Monday, January 30, 2017

Making happy things

Hey, let's look at some things I've made.  A few items didn't get photographed in the flurry of gift-giving in parts of December, but that's okay.  The next time I see my mom in her birthday shawl, I'll take a picture.  And I made Levi some socks that I liked so much I'm going to make a pair for myself.  I'll just photograph those. 

Anyway, I made hats for Cody's brothers.  Spencer got the blueish one and Casey got the greenish one.

I used the Jason's Tweed Hat pattern.  It calls for bulky weight yarn, which I didn't have on hand.  What I did have was some worsted weight brown yarn, and a lot of granny squares made with sock yarn that I realized I wanted to unravel.  So.  I held the two together, and that gave me the right yarn weight AND looked all tweedy.  Also, both brothers-in-law did the thing where they immediately tried on the hats as soon as they opened their presents.  Excellent.

Next up is a pair of socks I made for my mother-in-law.  It's based on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's sock recipe.

I've made socks from this recipe a bunch of times. Sometimes I think I'll try a different pattern, and then I don't.  I realized socks would make a good gift a bit late in the game, so there was no point in branching out with an unfamiliar pattern.  The yarn came from a friend's destashing efforts.  I made the legs a bit short to save on time and because I wasn't super sure of fit.

I'll tell you now that I have made socks for both Mom and Levi, and both times I checked the fit of the socks by trying them on my own feet and legs and going from there.  I'm not quite as sure about Dicy's feet, so I would hold up my knitting to Cody and we would try to guess.  She put the socks on as soon as she saw them, and took a picture.

And they fit fine.

Next up is a pair of socks I made for myself.  I bought this yarn in the summer and used it to make some socks for Evelyn.  I figured I would have enough yarn left over to make some ankle socks for myself, and I did.  I wear these around the house and feel lovely and colorful and warm when I do.  It's a modified version of the cheat sheet socks.

Here's a bib I made for Calvin!

Laine asked me to make him a bib that looks like a bandana a million years ago, and I had a harder time with it than I thought I would.  But I found some fabric with saws and hammers on it (fine, it was part of a clown suit I bought at a garage sale put on by some community theater group.  That thing is full of good fabric!) and wanted to make him a bandana for Ellis's construction themed birthday party.

Laine, good sister that she is, put it on him immediately while I prayed her sewing friend Leah wouldn't see my bad work.  Leah came to the party, but was maybe distracted by the screaming children.  It's not my best work, but I love how those brown-eyed boys look in orange.  I lined the back with an old baby towel. Yes, I know this didn't come to a point like a real bandana.  I thought things would work out a bit differently than they did.  Maybe this is why Calvin gave me the stomach bug from heck.

I'll do better next time, buddy.  Just don't hurt me like that again.

Laine also asked me to make some plain hats for the boys that weren't pointy or animal-themed or something they could outgrow in 30 seconds.   So I cast on the Be Loving pattern in the big kid sizes.  The hats are a bit roomy, but if they shrink in the wash or these kids grow any more then the hats will last.

Or they may not wear them at all because they don't seem too thrilled.  Or maybe they just weren't in the mood for picture-taking.  There are other basic hat patterns that I like better, but I couldn't find them when I got started on these hats in time to take them to Laine's house a few weeks ago.  The decreases are uneven and no one can spot this but me.

But I know.  And now you do, too.

Calvin really wants to know why I don't try harder for him.

Lastly, this:

It's a blurry picture, but I wanted to take a quick snapshot because I was happy with this.  I've been making a lot of dishcloths and giving them as gifts here lately. One of my favorite times was when my friend who tends to give me a lot of her destashing yarn gave me some cotton yarn and I made a dishcloth from it at knit night a couple of weeks ago and just handed it to her. Surprise!

But this past week I mailed some dishcloths to my grandma.  Grandmother used to knit everyone dishcloths for every life event (moving, marriage, birthday, your old dishcloths wore out, etc.), so I thought it would be nice to give her some dishcloths for her birthday.  She hasn't had time to knit, and I don't visit enough to know what her dishcloth situation is.  So I made regular dishcloths and a 'fancy' one.  I tried to make this quite a few times without success, but I tried it again this past summer and something clicked. It's the Ballband Dishcloth pattern that used to come with Peaches and Cream yarn and it's going to be my special present when I give more dishcloths as presents this year.

So.  I'm keeping most of my family warm and clean with crafts from the past month.  I've got other projects I'm working on that I haven't finished, and I'm really looking forward to making a few more things for myself.

But first I have to build up my dishcloth gift stash....

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