Sunday, November 6, 2016

Skeleton adventures

Good news! Evelyn was a skeleton again.

She was a skeleton at her grandparents' trunk or treat.

She was a skeleton at my work's party the Friday before Halloween.

(All the pictures of that spooky event are on my phone and Blogger's mobile app just ate them?)

She was a skeleton on Saturday night when her dad took her to her grandma's house to stand on the porch until someone opened the door.  Yes, with the mask.

And then Monday, the day she'd waited for since the last Halloween, she was a skeleton at school.

Just a skeleton, getting ready for a great day of learning!

One loving look goodbye before she left for the morning.

Her father is definitely not in any danger.

So many festive classmates!

Such a festive room!

I was Professor Trelawny from the Harry Potter books. Some of the other parents dressed up.

Like Cody/Thor (there's a cape on the back) and some parents in face paint.

She went to the library in the afternoon, where most people remembered that this was a repeated wearing of her classic costume (that she wants to wear next year). 

This year was a little different!  We actually trick or treated around the neighborhood, which we normally skip because we go so many other places, or it's too cold, and she's never seemed too interested.  This year, she was. So we did.  Quite a few people weren't home from work yet, and some people had forgotten it was Halloween (how?! Do they not live with people who have talked of almost nothing else for the past 2 months?).  But everyone was very nice, and she had a blast!  Also, the full coverage from her suit protected her from mosquito bites.

When we got home, she felt like she'd finally properly done Halloween and told us it was her best Halloween.  Yay!  I could tell she was super happy about it.  Just look at the smile on this face.

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