Sunday, March 26, 2017

Evelyn's birthday

Evelyn turned 6!

We started the day off with donuts and sent her to school with cupcakes.  Then we had pizza for dinner!

Here she is making her birthday wish.

We had her party on Saturday.  It was a Minnie Mouse theme!

Cousins were there!

There are a bunch of great pictures on people's phones and my mother-in-law's camera (that she printed out. People liked their souvenirs!), but this is what I managed to get on my camera.  I think half of the fun of the party came from planning it.  The birthday girl loved throwing balloons, posing for pictures, picking out napkins, giving out goodie bags, and seeing friends and family. 

She still mispronounces "animals" and "enemies".  She thinks she actually flies if she jumps off of a high enough point.  She reads.  She aces spelling tests.  She believes in magic.  She's bossy.  She can't tie her shoes.  She likes puns.  She doesn't sit in my lap very often anymore.

She's a whole 6 years old.  It's going to be a big year!

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