect. I'm glad I only paid a dollar for it at the library sale.

I hope September will be better.