Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ellis turned 3!

Ellis turned 3 a whole month ago, but it seems like he's been this big for a while.  He's verbal and funny and has a memory like a trap.  He's also a great big boy, which I think makes me think he's older than he is.  But no, even though he's turned into quite the big kid this past year (he's in a Mother's Day Out program! He has a backpack! He can do big kid things with his big kid cousins!) he only turned 3 a little while back.

His mom is smart and has his birthday parties in January so people will be able to come and celebrate with him.  This year, we got to enjoy a nice construction-themed party.  Enjoy the pictures, blurry as they may be. Big boys can move pretty quickly.

This cake was a big hit!

I made Calvin a bib that looked like a bandanna.

Happy birthday, Ellis!  We had so much fun partying with you!

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