Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A nice weekend

There's not a lot to say about my weekend, other than it was lovely.  We got to see Ellis and Dallas and enjoy the sunshine and play outside.  I loved seeing some of my favorite people.

Also, here's a tiny bit of conversation from the day.

Me: Dallas will be here soon!
Ellis: What's a dials?
Me: No, Dallas.  Our dear friend.
Evelyn: Did you say your boyfriend?
Me. No, I am married. Dallas is our dear friend. We love him.  He is like your brother.
Ellis: I have a brother.

 I hate that I misplaced the picture Ellis drew for me, but I did take a few quick photos of him with Dallas just for fun.  Dallas was fun to watch with the kids.  Man, I love that the kid we played with when he was a baby can play with our kids now.

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