Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making space in wild disarray

Our balcony is looking a little rundown.

I honestly don't mind.  It may be our last chance to have growing things around for a long time, and sometimes things bloom out here.

I know we can count on marigolds to outlast even a couple mild frosts, and their oranges and reds match the maple tree near our bedroom window. 

Things are a bit of a mess around here.  We're still catching up from a few weekends away from home, and I'm just now getting to some of that switch-around-your-seasonal-clothing stuff.  I'm getting rid of things we don't wear, and trying to find things in Evelyn's closet that are still long enough for her (ha!).  I'm also pulling out maternity clothes, and selling them on eBay.  Not everything, but there are a few shirts I wouldn't be thrilled to see again and they're not helping me any by taking up space in the closet.  Actually, I pulled out one sweater and started wearing it.  It's warm and long, and I like sweaters this year.

I live with a two-year-old.  She has a lot of stuff, and she plays with all of it.  We don't even rotate her toys.  I just bag up things and stash them away, never to be seen again.  She plays with the same things over and over, and we occasionally add new things to the mix.  I'm realizing I'm the same way with books and yarn.  There are certain items, or at last types of items, that I want and use up and enjoy.  And some things sit around and if we're being honest here (and that's what I'm shooting for here these days), I don't want to use them.  So some things must go, so we can make space for what's here and what's to come.

The balcony can enjoy its elegant November decay a bit longer, though.