Monday, November 7, 2016

A boy and a dog and some other cute stuff

Way back when we had Sara's birthday party this summer, we tried to take some good pictures of the 4 of us and they mostly looked like this.

I really don't care for how I always look shorter and paler and less fashionable in photos with these jerks.

And then we hit 'peak family photos' right here.

And here. Man, Diesel is so pleased!

I was thinking about this over the past weekend when I took Evelyn out to spend the weekend with her grandparents and Diesel carefully followed her around everywhere she went. He's nearly as tall as she is and weighs at least twice what she does.  He runs actually circles around and hovers around her and tries to get in her face until she puts up a tiny hand and says "Back."  And then he gets back.  He's the perfect herd dog for children and I remembered that I never showed this nice series of photos of Ellis and Diesel this summer.
 So here we go!

First, the dog is sensibly hanging out in the shade and enjoying a stick.

The boy wants the stick and begins to wrestle it out of the dog's mouth.

Maybe he's telling Diesel "thank you" here?  Or maybe he's letting him know that the stick belongs to him now.

The dog still looks just delighted to be hanging out with him.

They're both pleased with this exchange, and Ellis's slight cowlick and little toddler belly give me great joy.

And there he goes.

You can probably tell, but I took the pictures through a window.  I forget which adult was outside just in case Diesel wasn't going to be nice (he wouldn't be around the kids if he wasn't but you know what I mean) while the rest of us crowded around windows to watch the show.  It was a sweet moment.  Ellis is at the age where sticks are super important, and I first typed his name as "Dallas" because I remember when he got all excited about finding the perfect stick to run around a yard with.  Stuff like this just makes me smile.  Also, I took this sweet picture of Calvin and his dad and never posted it.

I've been meaning to post these happy pictures for a while, so there you go. 

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