Monday, November 28, 2016


Here are some Thanksgiving pictures! There's a whole lot of Christmas in them, too, but that's fine.

Here's my mom and Evelyn posing in their nice clothes. Santa had to be in the shot.

Calvin was just stunned by this marvelous being.

I asked Laine to take a few pictures of us just in case I order Christmas cards (fingers crossed)
. Sara kept Ellis entertained, Levi kept the dog from jumping on us, and Mom and Dad planted the tree over a decade ago.  It takes a village.

For some reason, every time Laine counted to the three, Ellis would say "Kick!" and then kick.  So he and Evelyn practiced their kicks.

And he and Sara practiced their sword fighting with some of the smallest sticks I've ever seen.

The kids went to space a lot because Ellis is Buzz Lightyear and Evelyn is just always up for adventure.  This is them, outside their space ship on the moon.  Sara even went on a few trips!  I'm glad for the supervision

 Gil loves Calvin.  Calvin loves snacks.

He has one of the most squishable faces I've ever seen.

These people all love one another, I promise.  They maybe don't love repeating rounds over and over in Phase 10. This game always starts out with great enthusiasm and ends with...less enthusiasm.

Evelyn has been a puzzle fan for a while, but now Ellis is starting to get in on the fun!  They were champs.

Not pictured: all the food, or Friday, or several other things because I ate food and picked up children even though I slept funny on Wednesday night and my neck was messed up and I messed it up more by picking up kids.  What was I supposed to do?  Not pick up kids?  Impossible, and too sad to seriously consider.

Also, Ellis went from lecturing my parents about how my name was "Jen" to going ahead and calling me "Jennifer" with great emphasis and pronunciation.

Also, we drank a lot of coffee and ragged on Dad for eating all of the oatmeal cookies before we even got there.

Also, here is a picture of our little family gathering with Cody's family on Saturday.  We play card games.  They play Yhatzee. 

Evelyn was an actual demon on Saturday, even after putting herself to bed and falling asleep in 'her' bed.  We recovered from all the fun and socializing on Sunday, and might have to have a re-do with her grandma and uncles sometime soon.

It was a super lovely holiday weekend and I'm grateful for every bit of it.

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