Thursday, July 26, 2018

Book list for June 2018

Craeft. Alexander Langlands.*

"G" is for Gumshoe. Sue Grafton.*

"H" is for Homicide. Sue Grafton.*

Snowblind. Ragnar Jonasson.*

Cody picked up "Craeft" from the library because he thought it looked like something I would like and now I want to talk about it all the time with anyone I can find. I loved it.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday morning, July 22

Monday, July 16, 2018

Book List for May 2018

"E" is for Evidence. Sue Grafton.*

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Guy McKeown.*

"F" is for Fugitive. Sue Grafton.*

Teach Like Finland. Timothy D. Walker*

Favorite:  I kind of want to teach like Finland now.

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Book List for April 2018

Death of a Witch. M. C. Beaton.*

"B" is for Burglar. Sue Grafton.*

"C" is for Corpse. Sue Grafton.*

"D" is for Deadbeat. Sue Grafton.*

Favorite: So far, I love everything Sue Grafton writes.

Not favorite: I would prefer not reading any Beaton ever again.

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Book list for March 2018

What Happened. Hillary Clinton.*

The Four Things That Matter Most. Ira Byock.*

Project Happily Ever After. Alisa Bowman.*

The Lost Hero. Rick Riordan.*

The Rooster Bar. John Grisham.*

Surprise Me. Sophie Kinsella.*

"A" is for Alibi. Sue Grafton.*

Death of a Cad. M. C. Beaton.*

Favorite book: Surprise Me was pretty fun.

Not favorite: I don't even remember any of those things that were supposed to matter.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Book List for February 2018

The Same Sweet Girls' Guide to Life. Cassandra King.*

Stitches. Anne Lamott*

Her Fearful Symmetry. Audrey Niffenegger*

The Western Star. Craig Johnson*

The Child in the Family. Maria Montessori *

Favorite: Same Sweet, I guess.

Least favorite: a tie between the horror book that I didn't realize was horror even though it had supernatural twins with unhealthy twinness (Niffenegger) and the one about the murderous cross dresser that had a lot of lazy tropes and ended on a cliffhanger (Johnson, who has really tested my patience with the last 3 Longmire mysteries even though I'll probably read the next book in one sitting).

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100 pompoms for 100 days of school! 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Book list for January 2018

Books are in the order I read them:

The Checklist Manifesto. Atul Gawande*
The One Full Year Challenge. Brad Hardin
The Store. James Patterson and Richard Di Lello*
A Homemade Year. Jerusalem Jackson Greer*
A Bed of Scorpions. Judith Flanders*

Best book of the month: The Checklist Manifesto.

As always, * = library book.

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